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EVE Online: Retribution 1.0 Feedback

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KIller Wabbit
MEME Thoughts
#601 - 2012-12-05 16:03:16 UTC
CCP Punkturis wrote:
KIller Wabbit wrote:
Drag and drop into Bounty fields would have been nice

you can drag people from chat into the place bounty search box in the bounty window

KIller Wabbit wrote:
Can you withdraw a bounty?


Drag and drop - tried and it failed. I'll give it another round of testing

So if I typo a number I'm screwed? Guess the GM's will have yet another source of petitions to deal with.

Pandemic Horde
#602 - 2012-12-05 16:04:54 UTC
why dont ccp launch a "pool" whith the intent of evaluating the player feedback ABOUT EACH MODIFICATION DONE and get a "credible" feedback, filtering the "pool" by IP adress to prevent "result manipulation" by players whith more than 1 account?

since we "pay to play", we shoul have an opinion...
or should we just give up playing (and paying) when we simply dont like the game anymore?
btw, read something about plex prices, that problem should be fixed if ccp just regulate the prices selling them also in npc stations, shouldnt it??.....
The Partisan Brigade
#603 - 2012-12-05 16:20:08 UTC
CCP doesn't care about you, they've already gotten your sub money, they want new money so they can get their profit goals then bail on EvE after Dust flops then go full speed ahead on WW.
The Partisan Brigade
#604 - 2012-12-05 16:22:47 UTC
The longer it's out, the more I feel that this winter expansion is to eve what that new wow expansion is to wow. That is, virtually no new or well thought out content, and just a bunch of rehashed crap for the purpose of looking shiny.
KIller Wabbit
MEME Thoughts
#605 - 2012-12-05 16:25:36 UTC
Riazal wrote:
a message to the new player


Yeah, billions and billions of SP totally screwed over across the community. But you really mean don't train drones as main DPS and, by derivation, do not fly Gallente ships. Feel pretty sorry for the industrialists that were producing drones and hulls.

michael Angelica
Illuminati Enterprises Inc.
Federation InterStellaris of New Eden
#606 - 2012-12-05 16:38:38 UTC
im a mission runner by heart and havent been playing this wonderfull game very long but i sometimes need my drones to take out those nasty frigs scrambling me but now after the update youre drones get targeted WAY TOO FAST its not even funny i feel sorry for anyone who uses them as main dps normally i kept hobs and hammerheads in my bay but now only hobs so i can carry more if i lose em please ccp do something about this quick because in my eyes drones became pretty useless

playing on pc
Passive Achasse
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#607 - 2012-12-05 16:38:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Passive Achasse

I'm a noob by anyones standards, with only a few months experience with eve spread out over 5 years with several accounts as I forgot passwords and usernames, and until now I have not felt the need to comment on these boards.

I am curious as to why exactly the jukebox is incompatible with the improved audio that was implemented? I am going to miss very much having eve's excellent soundtrack at my fingertips as I play in game (Particularly "Home at Last"). From my point of view you are removing options from my experience with the game, and I would very much appreciate it if you would reconsider the jukebox and perhaps try to implement it in parallel to the vast improvements you have made recently.

Thank you very much for reading this :)

I would like to thank everyone who works to keep this game running, this is truly one of the most fascinating games in existence, and your work is greatly appreciated.

Natacha Peyre
Dutch East Querious Company
Pandemic Horde
#608 - 2012-12-05 16:39:10 UTC
I love the new lock graphics but when you are ingaging a number of targets that are grouped together its some times hard to see how long is left to lock diff ships (e.g Carrier locking battleships and frigs, I may have locked the BS and I'm wondering if I have time to pop one or two before the frigs lock). As a solution I thought maybe adding the lock "cycle" timers to the top right of the screen... So you ctrl-click at target and where the target stats appier once the target is locked at the top of the screen you get the locking countdown cycle.

I also like the new location aware music, very atmospheric but sometimes I jsut want to bang my own tunes on, like when I'm mining or grinding anoms but now you have gotten rid of the jukebox I have had to go back to turning the music and resorting to an external media player... It seems like a step backwards in many respects.

