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Bloodmaer Academy EVE Fiction Contest : December-January

Daelmaron Fyresong
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2012-12-07 14:34:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Daelmaron Fyresong
Well Ladies and Gentlemen. Now that I have got my basic needs and expenses covered I find that my wallet has some spare ISK in the corner of it, what better use of said spare ISK than to put it towards those budding fiction writers out there? So after much deliberate debate and argument with myself I have decided that perhaps it is my turn to host an EVE Fiction Contest.

The topic for this fiction is going to be unrestricted. It's a free write this time. I look forward to seeing everyones fiction, the contest will be running until the 7th of January. I hope to see alot of posts and efforts to go into this.

The rules are the same as usual, but are listed below anyway. On the 7th I will select 3 winners, first place prize will be 75 million isk, the second 50 million, and the third 25 million. Even if you do not recieve a prize however know that every person who participates in the contest is a winner, simply because you have likely gone outside of your comfort zone. Writing is a very personal thing, every author makes connections and becomes attached to what they write so thank you all for sharing.

  1. Keep the writing as clean as possible, there are some who might find certain things offensive on the forums
  2. Please limit your entry to no more than one post
  3. Show good sportsmanship, especially once the contest is completed and the winners have been selected.
  4. Last but not least, and most important. Have Fun! This contest is meant to give people a chance to do something they may not be able to do on a regular basis.

I myself am both an author and an avid reader so I will greatly enjoy the chance to read and review the entries. I thoroughly look forward to the stiff competition that I expect to see. Fly Safe and Happy Writing!
Daelmaron Fyresong
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2012-12-09 07:31:10 UTC
Y'know. Actually, I am not going to restrict the prompt this time. Make it a freewrite everybody, and have fun!
Daelmaron Fyresong
Amarr Empire
#3 - 2012-12-09 23:34:31 UTC
Well, thats a tad concerning. No entries as of yet, still got plenty of time though. Hope to see alot of effort put into the contest this time. Remember, its a free write so long as it is still placed within the world of EVE Online
kraiklyn Asatru
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#4 - 2012-12-10 00:28:26 UTC
Ill try to get a story finished. Considering the holy day season and such it wont be easy though.
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#5 - 2012-12-10 03:05:29 UTC
Same here.

Sepherim Catillah Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris Liuteneant Ex-Imperial Navy Imperator Commander

Niamh Aideron
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#6 - 2012-12-10 13:46:55 UTC
Eve Story – Friendly Flash

No, no, no, I was not supposed to be jumping. I hammered control space but session change was already in progress. Instead of orbiting the 7Q- gate I was jumping through it.

‘Friendly flash out’ I screamed into the mic. I was going to get it in the neck for this from our FC, who had been banging on all through the roam about paying attention and following commands.

As 7Q- swam into focus my heart stopped, there before me was a swarm of flashing red. Oh no, this was not good. 60 seconds to de cloak as I jabbed the timer and typed furiously into squad chat, ‘20+ flashes DGC 8YC gate in 7Q-. What do I do ?????’

My FC’s stressed voice came over the intercom, “What are you flying Alice ?’
‘Navitas noob ship’ I replied

‘Sorry Alice,’ he said, ‘scouts report strong enemy force, nothing we can do for you. Collect a replacement ship from the Eve Uni hanger at Aldrat. Take this as a lesson to listen more carefully next time. Fleet align E02 gate and warp to zero, move, move, move.’

45 seconds to de cloak, frantically I switched to podsaver and scanned for celestials when a flashing red name caught my eye – Jimmy Riddle -, what was he doing here ?’
Clicking Jimmy’s name and opening private convo I started typing furiously, ‘HELP, I’m 40 km from you, on my own and about to decloak in 30 secs.’
‘What ???’ he replied.
‘Quick ask your FC if I can sing my way out !!’ I rushed.
‘I can try but don’t hold your breath’ he typed

‘Well he must be in good mood, get your arse over to our public comms and tune up.’ Jimmy messaged.
10 seconds to decloak, quickly tabbing to comms and jumping channel I started singing:

Hey I just met you and this is crazy
But here’s my number, so call me maybe ....

and typed my mobile number into local +44 7976 ******

Out of time, I carried on singing as my ship materialised in front of their fleet.
‘Ha,’ Jimmy typed, ‘Our FC is giving you a free pass and says that if you are going to fly in null then you should enrole in 1SA.’

