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AOC Null Sec Corp Recruiting Pilots!

Myles Matheson
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1 - 2012-10-19 09:33:49 UTC
Apex Overplayed Coalition (AOC.)

Who We Are
Apex Overplayed Coalition (AOC.) is a multinational null sec (0.0) PVP Corporation. We are a group of friendly, easy-going and mature individuals who value honor, fair play, good sportsmanship and fun. As a corporation, we emphasize loyalty, openness and honesty. We have a family atmosphere.

We are committed, from top-to-bottom, to ensure that we are a corporation that achieves our goals, the right way, with the right people, to ensure mutual enjoyment of the game. We support having a good balance with real life responsibilities.

Our Goals
Our long-term goal in EvE is to build our empire in the unsecured regions of space. We plan to continue to be a competitive force militarily and economically with or against other corporations in EvE.

Our short-term goal, is to grow the corporation in US / AU / EU time zones. We are building redundant, deep leadership, and provide focus for individual play styles. This approach will provide plenty of leadership opportunities as we grow.

What We Can Do For You

We are always looking for players - new or old - looking to contribute in these areas:
* PVP – small or large gang experience welcome
* Fittings advice
* Combat training
* FC experience or the will to learn
*Isk Independence

Are you looking for a corporation where you can have fun & learn all the ins and outs of Eve in a friendly and trusting environment? Do you want to join a corporation where ops is a regular occurrence?

We also provide:
* Specialty Warfare
* Corporation sponsored programs

What ever you want to do in EvE, we can help you get there.

What You Need To Join
In order to join our corporation, we need you to:
* Have a mature, friendly attitude & willing to train / fly ships needed for ops
* Be friendly, helpful and tolerant
* Be a team player
* Preferably be an English speaker skilled to Level 3– TS3 Required with a working mic / headset

There are skill points minimums – depending on pilot type - we do not consider Trial Accounts.
We require API key for a background check
Voice interview with the recruiter required.

For more info contact: visit our web site Or join our public channel "aoc public" to get to know the corp. members better.
Three Major Spies
Good Day to You Sir
#2 - 2012-10-19 15:39:18 UTC
bumpy bump
Leon Hiro
#3 - 2012-10-19 16:45:18 UTC
Curgan Jamaharon
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#4 - 2012-10-19 17:33:39 UTC
Look! It's a bird? It's a spaceship?

No, it's bumpman!
Barber John
#5 - 2012-10-19 20:42:50 UTC

Myles Matheson
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#6 - 2012-10-22 23:11:44 UTC
We are still looking for pilots !!


EU TZ too!

Myles Matheson
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#7 - 2012-10-29 21:52:36 UTC
We are still looking for experienced pilots!

What do you like to fly ?

We have a variety of fleet comps - come talk to us!
Ralph Makaev
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#8 - 2012-10-30 15:19:06 UTC
am currently seeking an alliance that operates in nullsec .
just looking for a corp that is heavy on the european tz .

this is my one and only acc and this is the only char i play (pvp/missioning oriented trainined), working on getting a stable situation for a secnd account.

contact me ingame and let me know if you are still recruiting

Amarr Empire
#9 - 2012-11-02 16:55:03 UTC
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#10 - 2012-11-03 19:41:35 UTC
Very nice Corp who is teaching you everything about nullsec and PVP.

When I joined they took very much time to introduce me to pvp and Alliance warfare etc.

The roams that are held are also very cool not only due to the cool FC´s It´s a very familiar atmosphere were you feel welcome.

It is the bewst corp I´ve been in in my Eve carreer and I´ve nerver met such funny guys before in eve.
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#11 - 2012-11-04 10:24:40 UTC
Great crew to be a part off, a sense of humour is a must :P one of the best, funniest crews in eve i have been a part off Twisted
LtCol RTButts
Abandon AII Hope
#12 - 2012-11-08 09:46:23 UTC
Somebody saw my spaceship ?
Ministry of Furious Retribution
#13 - 2012-12-10 19:41:25 UTC
Top Quality Corp with top quality people!!