Apart from these 2 lil niggles, (without going into the heave missle nerf) I'm liking the revamp, bringing things inline with Dust.
Jace Errata
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#609 - 2012-12-05 16:39:37 UTC
I'm amused to see that this thread is almost entirely people annoyed at various changes, and yet CCP's attitude is still "HTFU this is the best thing ever you must like it".

I also like how in the Jukebox removal devblog, they said that people liking/disliking the change would be taken into account. That didn't happen and doesn't look like it's going to happen now.


One day they woke me up so I could live forever

It's such a shame the same will never happen to you

Crazy Flyer Operation's
#610 - 2012-12-05 16:44:01 UTC
thx CCP you guys just made it impossible for me to play missions.

couse of the targed switching feature i'm losing my drones so fast that the missions are becomming losses to my wallet.

i hope this feature will be changed soon so i can play missions again to earn money and not lose money....

greetings ikkeisgek
Syri Taneka
#611 - 2012-12-05 16:47:16 UTC
N4RUNI JOE wrote:
I have seen a lot of the releases in eve.....I must say on this release...excellent job...well done guys.Big smile

Well, hey, this wasn't the RMR release, so that's a plus.
Royal Amarr Institute
Amarr Empire
#612 - 2012-12-05 16:51:04 UTC
Orion GUardian wrote:
Silly question, as I was kind of sure:

Is there a factual reason my HAMs (Scourge Rage) are now doing (theoretical) 17% less dmg? Of course it might be there was a bug before, telling me I had far mor dmg than I thought. [Using EvEHQ Fitting, comparing the value before patch and after]

The increase in explosion radius is supposedly outweighed by the "Guided Missiles Precision" Skill now applying to unguided Missiles as well so...anyone else noticed something like this?

Additinal: Was it necessary to nerf HAM Range even more? If the Range is comparable to Blasters shouldn't the dmg be as well? ;)

Because those noob developers never flown Sacrilege ? Maybe the 190 dps for those ship is too mutch :D
Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#613 - 2012-12-05 16:51:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Tornii
I usually like 90% of what CCP brings to gameplay / visuals / UI, but the new explosion effects are just plain bad. They look cheap in terms of color / 'material' of effects, and unimpressive in terms of scope and duration. They just look like someone popped a bubblegum bubble.
Syri Taneka
#614 - 2012-12-05 16:55:11 UTC
Ribikoka wrote:
Syri Taneka wrote:

BS' without prop mods are almost all sub-110m/s ships. Anything else needs to be slowed down. Again, I point you to the wonderful object known as the Stasis Webifier.

And what happen when they are use prop mods ? Or you just yell for them "hey bro dont go to fast because i cant damage you" ?
What happen when the enemy orbiting from your distance atleast ~40km ? Almost 80% of rats orbiting there.
And no, i think you never saw rat or other sub caps. They all move faster than 110m/s.
Did you know the caldary ships are the almost slowest ship in the game ? How will be use statis web on enemy ships when all will faster than you and keep out from web range ???

Another thing you clearly need to bear in mind is that missiles are not intended as guaranteed damage weapons. Explosion Velocity is the equivalent of tracking and falloff with guns. You think those hit constantly for full damage against orbiting rats? Hell no! (Which, admittedly, is the bigger part of why I hate guns - the ability to miss entirely.) Yes, your missile will hit if the target is in range. Will it always do full damage? No. Same with guns.

If your target is stopped or has poor transversal velocity relative to you, you track better. Any motion reduces chance to hit/damage dealt on hit. If it's within optimal range, you don't have falloff miss chance, but if it isn't, your chance to hit and damage on hit go down. If your weapon firing cross-section is bigger than your target's signature, damage may be reduced (Explosion Radius stat on missiles).

Only weapon in this game which doesn't care about signature or velocity is the smartbomb. And I really don't suggest using that in highsec.
The Partisan Brigade
#615 - 2012-12-05 16:57:00 UTC
Ribikoka wrote:

Because those noob developers never flown Sacrilege ? Maybe the 190 dps for those ship is too mutch :D

CCP became EFT warriors and supercap blobbers a long time ago.
Alice Katsuko
Caldari State
#616 - 2012-12-05 16:59:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Alice Katsuko
On the whole, this is a wonderful patch. Was shooting a tower yesterday, and the ominous music was rather interesting. And folk sounded rather impressed by the explosion.

