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Buddy invites and rewards from other players

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Drigo Segvian
Black Fox Marauders
Pen Is Out
#1141 - 2012-12-26 04:25:53 UTC
Seven Noctis: upgraded my account and had the isk within minutes. He is also very freindly and assisted with some noob questions. Very pleased

Thanks Again.
Destonite Seiei
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1142 - 2012-12-26 06:50:12 UTC
Vhei Sambos did everything he promised and send me the 300 mil ISK within a day when I told him I upgraded. He even introduced me to a corp and been replying to my questions. Solid service from him. Big smile
Liam Stonebrow
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#1143 - 2012-12-26 06:57:24 UTC
Vhei Sambos fulfilled his promises within a day of upgrading my account. He replied quickly to my question and gave me a recommendation to a corp. I am very satisfied and would heartily recommend seeking him out in regards to the buddy program.

Constantine Achasse
Federal Defense Union
Gallente Federation
#1144 - 2012-12-26 11:34:31 UTC
Subbed and Email sent to TankCEO on 25rd.
I hope ISK will transfer soon so i can buy a good ship.
Low Put
Southern Cross Monopoly
Flying Dangerous
#1145 - 2012-12-26 23:48:30 UTC
Vhei Sambos did everything he promised. He sent me the 5m ISK when I started the game and then the 300 mil ISK on the day. I upgraded. He answered all my questions promptly and introduced me to a pvp corp. Thanks a bunch!
Rys Flynn
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#1146 - 2012-12-27 11:08:06 UTC
Thanks to Tank CEO, he delivered as promised. Can trust his offer
Jonny Motsu
Caldari State
#1147 - 2012-12-27 11:40:48 UTC
Used TankCEO's invite, received my ISK today, thank you
Sao Kazugaya
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1148 - 2012-12-27 13:28:54 UTC
Received isk from TankCEO. Thanks!
Zoki Kusoni
Failure in Action
#1149 - 2012-12-27 15:16:25 UTC
I signed up using Nobutada Mishi's buddy key and after subscribing last night I recived the promised ISK withing a few hours. Very satisfied with how quick and smooth everything was.
Dezarith Fareke
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1150 - 2012-12-27 18:22:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Dezarith Fareke
I'm offering buddy invites at the moment. If you are interested, please to contact me at ""

I'm offering 75% of the ISK from the PLEX, you must subscribe using credit/debit cards, Paypal, Et Cetera.
You cannot upgrade using PLEX, or you will not get the reward.

Payment methods that are NOT eligible : Any type of payment not listed above, Including Steam.

Note: It may take up to 3-5 days for you to get the ISK, as I cannot always be on, but it will probably be within 12-24 hours.
Herbert Siskins
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1151 - 2012-12-27 19:14:29 UTC
I just upgraded and received the 300M ISK from Vhei Sambos instantly.
Also received the 5M ISK when i created the trial account. Everything as promised.
I can clearly vote for Vhei Sambos' offer.

Both thumbs up!
Ace Kurosaki
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#1152 - 2012-12-28 22:36:50 UTC  |  Edited by: GM Nova
Offer removed by GM.
Seven Noctis
#1153 - 2012-12-28 22:48:03 UTC  |  Edited by: GM Nova
Old offer removed.
Vhei Sambos
#1154 - 2012-12-29 08:07:09 UTC  |  Edited by: Vhei Sambos
Do you want to try out EVE Online but want a 21 day trial instead of the normal 14 day trial?

Do you want to START your trial with ISK (in game currency) so you can focus on playing and not being poor?

Then I can help! To watch a video outlining my offer, CLICK HERE!


  • Start a 21 Day FREE Trial through my buddy invite and i'll give you 5 MILLION ISK, NO OBLIGATION, just for starting a trial.

  • If you upgrade your trial to a paid subscription within 3 weeks, I split the bonus I receive 50/50 with you. At current prices this amounts to 275 million ISK your share (enough to pay for all the skillbooks you need as well as roughly 65 ships you will start out flying, such as the famous rifter!)

  • I'll even give you ANOTHER 10 MILLION ISK if you post a short comment on this forum regarding your experience with me! (I'll give you the instructions on how to do so once we're all done).

  • I offer you FREE one on one help and FREE video tutorials showing you simple, yet powerful methods enabling you to make enough ISK to pay your monthly subscription fees. THAT'S RIGHT! You'll become so good at this game it won't even cost you money to play!

  • I can help you find a corporation (guild) to join such as the one my main is in which has over 600 members, gives out free cruiser ships (advanced ships, not newbie ships) for their daily pvp operations and accepts brand new players!

  • To receive your 5 Million starter ISK, after creating your character, email me your new character's name and I'll send it ASAP (within minutes if i'm in game, otherwise 12-24 hours). This offer is only good once, for one account per player.

  • To get your 275 Million ISK bonus you must upgrade your trial to a paid account within 21 days by one of the following ways: Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, WebMoney Transfer, paysafecard, ETC (Eve Time Code [such as a game time card purchased from a retailer]), Nexon, Ukash and iDeal.

