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Crime & Punishment

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Heretic Nation, honor? Not anymore.

First post
#1 - 2012-12-31 07:16:34 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Tyrozan
EDIT: First portion of post was trolling. Secondly, the posting of chat logs is prohibited. - ISD Tryrozan
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#2 - 2012-12-31 07:20:29 UTC
I see you bolded the funny parts.
Mike Adoulin
Happys Happy Hamster Hunting Club
#3 - 2012-12-31 11:50:47 UTC
cjunkies wrote:

And not 2 fraks were given.


Everything in EVE is a trap.

And if it isn't, it's your job to make it a trap...:)

You want to know what immorality in EVE Online looks like? Look no further than Ripard "Jester" Teg.

Chribba is the Chuck Norris of EVE.

Scrindle Kavees
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#4 - 2012-12-31 12:00:04 UTC
You, sir, are an imbecile.
Hogan's Heroes
#5 - 2012-12-31 13:40:33 UTC
Your version of smack and mine must be very different as i see no smack here, just ramble from you.
Eight Two
#6 - 2012-12-31 14:18:35 UTC
It's truly sad that it's come to this but the only way out I see is handbags or lollipops at dawn. A very sad day in New Eden indeed.
Cpt Roghie
Goonswarm Federation
#7 - 2012-12-31 14:28:48 UTC
Heretic Nation? Who?

This could be fun.

Capt Starfox
Goonswarm Federation
#8 - 2012-12-31 18:34:44 UTC
Sounded like you were the **** in this conversation.

Abandon all hope ye who x up in fleet

Psychotic Monk
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#9 - 2012-12-31 19:43:40 UTC
It's probably very likely they have honor, actually. Many of us received a tank of it from CCP as a christmas gift.
Tah'ris Khlador
Space Ghosts.
Break-A-Wish Foundation
#10 - 2012-12-31 23:14:47 UTC
The amount of caring for that TL:DR. It is very weak.

I came expecting amusement. Left disappointed.


Member of the Pink Pony Killboard Padding Alliance

Heretic Army
#11 - 2013-01-02 05:28:00 UTC
I've always tried to be respectful to those who part from our corp.

+rep to the guy who spotted the bolded funny parts.

Seriously meight? Do you want to discuss publicly the finer details of why you were kicked out?

Any press is good press I guess. I've had some fun fighting cjunkies, but my jimmies are so ruffled that cjunkies got his feelings hurt. Roll

Eugene Kerner
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#12 - 2013-01-02 09:52:09 UTC
Saw a wall of text and suspected butthurt was given.
Go Heretics!

TunDraGon is recruiting! "Also, your boobs [:o] "   CCP Eterne, 2012 "When in doubt...make a diȼk joke." Robin Williams - RIP

Did he say Jump
Dock Workers
#13 - 2013-01-03 00:59:19 UTC
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am truely sorry your ___________(please choose from the following - face, neck, skull, small crook in back, rear, knee) has been damaged due to your hurt. Please accept our deepest regrets.
I would also like to take this opportunity to share with the group

Again Mr/Madam Junkies, I am truely shattered by the actions of our members against your afore mentioned _________.

ISD Tyrozan
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#14 - 2013-01-03 23:04:42 UTC
Following edit of the first post of this topic, the majority of the remainder of this topic has deteriorated to trolling. Therefore this topic is locked.

ISD Tyrozan


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