Also! zOMG drone hauler spawns and officer mods. If ever I get to Iceland, and the folk responsible are still around, must buy them all a round.

But I do have to point out a few minor annoyances:

First. The locked target HP bars still seem too narrow when using 90% display scaling, making them more difficult to read than the old bars.

Second. The flicker effect when a modules active on a locked target is about to cycle down is probably very useful for certain applications, but gets very distracting otherwise. Please give us an option to turn that flicker off. The human eye is naturally drawn to movement, so any unnecessary flickering is an unwelcome distraction.

Third. The weapons timer sound notifications are also useful for certain applications, but also get annoying. It's a loud beeping sound that repeats every few seconds in an engagement. I really do not want to hear it at all, much less that often. Please give us the option of turning these sound notifications off without having to disable all of the UI sounds.

Fourth. I understand why the safety button setting resets after log-off. But please give us the option of having it persist across log-in sessions. I'm sure some silly folk will get themselves Concorded because of it, but that should be our choice.

Fifth. Please consider issuing a dev blog providing instructions on (1) using the new target tracking camera, (2) moving and changing the size of the on-screen combat log, and (3) accessing the soundcloud of old EVE music.
Kia Lafemme2
Defenders of Tash-Murkon Foundation
#617 - 2012-12-05 17:00:51 UTC
Porucznik Borewicz wrote:
Lyr Rickh wrote:
New targets are swanky, but is there any chance they can slim down a bit? Especially the vertical spacing between them. Used to be able to fit 5 targets vertically in the old position, now its only 3. Sad

Niias wrote:
Some new sounds are good...others really are...painful...and completely ruin my enjoyment of the game.

2 main ones that just made me close the game after half an hour were...
A buzzer that sounds when you start combat. when it ends. when you jump. when you dock....quickly got annoying.

And the main one is...when a ship pops, there's like a creepy drum sound. Also happens when you salvage a wreck that drops a container (if you dont loot the wreck before you salvage it)...

Just every time a ship popped i heard this and it goes right through me every time...

Anybody have any ideas of how to disable just these sounds? Since it's taken the game from being very enjoyable to intolerable and i dont want to end up playing with no sound...Cry

These are the game breakers for me too. First of all, the locked target "bounce" animation. What exactly is it good for? EVE is a game witch UI is cluttered with information and flashy stuff already. The bounce animation of the targets make it even worse. It's so distracting it hurts.

The second thing are the new pop sounds (or sound rather). Every freaking time a new wrack or can is generated this metallic "KA-KLANG!" sound is being played. This gets uber annoying when running exploration / missions where something pops every freaking 20 seconds. And it is so loud! What was wrong with the bassy nice KA-BOOOOOSH! sound of the popping targets (I know it's still there, only the new jingle is so loud you almost don't hear it anymore)? Get rid of the freakish jingle or make it like half as loud CCP. Damn... The new sounds (jingles) are more of a miss. Don't like.

I just tryed to play the score L4 in a Kronos, had to give it up, the new targeting system + camera system made it almost impossible to play, so no more missions for me, unless the remove that f.... ****. The new bounty system where you can put bounty on whoever you want sucks too, but at least it dont mess up the gameplay, i almost stoppet playing when the last updat with the fucket up inventory came, and it is still fucket up, still hate it, but now im afraid it have become a little to much, so im just gona mine for a while to see if this new **** get fixet, if not, then i think ill stop play this time.
Syri Taneka
#618 - 2012-12-05 17:03:27 UTC
Tangsu wrote:

From Crime and Punishment:
1) Get corp level bounty. Be in the same corp. Aggress each other. Gank things. Get bounty when concord kills you. The criminals profit, and you lose.
2) Gankers in same fleet aggress each other, gank your freighter. Concord ganks them. They get the freighter and the bounties on each other. The criminals profit, and you lose yet AGAIN.

