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CCP, I think today's events should be clear about this

#81 - 2013-01-30 04:58:14 UTC
Steve Ronuken wrote:
LHA Tarawa wrote:
As I understand it, they are already doing as much reinforcing as they can.

Each solar system is a virtual machine. Multiple VMs share a server. As one server approaches max resources, the VMs start being moved off that server to less heavily used servers. When there is just one VM left on the server, that VM will try to move to a beefier server. Once the VM is on the beefiest server by itself, there isn't much more than can be done.

You can't have a VM run across multiple physical servers. Even if you could, what do you do when multiple VMs are hitting max usage because an extra 10K people got tweets telling them to log in because there is a super cap fight underway.

The problem is, moving systems disconnects everyone connected to that system (see the recent dev blog). They're working on it, but not yet.

There's other stuff being worked on by Team Gridlock, but no results yet.

But hey, they already do move the non-fight systems to other servers, which is really cool to know (and explains one of the Discos I had the other night).

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Josef Djugashvilis
#82 - 2013-01-30 07:42:14 UTC
If CCP had the technology to have all of Eve fighting in one system, they would.

Why would they do otherwise?

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#83 - 2013-01-30 18:00:29 UTC
Josef Djugashvilis wrote:
If CCP had the technology to have all of Eve fighting in one system, they would.

Why would they do otherwise?

Can you know for sure?
Maybe its possible and they consider it too much effort?

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