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Cyno Diverter - Jump Bridge / cyno counter

#1 - 2012-10-31 06:56:12 UTC
Similar to warp bubbles pulling ships out of warp a module that pulls anyone (friend or foe) who jumps into system via jump bridge or cyno to the closest one of these in system. It can be detected by d-scan but does not appear on overview until something jumps to it then it becomes warpable by anyone in system.

Activation time: 300 seconds
fuel consumed: 100 units Liquid Ozone per cycle (may need balancing)
disables warp and regular movment for duration
takes one high slot
can only activate one cyno/cyno diverter module per ship can't use both at same time.
can only be fit to stealth ships (black ops, recons, cov ops, stealth bombers)

I'm thinking this sort of module would go best with covert ops types ships like recons so it would be limited to only being able to fit on them. Or you could add another stat that determines what range it is able to redirect cyno's from and have non-covert ships range be within d-scan range while covert ships can pull anything in system.

I was also thinking of using this to try and give the black ops a greater use by applying large bonuses to them using it. I figure decreasing activation time by 90% and fuel consumed by 90-98% depending on black ops skill would give them another potential use.

- Catching poorly protected jump freighters moving stuff.
- Setting up a camp on a jump bridge without sitting at their pos
- Pulling enemy capitals jumping into system into your deathstars range.
- Trying to sneak a fleet into system
- More as people come up with them.

The counter to your enemy using one of these would be to bring one of your own and stick it closer to where you actually want to cyno to. While needing to pilots to pull off a safe cyno

The risk of using these is not getting anything and waisting fuel, pulling in something bigger than you can handle and the fact a ship is stuck on field unable to move for 5 minutes when they try this.
Amarr Empire
#2 - 2012-10-31 06:59:06 UTC
so.... what you want is EZ mode jumpbridge camping.....