With popping bubbles their fleet jumped, leaving one solitary ship behind, no longer flashing red.
‘Hey Jimmy, what’s up ?’
‘I’ve been ordered to drop fleet and escort you to high sec,’ he said over audio,
‘I spent all f**king morning setting up for that fleet.’
‘Aww don’t be mad, I’ll do the same for you one day,’ I apologised.
‘What’s that in the background ? You didn’t actually give out your real number did you ?’ he asked.
‘Hmm, 3 dinner invitations and someone wants to know if I like cats !!’
‘So how about I take you out for dinner ?’
‘Naah you would just get drunk and go on about the size of your Titan as usual …..’

So call me maybe ….

Copyright Niamh Aideron 10 December 2012
Flash fiction format @500 words
Cynthia Gallente
#7 - 2012-12-10 18:11:18 UTC
“Cynthia Gallente?” the instructor was reading names off the roster.
“Here” I respond.
I just started my final year at the academy.
It had been a long journey for me, between life and work I barely had time for school.
“Amon Garron” he continued, I tuned it out. Our class was over 100 hopeful capsuleers.
I had already piloted ships. I even did a few missions.
This year we were supposed to get our implants, we were supposed to become pod pilots.
They said it was a really painful process but, I was looking forward to it. The freedom and power allowed by being a pod pilot was second to none.
There’s a crack and a sweet smell, someone opened a bottle of Quafe behind me.
I hated the stuff… but I learned to stomach it because it would help me stay up all night when I was studying…
I turn around and see a Caldari greedily gulp down the stuff.
This year the academy was allowing other races in, it was a little shocking… but I knew it would help us prepare for the real world.
The instructor doesn’t look close to finishing the roster, so I turn on some music and zone out.
My thoughts turn once again to space. I can’t wait to be out there again. Being planetside is such a snooze fest.
I don’t know how many minutes or hours pass, I don’t even know when I nodded off. . . But I awaken suddenly as someone is tapping me on the shoulder. . . It’s the thirsty Caldari.
“You’re snoring” he says.
I open my eyes, and the whole class is staring at me.
I stand and bow, apologizing profusely.
“Take your seat please” the instructor says.
I quickly drop my butt back into the seat, then turn around to the Caldari
“Thanks” I whisper.
“No prob. Want some Quafe? I brought a few”
“oh… sure …why the hell not?” I chirp back.
He rustles in his bag and produces a bottle.
“Here” he whispers.
I smile and take the bottle. The fizz tickles my nose, I hold my breath, gulp the crap down.
He can tell I don’t like it
“Ha! Everyone likes Quafe!”
“Jarr Vahn” The instructor is still calling out names.
I begin to wonder if there is even going to be a lecture today, it’s been hours of just name calling.
I look around the room, it’s filled with Minmatar, Amarr, Caldari, and of course Gallente.
The groups seem to segregate themselves, some of the more brave individuals take seats outside of their ethnic group… like the Caldari behind me.
“Boy, how will we ever have class if he takes this long to call role?” he jokes behind me.
I giggle, he giggles.
Eventually he finishes calling names. . .
“Now if you would all kindly place your left hand on your desk…”
Everyone does so.
I feel a sharp pinch in my palm and pull my hand back.
“You have all now been implanted with a device that will automatically take role”
It seems he won’t have to read the entire roster every class.
“Today’s lecture is a really basic one – what is a Capsuleer?”
The class goes on for several more hours, and we eventually get a break.
Everyone rushes towards the lunch halls…
The Caldari grabs my shoulder
“Hey wanna get some food?” he asks me.
“Oh.. uhm… sure okay…” I am a bit stymied by the proposition. I am usually a loner.
“Come on, I know a good place not too far from here…”
We leave the academy and get in his car, he drives us a little way to a nearby shopping center.
The food was good. And I was famished.
He offers to pay, in fact he insists.
“I will not have a lady pay for her lunch!”
I have to accept.

