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img tags not working?

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2012-12-16 17:29:22 UTC
hmm.... no image tags allowed here?


[img][/img] Cloaking
[img][/img] Electronic Warfare
[img][/img] Electronics
[img][/img] Propulsion Jamming
[img][/img] Targeting
Total Skillpoints in Group: 309,943

[img][/img] Energy Emission Systems
[img][/img] Energy Grid Upgrades
[img][/img] Energy Pulse Weapons
[img][/img] Energy Systems Operation
[img][/img] Engineering
[img][/img] Shield Emission Systems
[img][/img] Shield Operation
Total Skillpoints in Group: 378,693

[img][/img] Controlled Bursts
[img][/img] Gunnery
[img][/img] Large Blaster Specialization
[img][/img] Large Hybrid Turret
[img][/img] Large Railgun Specialization
[img][/img] Medium Blaster Specialization
[img][/img] Medium Hybrid Turret
[img][/img] Medium Railgun Specialization
[img][/img] Motion Prediction
[img][/img] Rapid Firing
[img][/img] Sharpshooter
[img][/img] Small Blaster Specialization
[img][/img] Small Hybrid Turret
[img][/img] Small Railgun Specialization
[img][/img] Trajectory Analysis
[img][/img] Weapon Upgrades
Total Skillpoints in Group: 5,653,414

[img][/img] Mining
Total Skillpoints in Group: 45,255

[img][/img] Armor Rigging
[img][/img] Hull Upgrades
[img][/img] Jury Rigging
[img][/img] Mechanics
[img][/img] Remote Armor Repair Systems
[img][/img] Repair Systems
Total Skillpoints in Group: 981,020

[img][/img] Afterburner
[img][/img] High Speed Maneuvering
[img][/img] Navigation
Total Skillpoints in Group: 130,510

[img][/img] Astrometrics
[img][/img] Cybernetics
[img][/img] Infomorph Psychology
[img][/img] Science
Total Skillpoints in Group: 58,248

[img][/img] Fast Talk
[img][/img] Social
Total Skillpoints in Group: 226,275

Spaceship Command
[img][/img] Battlecruisers
[img][/img] Gallente Battleship
[img][/img] Gallente Cruiser
[img][/img] Gallente Frigate
[img][/img] Spaceship Command
Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,261,554

[img][/img] Trade
Total Skillpoints in Group: 45,255

Total Skillpoints: 13,026,851
Total Number of Skills: 58

Skills at Level 0: 0
Skills at Level 1: 4
Skills at Level 2: 3
Skills at Level 3: 9
Skills at Level 4: 25
Skills at Level 5: 17