  • Payments NOT ELIGIBLE for this offer:

    PLEX (in game item), Direct Debit, CD Keys, including CD Keys purchased or received from non-CCP sources and online stores such as, but not limited to: Steam Store, Direct2Drive, Gamers Gate, Impulse Driven.

    As soon as I receive the bonus from CCP I will forward your share (275 million ISK) to your character. It can take up to 24 hours for me to receive this from the time you upgrade your account if you used any eligible method other than paypal and up to 3 days if using paypal. Please send me an email as soon as you upgrade your account so I can better coordinate your share!

    Below are a few quotes from those that recently took advantage of my offer:
    Knetka Amu wrote:
    I highly recommend Vhei Sambos. His 5mil started bonus can really help trialers get into their first decent ship and learn to love this amazing game =) Added with his amazing amount of help for someone still a trial, when i subscribed he sent the 300 mil in under 20 minutes. He was also able to get me into an amazing corporation so i don't play by myself in an npc corp or struggle to find answers to my questions. =D Vhei Sambos you wont regret it!
    Alden Reede wrote:
    Vhei Sambos was quick, friendly and true to his word. I received the 5 mil at sign up, and the 300 mil at subscription. I cannot express how big of a leg up this is. If you are interested in these 21 day trial deals, you owe it to yourself to go to his blogspot and sign up through him. Not only does he come through with the ISK, but he also gives you an intro to his corporation, and helps you really learn the game. Really great experience!
    Claudewil Ellecon wrote:
    I would like to thank Vhei Sambos helping me to get a Buddy invite, and helping me both before signing on, and also stopping by in game to ask if I needed help. Also got a Youtube video that explains how to use it. Regards, Claudewil Ellecon

    No. This is a legitimate method of promotion that CCP (designers of Eve Online) have devised to get more players into the game. Scams regarding new account subscriptions are NOT TOLERATED and I am providing the following quote from CCP:
    CCP Navigator wrote:
    Dear EVE Online players,

    - Any forms of scamming are prohibited and will be dealt with by EVE Online customer support. These are transactions which affect new subscriptions and scamming may result in action being taken on your account.

    For any questions related to the Buddy Program please use the petition system.

    If you have any questions regarding the Buddy Program don't hesitate to contact me, or use the link above if you want to talk to CCP directly.

Check out my Eve Blog at for Eve guides, tutorials and videos!  Want a FREE 21 DAY TRIAL to Eve Online and FREE ISK? Watch this video for more info:

Zion Eto
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1155 - 2012-12-29 08:48:44 UTC
I just wanted to say that I was invited by Vhei Sambos and he was great to work with and split the ISK he made. ^^ Thanks a lot again Vhei!
Xisiqo Zampal'e
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#1156 - 2012-12-29 09:10:15 UTC
Hello, I'm new to EVE and I used Vhei Sambos' offer for the 21-day trial. He's a pleasure to communicate with, and has delivered all in-game ISK transfers as promised. It's been a highly worthwhile experience for me and I would not hesitate to recommend his offer to any other new player.
Eivissa Astarte
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#1157 - 2012-12-29 10:37:40 UTC
Delivered as promised. Very reliable service.


Dr Snackwell wrote:
Dr Snackwell's Buddy Invite Service

Attention Notice: I'm going on holiday over New Years. I will pay out within a week of your activation. Just follow the steps below. Happy New Year!!

Welcome to the game of EVE Online

If you've gotten this far in the thread you are a grade above most other trial accounts. To get ahead in Eve you must read, explore, make isk!!

Dr Snackwell is a quiet player who makes his isk by creating toons and selling them. He is quite familiar with the first steps that are important to getting a toon training skills early and well.

One of the key steps is starting with enough isk to buy the implants so training goes quickly. With increased speed of training you will fly better, kill better, mine better or trade better.


What I am offering:

If you subscribe with the Buddy invite I send you with an eligible payment listed below, I will pay you 85% of the average price in Jita on the previous Sunday of your subscription.

For the week following December 23, you will receive 479 million iisk.

A bonus amount of isk, 28 million, will be sent if you post accolades about my service in this forum thread.

Use this link: Click Here to receive the Buddy Invite and subscribe with an eligible payment.

Use this link: Click Here to receive the Buddy Invite and subscribe with PLEX. [i]P

After you activate this account, send an E-mail to telling me the name of the first character you created on that account. I will contact you and transfer the isk ingame securely from my wallet to yours.

Eligible subscription activations can be funded by Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, WebMoney Transfer, paysafecard, ETC, Nexon, Ukash and iDeal. [i][i][u][u][b] PayPal payments are no longer delayed at this time.

Recent Happy Customers:

Davidius Oramara, FluFF vonSturm, Misio McTynski, Baako Azubuke
Thumbs up are always appreciated.

