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Updated 23/11/2012 - Thread Bumping Guidelines

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CCP Falcon
#1 - 2012-11-23 17:32:12 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Falcon
The following post details the rules for thread bumping in all sales and bazaar forums.

  1. A thread may be bumped once per day by the thread starter. Any more bumping gives that player a competitive advantage over others and cannot be allowed.

  2. "Friendly bumps" are not allowed and may lead to a forum warning.

  3. Carrying on a conversation on this fourms section is discouraged, answering someone's request for a GTC by saying "sent" still bumps your thread to the front of the queue and gives you an advantage, please use EVE mail or a personal convo if you wish to converse with a purchaser.

  4. Please use the Market Discussion forum section if you wish to have a conversation on any items.

  5. If someone ignores the forum rules they may receive a forum warning, two warnings and you will get a 14 day ban.

  6. Please report any player you consider breaking the forum rules by using the "report" function above all posts.

  7. Recently we have received a number of reports where someone bumps after initially posting the thread, please note the posting of a new thread does not constitute the bump for a day.

  8. Users are able to post a new thread and bump it ONCE per day.

  9. People that try and circumvent this by creating more than one thread will be liable for a warning.

Please note:

  • Starting a topic at 23:58 then bumping the topic at 23:59 AND at 00:01 are all allowed.

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