Post with your lick™

Cynthia Gallente
#8 - 2012-12-10 18:11:47 UTC

Many weeks go by, and the two of us grow closer with each passing day.
He takes me out to many places… I’m surprised how familiar he is with the area.
One night he asks me something, and I am a bit shocked.
“Wanna see my ship?”
I thought no one could afford a ship yet…we were all in school after all
“My family bought it for me”
I remember he’s Caldari and has money.
“Okay sure, let’s go see it” I happily answer.
We get to a launch pad with a waiting shuttle.
The two of us climb into the shuttle and jet off to a station that’s in orbit nearby.
“Ever been to space before?” he asks
“yeah of course I have, hell I’ve even piloted a few ships!”
“oh that’s great!”
I wonder why “that’s great”
~Docking permission requested~
Aura speaks for the first time.
~Docking permission accepted~
We proceed into the dock.
“So here’s my little quarters”
Quarters? He has quarters on a station? Who IS this guy?
“it’s nice” I say.
“Well, we did come up here to see ships, right?” he says.
He presses a few buttons on the console and a Reaper comes up.
“A Reaper?” slips out of my mouth.
“Oh so you’re familiar with it!”
“Yeah, it’s a frigate…they taught us that at the academy”
“Ever piloted one?”
“Don’t you need a pod to pilot that?”
“This one has been specially modified to accept an old school crew.”
We get into the ship, it’s cramped. It smells. And it looks like it’s about to fall apart.
“Good ol’ Minmatar construction” he scoffs as he punches a screen, and the ship’s lights start to turn on.
“Wanna go shoot some rats?”
“Rats?” I respond
“The raiders, pirates, dumb asses that hang out in belts and harass miners and anyone else who’s around” he says, laughing a little.
“Oh sure! That sounds like fun!” I lie, I’m scared shitless. I’m not a pod pilot, if the ship explodes I’ll die!
“You sure? It could get dangerous…” he says, smiling and pressing controls in the panel.
“Oh come on man, do you think I’m afraid of a little action?” I am.
We launch and head to the nearest asteroid belt.
There are some Serpentis shooting at a hulk.
“Oh look, action already!” he exclaims.
“Know how to fire those guns?” he points at lever and some buttons.
I grab the controls and fire off a few rounds.
“Oh sure, I do this ALL the time” I say sarcastically
“Should be easy enough” he says as he gets us to the optimal range for the guns he’s fitted.
I fire off a few shots towards the ships, but they totally miss.
They are still busy with the hulk, leaving us to be totally free and not have to worry about getting shot.
“What was that? Are you shooting with your eyes closed?” he pokes me in the ribs.

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Cynthia Gallente
#9 - 2012-12-10 18:12:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Cynthia Gallente
“I’ve … I’ve never had any experience with actual weapons…in space”
“Doesn’t matter. All you have to do is hit the targets” he says starkly.
I fire off a few more rounds, hitting the Serpentis hard.
Two more ships approach, they are reinforcements.
They begin to fire on us!
“**** **** ****!” he yells “I don’t have enough armor to take what they can dish out!”
“I’ve got em!” I yell as I pull the guns around to point at the new targets.
“You better!”
I fire maniacally, screaming and cursing as a barrage of missiles crashes against our hull.
~Shields critical~
Aura says, as our shields fail completely.
I haven’t taken out even one of their ships yet, and we are beginning to look bad.
“Can you warp us back to station?” I yell over to him.
“We’re being scrammed”
“WHAT?! NO WAY!” I almost cry.
“Well come on, you have to kill them before they kill us!” he barks.
He’s doing his best to out maneuver the attackers. But we are outnumbered and things look grim for us.
Suddenly there’s a bright burst of light, and one of the ships explodes.
“What was that?” we both cry out
There’s another blast…and another.
Whatever it is, it just saved our asses.
We are hailed by a ship.
“Greetings Cynthia Gallente and Amon Tuda” we hear a familiar voice.
“What brings you out here?” he continues
“erhm..uhm.. well you see” Amon stutters.
Finally we make visual contact with a battlecruiser. It’s fitted with some big lasers.
“It’s dangerous out here, especially if you’re still just a student without a clone.” Says the voice.
I suddenly realize…it’s our professor from the academy.
“Come on back to the station, get your ship repaired, and I expect to see you in class on Monday” he says before warping out.
“God…that was so embarrassing” Amon lets out a sigh of relief.
“That’s enough excitement for me” I say.
We do as the instructor says.

Classes aren’t as interesting.
I feel so melancholy when I’m at the academy, my mind constantly wanders back to the battle we had.
I feel a familiar tap on my shoulder, it’s Amon the Caldari offering me a Quafe.
“You look tired, drink this… our exit exam is in a few hours”

It’s already been a year, and our battle is only a memory now.
We both graduate, with honors, at the top of the class.

“What are you plans now?” he asks.
“Well I figured I’d go to the station and pick up some skillbooks and start training to get into a battlecruiser”
“And how about a corporation, given any thought to joining one?”
“Oh… not really”
“Well when you’re ready, let me know. I’m sure my corporation would love to have you.”
We hug and kiss one another.
“I’m gonna miss you Cynthia” he says “You really helped to make this year…interesting…for me”
“Don’t worry honey, you’ll hear from me soon.”

