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Why am I not that excited?

Lady Spank
Get Out Nasty Face
#21 - 2012-12-08 11:04:10 UTC
I usually give it a week at least just to avoid the inevitable bugs.

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#22 - 2012-12-08 13:53:20 UTC  |  Edited by: Noisrevbus
Gibbo3771 wrote:

lol well being fair it is just a patch to me, the new cruisers do not really benefit me neither to the new dessies, as an older player I can afford more efficient ships capable of taking on greater numbers, only reason to fly cheaper stuff is for a new challenge but I get challenged enough when I am faced 20:1. The new cruisers die to a talos from 30k like the last ones, makes no difference to me.

It's hard for me to put myself in your shoes, but i think you may have answered your own question with the above citation.

It reflects my thought on the patch, and the current direction rather well, as well.

The new Cruisers basicly are HAC without the resistances, flying them really feel like flying HAC (those that i have tried anyway), though they are not the same. It's fun the first few seconds but then you realize losing them doesn't matter to you and killing them doesn't matter for others. In spite of that, many pilots still remain risk-adversive which really sets the "mindsets" further apart (ie., for me, risking them doesn't give me the rush i want from experiencing loss - while people i meet still are very careful and don't take more risks against me). It's an odd feeling.

Then you mentioned the "bottom" with the Talos example and that's really the motherload as far as i am concerned. The bottom of the game remain somewhere around Tier 3 and BS at the moment. It's first around BS where you seem to meet some sort of "we can't dangle these ships without any afterthought", so that's where the game "starts". Those ships are still cost-effective but there is some sense of accmplishment in killing them, some sensation of loss losing them and some concerns over the value of insuring them and rigging them. Everything is not as obvious once you hit that level and you begin to weigh options.

Like you say, the issue with these new ships is that they are not any better than other ships have been when facing that bottom. If you burn around with an improved Cruiser, you will still face issues commiting against a number of BS, or an organised setup of numerous Tier 3 BC. The Cruisers may provide some throw-away options in that paradigm for snigs and giggles as their potential closer to the BC (and BS) begin to sink in. However they do far more damage to the ISK-value and Tech-level play than they create appeal to up-engage with or appeal to take fights in. They can't take the fights the HAC or BC of old couldn't take either - in that sense they are similar to the Tier 3 BC when they came out and began to sink in relative HAC (most Tier 3 roamers today don't engage what the HACs did engage or had trouble engaging) - and they don't seem to make people overcome their adversity either (since i've seen frigate-gank gangs run from small odds since their inception, and i expect nothing more from similar players in these new ships).

The first few roams i've done with these new ships have mostly been spent ironically commenting on how we risk nothing with the ships but rack in money on the new bounty-system. So the money people save on ships seem to be spent on the new bounties P.
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