Giuseppe Ottaviani
Serendipity's Polyvinyl Yacht Club
Misfits Alliance
#1158 - 2012-12-29 14:12:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Giuseppe Ottaviani
My invites are back until they run out folks, email me at for an invite. When you fully subscribe 430 million isk will be yours within minutes. I will log on instantly if im not on already so you can start buying ships and skills etc to appreciate eve fully.

Eligible subscription activations can be funded by Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, WebMoney Transfer, paysafecard, ETC, and iDeal

Payments not eligible for this offer: Direct Debit, CD Keys, including CD Keys purchased or received from non-CCP sources and online stores such as, but not limited to: Steam Store, Direct2Drive, Gamers Gate, Impulse Driven.

Thank you for reading

Usually i start the month with a postman!

Cyno Shakiel
Unsactioned Genetics
#1159 - 2012-12-31 01:44:44 UTC
Recently converted using the link from Seven.
Very helpful, money quickly delivered.
Thanks!! Big smile

Seven Noctis wrote:
Seven's Starting Player Enhanced Experience Deal - SPEED


I offer extended 21 day trials to all new players and additional bonuses (see Your Benefits below) to those who later upgrade to a full account. All you need to do is click here to receive my invite and create a new account.

If you have any questions about this offer, you are welcome to send me an e-mail to, or message me through these forums or in game, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Your Benefits:

  • 73% of the current PLEX value at the time of account upgrade in ISK.

  • This currently equals over 400 million ISK and will go a long way toward helping you get the most out of your gaming experience much quicker than would otherwise be possible.

  • Personal in-game help and starting advice.

  • Even before you upgrade your account, I will give you starting advice (if you want it) to make sure that you get the best possible start in he game and try to guide you through any difficulties you encounter.

    My Conditions:

  • You have to upgrade to a full account before your 21 day trial runs out or the deal is void. In case you are wondering, you will not lose the remaining free days by upgrading early.

  • You have to contact me after you have upgraded the account and inform me of A) date and time you created the account and B) name of the character you want the ISK to be transferred to.

  • You will receive your part of the reward as soon as possible (usually the same day) after I am able to verify that you upgraded your account with a payment option that entitles me to a PLEX*.

  • * IMPORTANT: account upgrade options eligible for this deal include Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, WebMoney Transfer, paysafecard, ETC (EVE Time Code), Nexon, Ukash, iDeal, Yandex, and Amazon Game Connect.

    Following upgrade options are not eligible: PLEX, Direct Debit, CD Keys (including "Starter Packs" and other CD Keys purchased or received from non-CCP sources such as, but not limited to: Steam Store, Direct2Drive, Gamers Gate, Impulse Driven).

    Satisfied Customers:

    Regalius Tiomaxinus, Iso Uriza, Petomatick Annages, Tony Bone Sunz, Randolph Rothstein, Kyodai Samedi, Richard Outamon, Methos Izia, Cynk Uitra, Mith Tavira, Telgirt, Dagless Parthain, Roth'h'har Sarris, Serophix Thellere, Hyku Solette, Delain Powerwolf, Jawn O'Dando, Jake Soldette, Robert Emerius, Novette Valdeson, Lilian Halcombe, Kazuma Gaterau, Deacon Atram, Maria Meza, Kajun Agittain, Stark Guiltine, Drigo Segvian.

    Nobutada Mishi
    Ministry of War
    Amarr Empire
    #1160 - 2012-12-31 07:58:43 UTC
    Nobutada Mishi wrote:
    Nobutada Mishi's Buddy Invite Service


    Here is what I'm offering:

    • 400 Million ISK when you subscribe
    • I will answer any questions you may have (making ISK, PVE/PVP corps, ship fitting, general) regardless of how stupid you may think they are
    • Point you in the direction of a very noob friendly PVP corp that accepts new people to the game (start getting groomed to be an elite PVP killer ASAP)

    This is what I need from you:

    • Click here to receive a buddy invite from me
    • After you have created a new account, you need to log in to EVE Onlilne and create a new character. Once that is done, send an EVEmail to my character Nobutada Mishi
    • All that is left is to subscribe at your leisure(make a note of the time and date). Inform me by EVEmail or by my email that you have subscribed and include the time and date that it was done

    Things to note:

    • Eligible subscription activations can be funded by Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, WebMoney Transfer, paysafecard, ETC, and iDeal
    • Payments not eligible for this offer: PLEX, Direct Debit, CD Keys, including CD Keys purchased or received from non-CCP sources and online stores such as, but not limited to: Steam Store, Direct2Drive, Gamers Gate, Impulse Driven
    • If you use PayPal as a payment method the delivery ISK will be delayed up to 3 business days pending confirmation of payment
    • The payment conditions must be met in order for this offer to be valid
    • Whatever amount of trial time you have left when you subscribe gets added. So if you were to subscribe for a month on your very first day you would have 51 days of game time on your account

    Happy customers:


    Please leave positive feedback if you are satisfied with my service!