We go our separate ways.
He eventually becomes a major player in a major corporation.
I eventually join his corporation and take a seat of some importance.

Space… I finally made it.

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Daelmaron Fyresong
Amarr Empire
#10 - 2012-12-10 20:01:00 UTC
kraiklyn Asatru wrote:
Ill try to get a story finished. Considering the holy day season and such it wont be easy though.

Best of luck my friends, best of luck. Look forward to seeing what you can produce, the contests will be monthly at minimum so there will be plenty of chances if you can't make this one
Ezek Price
Beyond Divinity Inc
Shadow Cartel
#11 - 2012-12-11 09:16:05 UTC
Excellent idea :)

Looking forward to sharpening my pen again.

War doesn't determine who is right, only who is left.

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Daelmaron Fyresong
Amarr Empire
#12 - 2012-12-14 08:41:38 UTC
Keeping the post near the top for you all to see it
Duncan Ringill
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#13 - 2012-12-14 16:57:26 UTC
A Visit from Klaus Siinter
with apologies and reparations to Clement Clark Moore:

'Twas a week since the patch, and my mates were all cloaked
The better to gank some carebears, we had joked.
With my main in his covops, and an alt docked nearby
I hoped Tech II hulls would soon be espied.
As Local was quiet; we were barely awake
And our battleship pilot was on bio-break.
When what should appear in the latest intel
But a cruiser with blasters and shield tank from hell!
Our bait frig on d-scan was taking a gander
At a fit with nine reindeer and cargo expander.
It was rigged with extenders against our rail guns
And his hardeners, frankly? A bit overdone.
To my mates an unknown and a bit of a mystery,
But I'd just checked out his employment history
And I stared with surprise which his portrait engendered
At a well-known old face that was beautifully rendered.
He was dressed all in robes that hung straight to the floor
While his killboard was longer–this dude was hardcore!
The curl of his lip was a fright to behold
And his eyes were as black as the ore in his hold.
Word had it, he showed up this late in December,
And left behind wrecks in his wake, we remembered.
Klaus Siinter's the pirate all eggers despise
Wherever the crafty, white-haired bastard flies.
He was quick, and I saw that he'd surely escape
If no tactically sound battle plan would take shape.
No time! He was here and then suddenly gone,
Having fitted for speed and stealth rather than brawn.
We knew how it was he'd so quickly arrived:
That was no faction 'burner, but microwarpdrive!
Evading our webs, he flew straight for the gate;
Our battleship locked, but by then 'twas too late!
Our fleet felt the smartbomb he'd timely ejected,
And awoke in our clones, which was most unexpected.
But we'd heard him on comms as he vanished and sneered,
"Happy Yuletide, you n00bs, and I'll kill you next year!"


Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#14 - 2012-12-17 02:23:31 UTC
Blood of the Behemoth:

The boarding bay was full of people and equipment going from one place to another, like a busy hive full of working ants. And, in the middle of all that, Trevor Humedd hugged his family as tightly as he could, like he wanted to take their breaths away. Tears flowed from their cheeks, golden drops in the dim lights of the station. Around them, two dozen families were going through the same ordeal of farewells, while the loading crew moved supply crates, machinery and weaponry ready in the last minute.

-Promise me you’ll be careful- demanded his wife, with her voice broken by fear, hope and doubt.

-I will, Marsha, you know I’ll do all I can. But it’s not up to me. At least I know the family will be well with my salary, and we’ll be able to cover the studies of young Archie.-

He poke his son with his finger, but his childish laughter didn’t break the sorrow of the moment. And then a red light and a warning flashed drowning the whole bay in the color of blood, and all members of the crew were called into the belly of the golden leviathan that lay docked in front of them. The hug was broken by the moving people, and Trevor picked up his scarce personal luggage to move inside, waving a weak and fearful farewell that tried to look brave without success.

For a brief moment, he looked up and he saw a big crane carrying the pod of the pilot into the pit that was the control centre of the ship. He didn’t even get to see the woman who had his life in her hands, the god that would control every little bit of his existence during his five month rotation inside the Forgotten Galaxy. He just crossed the doorway into the dark corridors that would become the only thing he’d see for months. Like dark metallic arteries of the giant beast that was the ship.

Dozens of tons of metal and people maneuvered swiftly through space, jumping on the appropriate moments like a steel monster dancing with the stars. Trevor could barely feel the movements as the pilot handled softly such a massive hulk into positions he never had the chance to see. After all, windows were scarce.

