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100m SP Nyx ready PvP'er Looking for something new..

SoE Roughriders
Electus Matari
#21 - 2013-01-02 15:03:48 UTC

Come check us out m8.

Small tight nit corp formed out of a core of players who have flown together for for a long time. We do both null sec and low sec ****. Either way have fun and good luck m8.


In Game Chat: 420 Pub chat

Amarr Empire
#22 - 2013-01-02 15:07:23 UTC

Have a read m8.. I kow u said u tried FW but u must of been in the wrong group..I spent a long time in 0.0 and i got to say FW is fun we all about small-mid size gang pew
Mortis Angelus
The morgue.
#23 - 2013-01-03 00:57:50 UTC
ingame mail sent

Mortis Angelus: 11 Years and still kicking, One family One Goal

Chemical Pigs
#24 - 2013-01-03 03:37:17 UTC
Our current membership is Euro/UK/USA time zones respectively. Pilots in all timezones are welcome to apply.

We are currently in the Geminate area and can provide transport for your goodies.

Requirements for successful application:

Min SP 15 Millon

Must have Team Speak and Mumble installed for use and, need we say, a mic.

Must be a team player and be able to integrate well into our current group.

Successful applicants will be taken on a trial basis. Upon approval of membership you will become a Pilgrim.

What can PILGRIMS offer you?

Access to 0.0

Lots of Pew Pew!! We like small gang warfare PvP.

PILGRIMS can supply its pilots with the best available equipment and ships at reduced prices.

1 Kill 1 Shot Club!!! The best Corp event you can have with your clothes on or your money back!!

The only question left to ask yourself is what can you offer PILGRIMS ??

If interested in joining Pilgrims contact: Randyo or Silverstone
Slayer Girl
Slovenia Inc.
#25 - 2013-01-03 19:27:04 UTC
Gentlemen's Agreement looking to welcome new bros.

* Highly organized corps & alliance
* Respects everyone- enemies and allies
* No Drama PVP, and lots of it!
* Outstanding ship reimbursement program
* Ease of access nullsec.

Several of our corps are now welcoming persons of gentlemanly character.
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