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New Mission`s combined with Dust

No Star Michellin but Chef Foundation
#1 - 2013-01-21 22:18:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Macmuelli

Waht about a new rare Mission (Epic Ark), where u can have as a reward, a Npc- Faction Engineer, or an Npc-Pirate faction engineer.( seperate Quality levels of them)

Placed in a new Modul on a planet ( Militäry Prison modul), u have a chance getting informations( bpc-s) of Officer moduls.
If u have such a "prisoner" a Timer starts running, and if he is done, Npc factions starts offering Dust players, to free them.
Independent from the Npc- offers, if Dust players take over a place, where a Militäry prison modul is anchored ,they have the chance to free them, and sell them on the market, or simply getting the rewad from the npc faction.

Depending on the quality of the engineer, u should prolly hire Dust players to protect your "guest".

Prolly funny , if it s balanced, that officer drops and Plex drops will be not worthless with such an option.