He spent most of his time in the corridors and rooms of the crew: three dozen men and women that worked as mechanics, engineers, cooks… everything needed to keep the beast advancing relentless, with scarce stops in stations every couple days to refill supplies and food. They weren’t allowed to leave the ship in such occasions, so they employed that free time playing cards and dice in the ship’s kitchen. He won many isk, he lost as many, but he enjoyed every scarce moment of solace. Out of them, only awaited the terror of the unknown, and the wait between the important moments.

Of course, from time to time, the alarms of the ship would ring and all crew members were forced to awaken and run to their positions. Somewhere, for some unknown reason, the pilot had decided to enter combat, and her will required all to work as one to increase their chances of survival. No doubts or second thoughts were possible, just completing the duty the ship’s god demanded as quickly as possible before heading on to the next one. All that while the ship vibrated and shook like a maddened horse under the impact of missiles and cannons that went through the shields, and dozens of nanite swarms were deployed and controlled so they went to fix the priority instruments.

They all prayed while they worked during those times, quick hurried words to try and bring the much needed luck to their side. It was all they could do after all, their lives were beyond their control, all in the hands of that alien pilot that guided their destinies among the stars. All they could do was wait and work in the belly of the beast, hoping that each time wouldn’t be the last, praying for another day, one at a time.

The end didn’t come, so their service to the Empire aboard the Forgotten Galaxy meant good sums of isks for their families. Trevor spoke with them as often as he could afford to pay the costly communication services aboard the ship. After all, most were to be employed by the pilot, and the crew members barely had any bandwidth left. Archie had gotten into school, and Marsha was able to buy better clothes and food for both of them, so they were doing well. But they missed him as much as he missed them, and all feared that each time the conversation ended, it would be the last time they’d see each other. Of course, no mention to that was made, and all farewells were “see you again soon” with a smile. A fake, fearful smile.

But he completed that tour of duty and got back to the loving arms of his family in a splendid welcoming that vanished all the fear. Back into the warmth and safety of his city, to his people, to the every-day needs and small problems. Still, he could only stay four months before enlisting again… money was still needed. And the farewell on the docking board repeated, as he once again he entered the same vessel that needed crew again after four months of repairs and modifications.

Sepherim Catillah Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris Liuteneant Ex-Imperial Navy Imperator Commander

Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#15 - 2012-12-17 02:23:44 UTC
No one can dodge destiny forever though, and death caught up with the ship two months later. Battle had started as usual, with the lights, the shakes, the stench of sweat and fear. Trevor controlled the nanite swarms and sent them to repair the surface of the ship, but it was too early. The behemoth had to be taking a very serious pounding for it to have lost the shields already. But a small power fluctuation and the vibrations of the impacts on the hull clearly showed such was the case.

Not much later, maybe a few minutes, the order to overheat the nanites came, using them to the fullest. The nanite hives went into overdrive, producing mass amounts of small robots that went directly to keep the ship working, but the damages still mounted on the rear of the ship, and one of the engines exploded sending the ship out of control in a blast. The pilot took quick hold of the ship with the rest of the engines as if she had put down a horse that had started a wild race, but even she could clearly not face whatever was outside. The Reaper had come.

Soon the nanites were overrun, and their over use deactivated them with a crack, while the pressure that had been building opened breaches in several of the conducts, letting out steam and other more dangerous gases. Mechanics were quick to the scene, but they only found Trevor on his knees praying. It was clearly all that was left to do, he was in charge of the armor, he knew better than anyone that time had come.


The call came clearly through the communication channels, and all workers ran in stampede following the glowing paths in the floor that guided them to the nearest refuge, like the cattle guided to the slaughterhouse. The oval doors of the pods were open before them and they entered them in a rush, closing them with a hiss after them once five of them had entered each, hoping they would be able to take them out of the unavoidable death the ship was suffering and that shook the whole structure to the rhythm of small explosions.

Trevor barely made it to the last one. As the previous one had left with a pod half-full, they had to see how their door closed leaving a man and a woman on the other side, yelling for them to open as they realized their clock had ran out. But there was no space left inside. With a sudden pull and thrust that pinned them to their seats and made one of the engineers empty his insides, the pod ejected itself from the side of the golden ship and started to fall to the planet below, an unknown sphere of brownish-red color.