This, at least, has a fairly simple fix: bounties not being paid out if Concord assisted in the kill. Abuseable in its own right, but not as bad as getting paid by someone else to suicide gank.
Commander A9
This Was The Way
Slightly Competent
#619 - 2012-12-05 17:06:53 UTC
Ribikoka wrote:
Spc One wrote:
What patch notes don't tell you:

EXPANSION ABOUT NERFS, Because Missiles were ok for 6 years now but now they're overpowered.

a.) PVE

1. All missile ships are now obsolete (very low range and decreased damage)
2. All Drone ships are now obsolete due to new AI (your drones get targeted as soon as you deploy them)
3. All ships that rely on drones for protection against frigates are obsolete
4. NPC's tracking disruptor now affects optimal range and falloff instead of just optimal range, which makes 800mm's minmatar ships obsolete in pve.
5. All npc complexes and ark missions are now insanely hard to do, you can't use drones
6. There are only few ships that can save you from mission if you loose all of your drones and get stuck (scrambled with npc agression).
7. New meta 9 - 14 drone modules are obsolete for pve, since ai will always shoot your drones.
8. If you use marauders or other ships for guristas missions you'll get perma jammed, there's nothing you can do since you can't use drones.

b). PVP
1. All Heavy Missile ships are now obsolete
2. Drake is worst battlecruiser for pvp
3. Hurricane got nerfed so it is kinda useless now
4. Tengu now sucks compared to other t-3's
5. Very hard to gank someone ratting in low sec or 0.0 with stealth bombers or frigate since npc's will switch targets

I playing with this game atleast +8 years. But this patch is terrible for drone ships and other ships which need drones.
The drones ship was crap in the last 4 years, when nerfed them (drone capacity/drone bandwith,hammerhead and other drone tracking nerfs)
Someone use Eos ? I cant saw an astarte at least 2 years ago in space.
The previous patch finally gave the drone damage upgrade modules, but CCP instantly nerfed the drones ship with this changes to hell where these ships never was before. They are crap now and useless and cant use them on missions.
So, this is an another ISK sink for everyone, while the CCP manipulate the plex and other prices.

+1 once more!

And I warned people about that open bounty the system the moment I saw it! Didn't get recruited into a corps? Ha! Bounty the whole corp! Didn't get into that alliance? Bounty on the alliance! Don't like a character's avatar? Bounty! Someone mouths off to you? Bounty! Bounty? Bounty!

Want to make the bounty system actually make sense? Why not limit it to those who get flagged after they rob you, or shoot you, or something like that?

Give me my jukebox back, for God's sake! I'm shutting off the music until you do! I'm at least glad the MP3s come with the game files.


-enable ships wobbling in hangar view (pre-Captains Quarters)

-add more missions (NPC fleet vs. NPC fleets that actually shoot)


Join Live Events!

Syri Taneka
#620 - 2012-12-05 17:12:47 UTC
CCP Explorer wrote:
So, as a dev who loves to hate the EVE Calculator (name dropping CCP karkur here to try and have this post be caught by her RSS filters; we have a special EVE Calculator relationship...):

The jukebox had no extra EVE-specific functionality and as detailed in the devblog by CCP t0rfifrans ( then we felt it was better handled by implementing location-aware soundscapes. The music is on and is distributed with the client and there are better players out there.

I feel the EVE Calculator in its current form should be removed, but I clearly see how it could be improved to have EVE-specific functionality. But is investing time and people in that work worth it to you, the players? Will it increase the players' experience in general beyond other things we could be implementing and improving?

The notepad is somewhere between the jukebox and the calculator, but I don't have strong opinions on it... Smile

The EVE Calendar clearly already has EVE-specific functionality and is a method for players to organise their work in ways that Outlook and Exchange can't (unless everyone in the corp/alliance had access to the same Exchange server).

The tool you don't mention is the EVE Browser. Should we invest time and people in upgrading that to the latest Chromium version, support HTML5 so you can stream YouTube videos, etc? Why would that be worth our time for you, the players? How would you want to prioritise it (above what and below what)?

Wouldn't allowing youtube streams through the EVE browser use server resources (since the browser is implemented inside the game rather than outside of it)?

The calculator could use some love. It's not nearly as robust as the Windows calculator, but since I can't play fullscreen and have the WinCalc up, I use the EVE Calc instead. Of course, what would be even more awesome would be integrating Calc into the game... = P

Same with the notepad; fullscreen and WinNotepad does not work, so use in game option...