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Instant warp

Nalelmir Mahyisti
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2012-09-25 23:37:05 UTC  |  Edited by: Nalelmir Mahyisti
This is an issue that has got to be fixed.

Click Align to and immediately after click the jump button 3 times, not 2 not 4 just 3. Your speed bar will instantly fill to 3/4 your max speed .

People in FW have known about this and have been using this to escape camps for weeks now.

This will warp you the instant you come out of cloak in almost any ship but you won't jump through the gate afterward. Also if your ship is not fast enough to completely align before you warp (because you will warp instantly) you will be warping sideways.

This is a serious exploit that needs to be fixed. The details on how to do it may get edited out by a mod but I want this spread around the universe, make it such a big deal the devs have to address it immediately.
seth Hendar
I love you miners
#2 - 2012-10-16 15:09:10 UTC  |  Edited by: seth Hendar
i would not be surprised that this issue being related to two other ones me and several (almost all in fact) corpmembers are encountering more and more often.

1- target are able to warp even when scrambled

first we noticed that more and more ppl were able to get throught our camps, wich at first seems strange, but we initialy thought they were getting smarter, using wcs.

but one day, as i was going throught a camp in armor rifter, i got caught by a frig gang, including stiletto.
indeed, i was not even mid aligned that the stilleto had me pointed, orbiting like crazy at range, and here is where the magic happened, my ship kept warping and i gtfo.
i was happy, but this shall have not happened (i did not used the trick you are describing), since i was not stabbed.

during the same week and since, more and more ships, mainly firgs / shuttle are able to warp when the shall not.

a frig warped out when pointed, get caught on the other gate by smartbombs and killmail showed no warp core stab.

a shuttle managed to do the same

several frigs were able to warp out when pointed by heavy ditcors (lowsec setup with focused scipt)

2- unable to warp even when aligned and not pointed

this one doesn't occur very often, but is very annoying

it happens, that sometimes, your ship will take ages to warp while you are fully aligned to the destination

this costed us a stealth that was unable to warp out when it was not pointed (pod followed, closest ship was 50 kill, only tier 3 BCs on the ennemy fleet, engagement happened at a moon, no pos gun involved )

i managed to need 40sec to warp to the station from the sun while my cynabal was fully aligned (no prop indeed)

this two (i have not tried op's exploit yet so i cannot confirm) need to really be ixed because here we are talking about one of the most basic game mechanics, especially the first one wich seems to happen more often as time goes (now frig / shuttles are warping out 8 out of 10 times when pointed by heavy dictors).

one would ask to check connections, but this cannot be the cause because:

1- among all the ppl encoutnering the issues, we are all over the world (EU, Asia, US)
2- my own connection is optical fiber with 12MB/s down / 15 to 20 ms ping (i can provide link to a survey of my connection if needed)

please take look at those issues wich are big game breakers