There was a small window in the door, and through it they could see the pilot’s pod get ejected as the ship was starting to break in two under the massive fire of the enemy. Big, black ships, covered in blood, were surrounding it like flies drawn to a corpse. As the ship blew apart before them, the Blood Raiders started to turn and open fire on the escape pods, like maniac demons hunting on the defenseless. One by one, they were turn into blazing infernos under the fire, until the last of them had their turn.

Surprisingly, the last thing Trevor could think of was that one of the crew members that occupied the previous pod owed him 0,4 isk from last night’s card game.

Sepherim Catillah Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris Liuteneant Ex-Imperial Navy Imperator Commander

Daelmaron Fyresong
Amarr Empire
#16 - 2012-12-17 20:15:56 UTC
a couple more entires, bumping the post to the top again. Lets see some more
Daelmaron Fyresong
Amarr Empire
#17 - 2012-12-18 16:38:43 UTC
Good job so far guys, keep up the good work
Commodore Avenir
Valdes Industries
#18 - 2012-12-18 17:04:12 UTC
kraiklyn Asatru
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#19 - 2012-12-28 02:04:24 UTC
Alright started a story but it will be a tad more than one post like maybe 3 more :p So I wont enter that one. Ive got an idea for connected short (connected two my previous 8000 suns post as well) Ugh basically I have story in my head big enough for an entire book but ill just keep adding small pieces and scenes. Next one will be written entirely on a tablet ( yeah i know ) ;)

kraiklyn Asatru
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#20 - 2012-12-28 21:07:40 UTC  |  Edited by: kraiklyn Asatru
This story is part of the same world/ contains one of the same characters as the first piece of I have written.
Although I have by now revised my previous story and removed some of its obvious flaws. I still a little uncertain as to the exact timelines so I havent dated this one.

Previous story

The enemy of my enemy.

"Well, well, look at this," taunted Kuntac. Kuntac continued; "Seems you got yourself in a little trouble, haven't you. Fresh out of pods. Interesting feeling isn't it. Mortality, being one of us mortals. All of a sudden you are weak, even more fragile than I ever was." Kuntac looked down at the restrained man sitting in front of him. The man stared up defiantly, attempting to maintain his dignity, while resisting the temptation to rail at his captor.

Kuntac snorted, and squatted down in front of him. Lowering himself to level with the man's height. He looked him straight in the eyes and said, "You know why we got you? It is because you have been asking questions.. to many questions."

The man stared right back and remained silent. "This is the part where you will start answering mine," Kuntac but an emphasis on the word mine. He slowly got up and took off his coat, he hung it delicately on a hook on the side of a metal closet. Next he took off his shirt, showing the bulk of his muscles. The man in the chair seemed undisturbed, "Is that supposed to intimidate me?" it was the man who snorted this time.

The man flinched slightly, someone behind him stood up. He clearly hadn't noticed his presence before. Kuntac waited until the man settled and looked back at him, "Normally this is the part where I beat you for a while." Kuntac paused, "Normally, I enjoy that part. Loosening the muscles and work up a sweat." Kuntac then points at the man behind him, who just got up. "From there on, my associate would normally take over," he paused again; "Normally."

The associate walked up to the closet and opened it, exposing neatly sorted rows of expert torture tools. The associate placed a small knife in to the one open slot in the closet, he proceeded to look back to the man. The look in his eye shocked the man, it appeared to be a mixture of pity and disappointment.
The man looked back at Kuntac, who now smiled. "Normally, alas this is not a normal occasion. We don't always bag ourselves a former-immortal. See how I used former there, awkward detail." Kuntac laughed. "Now about those questions, you seem to be looking for a child aren't you. A little pathetic Amarrian child. You little pervert."

The man looked back at Kuntac, he was furious and could no longer keep quiet. "You can't do anything to me I haven't experienced before. I know what it is too die you impudent little slave. God will welcome me in his arms for my service to the empire! Amarr VICTOR!! You hear me!! AMARR VICTOR."

Kuntac remained perfectly calm and in control. "You know where we are? Where we arrived?," he said. The door in the back slided open. The associate left and another hooded man entered. The man couldn't see who he was, but he knew instantly. Kuntac reveled in the fear now visible in the man's eyes. He pointed to the hooded man and said, "See I couldn't spill your blood, because he now owns it." Three more hooded men enter and drag the captive man away.

Now only Kuntac and the hooded man were left. The hooded man turned to him and said, "Thank you, my men are in place. When you strike, remember, try not to spill blood. You get the Matari, we get the Amarrians and any child between four to eight years old will be delivered to me personally."

Kuntac again smiled and said, "It's a pleasure doing business."
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