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Improving 0.0 combat

Jas Dor
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2012-12-08 22:24:37 UTC
Caps and supercaps cyno in. Subcaps Titan jump bridge into system. Structures are shot, there is no resistance. Caps cyno out. Subcaps take a Titan JB out (Titan at POS). Titan jumps out. No PvP was had.

How to prevent this.

1. Remove Titan jump bridges. This allows a defender a chance to engage hostile subcaps incoming, instead of having everything dropped on them all at once.

2. Defenders need a hardpoint. Back in the days of POS bashing, the fight took place around a defensive structure. It could shoot back and allowed defenders to duck into the FF (actually I think the last might have hurt the defenders more than it helped). Structure bashes take place on the naked field. This can be alleviated a bit by putting the TCU at a POS. What we really need is the ability to install batteries in Stations/TCUs, have these batteries controllable by a player in a sheltered position (say docked at the structures) and have the batteries untargetable (the equivalent of when POS guns where in the FF). Guns outside the FF are just too vulnerable to be effective.

3. Warp Disrupt and Warp Scram batteries need to be able to tackle supercaps. Right now a coallition can place supercaps on the field. Defending would require deployment of the defenders supercaps. These ships are move valuable than the space. As a result a system gets evacced instead of fought over. If a structure could hold down a supercap, placing it in jeopardy, there would be greater impetus for a fight to take place.

4. The range of Pulse Lasers needs a nerf. My alliance uses Apoc builds that shoot out to 70km. A "short" range, high damage, weapon that gets that kind of range outshines just about everything else.
Valleria Darkmoon
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2012-12-09 05:20:34 UTC
Sov warfare bores me so I won't comment on much of this except to say I find it nearly impossible to imagine jump bridges will go away and I remember playing before they existed.

As for #4 pulse lasers do not need a nerf, sure an Apoc with scorch can reach really far but the only things going for lasers atm are the damage projection and the fact that they don't really need ammo when bashing structures. They are already rarely used especially below battleships and have poor falloff and sub par tracking. The ability to have an apoc laying down at least 450 dps at 70km is the only thing keeping them in service. You have blasters that have tracking and damage, autocannons that have great falloff and good tracking and pulses that have great projection and mediocre stats otherwise. The last thing lasers need is to have their only selling point taken away and it's only the Apoc where that projection really abused though I wouldn't even argue the Apoc needs a nerf for that and it still has the weakest tank of the Amarr battleships. Remember that with that kind of projection the dead zone where the ship has a horrible time hitting under its guns is much larger than it is for blasters or projectiles which is what makes Amarr ships strong in fleets.

Reality has an almost infinite capacity to resist oversimplification.

Zan Shiro
Alternative Enterprises
#3 - 2012-12-09 06:39:58 UTC
1. hot drop is needed for many reasons. Local is one of them. Why did the alliance use them...because if they slow boat a 300 man fleet across space the enemy knows they are coming. Even has the local spikes pegging as they cross systems. All the intle there needed to form up a response fleet. No local and lots of your ratters are sacks of crap and don't report intel or look to gather it and theoretically that 300 man lfeet can roll in damn near unseen no bridging needed.

Well that and you can cyno jam key systems. But but the JF pilot has to jump to next system befoere he can ride the cyno. Pick which sucks extra 1 minute to move a jf or one day an alliance says hi....we are here to kick the crap out of you.

2. The structuree were put out in the middle of space to avoid even more fun riding out yet another ref cycle to go for the gusto. This works both ways....enemy if jsut to mess with you drops a inside a pos is another day its living to mess with your sov.

3. Hictors and dictors. These should be in your response fleets composition anyway. DIdn't want that system bad enough to lauch them out to keep them locked down....thats a players made call. I ran in crews leadership packed tons of dictors in the hangars on jump capable ships. Dictor pilot got blwon up but cleared pod....come to player x, y, or z and take a dictor from his bay. Costly but kept up bubble pressure to win a few fights.

4. Weapon system is fine. Amarr's niche is some great bs and above. Minny cant complain too much, they are not neuting themselves all night long shooting a bash op. Gallente will complain but need to STFU. They have a damage bonus, rokh does not. damage bonus applies if they would use rails once in while as well. But but I like my blasterthron better. Well then like the range drop. Rokh jsut needs the naga bonus applied and its not so bad anymore. i'd rather see it buffed rather than an amarr nerf nerf. Game balance does not always have to be nerfing.