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What should I do when I spot RMT (Real Money Trading)

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ISD Athechu
ISD Alliance
#1 - 2012-10-22 02:40:05 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Athechu
Hello Capsuleers!

So just to inform everyone here about Real Money Trading

Topics like this:

RMT Topic Subject wrote:
EVE 1000 Mil ISK=$12.99

Is what we call RMT or Real Money Trade. This form of buying ISK is NOT allowed at all in any way. You cannot buy ISK for real life money.

ISK buying and selling is against the EULA. Such ISK is confiscated (Typically double the amount is taken away so you can be in the negative) by the GMs and your account may be banned or suspended for being involved in it. Help keep the game balanced by reporting anyone eve-mailing or convoing you to buy ISK for real cash. No matter what website you see or go to no matter how "legal" they say it is. Buying ISK for Real life cash is RMT and a violation of the EULA.

This also means that you cannot buy a PLEX with ISK and then sell it for real life cash. This is also another form of RMT which is not allowed. You can buy a PLEX with Real life cash and then turn it into ISK but not the other way around.

Just as a note when you buy a PLEX you are buying game time in physical form. So when you sell it you are selling game time in physical form.*

Here are some steps that you can do to help combat RMT:

1) If an ISD:STAR member is online ( you can find us in the Help or Rookie Help channels typically ) you can send a mail to us or convo us and ask what to do if you are unsure if it's RMT or not. If you see it on the forums just flag it and someone from ISD:CCL will look at it and make a determination about it.

2) Use the Flag Button on the forums to report the thread if it's on the forums and send an email to to let the GMs know about it if you see it has been up for awhile.

3) If you are finding them in-game please right click on their name and report as ISK Spammer. This will generate a notification to the GM Team and they will take it from there.

4) When in doubt about something and you can't find someone to ask (in private) file a petition (or send an email to the address in 2) and let the GMs handle it. For quickest response times please file under F12 > Help > Rules & Policies > EULA Violation & Terms of Service.

CCP Sreegs posted a DevBlog about this on 2012.04.03:
Here is the CCP EVE Security Video from Fanfest 2012:

I will just quote the tl;dr version.

CCP Sreegs wrote:
So, the tl;dr of this is:

  • We're going to take all your stuff if you cheat
  • Buy PLEX, don't be a space butt
  • We're keeping an eye on all sorts of fun places to pull numbers and graphs from and we'll provide them in a separate blog
  • We love you if you don't cheat

If you have any questions about this feel free to file a petition and ask the GMs or ask a ISD:STAR member in the Help Channel/Rookie Help Channel in-game.

If this did happen to you the only real choices (that I can see) you have is to buy some PLEX and use an alt (one of your 3 open slots) and sell them and then right click > Give Money to your main character. You can biomass your character and start all over or you can grind all that isk back till you are back in the green. I leave the choice up to you.

* I'm not going to have the PLEX is RMT debate so please don't mail me about that because I will just ignore it.

ISD Athechu

STAR Executive

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CCP Falcon
#2 - 2012-10-30 09:39:11 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Falcon
Hello New Capsuleers Big smile

We have had several instances over the last few days where threads have been appearing advertising the sale of in game currency for real life money.

I would like to remind all new pilots that RMT (Real Money Trading) is a breach of section 6.b of the EVE Online EULA and can result in players landing themselves in a spot of trouble.

More often than not, these ISK sellers are also linked to account hacking rings who pose a serious risk to the security of your EVE Online account.

We value our new players immensely, and would hate to see any of our pilots fall foul of these advertisements due to being unaware of the risk.

We are working to resolve the issue and are removing threads as they crop up, so please take care in the meantime and have fun in EVE!

CCP Falcon || EVE Universe Community Manager || @CCP_Falcon

Happy Birthday To FAWLTY7! <3