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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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Mike Whiite
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#21 - 2012-11-27 11:23:47 UTC
if you want to go bounty hunting, join a Militia, Faction war will tech you the ins and out on hunting, the use and unuse of ships in certain situations.

and the fact you'll have a hard time tackling a pray with a Kronos, not to mention become the recieving end of the attack.

It's a common mistake, made by most of us.

If you want to go bounty hunting solo or in small groups, Gallente is you preered race, the Protheus is your ship.

But take it from everyone here start small learn the tricks of the trade, at the moment you can earn a decent isk with Faction war as well.
Kalim Dabo
Caldari State
#22 - 2012-11-27 13:08:18 UTC
Confirming that T1 frigates are not merely good ships, but in fact they are probably the best combat ships in the game. A well piloted T1 frig, with careful target selection, can handily destroy ships up to 100x their own value or more. They also allow you to take bigger risks and go after juicier targets without having to fear a devastating isk loss.

Oh, and ninja salvaging is the way to go for new players. It can teach you relevant skills while you earn isk, can break you of the passive carebear mentality, and can be fairly good isk, although a bit hit or miss in that regard.

Gallente Federation
#23 - 2012-11-28 09:13:12 UTC
TimezX Bworp wrote:
My goal is to get enough isk to buy big fat ships like cronos with good weapons so I can go bounty hunting. Cronos prolly is too expensive for bounty hunting but I don't know better

So we have a goal. Good deal. I take it you mean player bounties and not just bounties on NPC's. If it's NPC's, then I'd say mission running and ratting from the get go. That doesn't change much as you progress but the PvP version will prove a bit more ... shall we say diverse and challenging.

The changes coming up in a week will need to be seen by one and all before they can be properly assessed but bounty hunting should be a viable profession to learn and pursue.

It won't take that much to get into it and bigger will most probably *NOT* be better by a long shot for the bulk of your hunting.

As others have posted, there are a variety of income sources but once you have a goal, it's best to at least try and work with the tools of that chosen path to see if it actually breaks out to what you want to do. You will need some income to fund your efforts. How much? Well, that's up to the individual but bounty hunting should be one of the few things that is income from PvP vs more losses than gains. This means once you get into it, you should pretty much be able to fund yourself from your PvP vs depending on "other sources".

Early on; Income wise I'd go with ratting/mission running to fund your efforts. Using guns and tank against NPC's isn't the same as against players but you do get to shoot and get shot at - which at least should get you used to that part which other activities won't expose you to.

You won't be "locked into" a profession here. If you get into it and find it's too difficult or not what you like, you can change across to a different direction.
Lost Greybeard
Drunken Yordles
#24 - 2012-11-28 11:39:11 UTC
Dissenting opinion on ninja salvaging:

1- With the recent changes to how mission loot works (essentially more bounty isk, less physical loot as of... I wanna say six months ago) your income will likely be much, much less than a lot of older players are remembering.

2- If you're actually looting anything, you can be shot. Even if you don't, you may annoy the person running the mission, who probably doesn't care, but if he _does_ is going to be more skilled (SP-wise) and more experienced than you, know more about aggression mechanics than you, and have more buddies willing to, say, sacrifice a destroyer to suicide-ganking you. Which is technically probably a bigger isk loss for them than you, but them also losing some isk doesn't negate the fact that yours is gone.

3- Rather than ninjaing anything, if you talk in local in a high-sec mission hub, say you're new, and ask if anyone wants a salvage buddy, fairly often someone will let you tug along risk-free in exchange for giving them part of your loot or just to be nice. You don't have to be an arse to play the salvage-monkey role.

4- Your primary source of income as a rookie being a PvP activity against people that are better than you at PvP, even if only 1 in 20 will even care enough to make something of it... may not be the wisest decision in the world.

I'm not saying you 100% shouldn't do it, but if you do it make sure you actually enjoy it more than the other ways of getting isk, and always be polite. Getting added to watchlists with the note "wanker" and a yellow flashing background in the local menu isn't worth a couple million isk an hour. Relationships > isk.
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