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The Pirate Story Thread

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The Sagan Clan
#81 - 2011-10-06 13:40:33 UTC
Cannibal Kane wrote:
Warp to 0 with my little Vengeance I lovingly call Black Sunshine.

One spacebook Like for the White Zombie name, classic song Cool

Warnings about jetcan mining really should appear somewhere in the tutorial missions, although that would harm this thread I suppose Pirate

"Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom."

Xuse Senna
Mind Games.
Suddenly Spaceships.
#82 - 2011-10-06 14:47:57 UTC
Cool Story Bro ^^

Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#83 - 2011-10-07 08:44:11 UTC

[04:39:38] Victim ; what the hell is your problem?
[04:40:10] Victim i am new...and trying to mine
[04:40:34] Victim why you attacking me?
[04:40:37] Me ; cuz i can
[04:41:18] Victim make you feel good to pick on a noob?
[04:41:35] Victim or is that all you can do?
[04:42:09] Me its easy isks
[04:42:21] Me killing nobbs-looting them
[04:42:37] Victim so you pick on new are a hell of a player
[04:43:11] Me this is EVE
[04:43:14] Me ; relax
[04:43:20] Me; that is what ppl do here
[04:43:50] Victim ; i worked for 3 days to get what i had and now have nothoing...good should feel real good
[04:44:27] Victim ; pick on new people? thats pretty chicken chit
[04:45:36] Me
[04:45:41] Me watch it
[04:45:50] Victim why?
[04:46:05] Me this is official EVE guide for noobs
[04:46:49] Victim could care less what that the hell are people suppose to grow with asses like you
[04:48:05] Me ; u can leave EVE
[04:48:10] Me ; or watch that video
[04:50:35] Victim ; guess i will be leaving eve i rreally liked it till you did that for no reason
[04:50:39] Me ; whatever u use
[04:51:54] Victim ; this was a waste of 40 bucks...thanks ; )
[04:52:12] Me ; np)
[04:52:20] Victim ; fkn ass
[04:52:34] Me ; yeah, i am
[04:52:47] Victim ; i can tell
[04:53:33] Me ; all russians are EVIL
[04:53:56] Victim ; not suprised...pussys who pick on smaller players cuz they dont have the balls for anything else


Can baiting rookie players
Sent: 2011.05.20 13:08
To: Zuzon,

This is an official warning for attempting to trick new players into situations where you can destroy their ship. Doing this is not allowed. Please cease all such activity or face further repercussions.
Rhianna Ghost
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#84 - 2011-10-07 11:05:00 UTC
Zuzon wrote:

Can baiting rookie players
Sent: 2011.05.20 13:08
To: Zuzon,

This is an official warning for attempting to trick new players into situations where you can destroy their ship. Doing this is not allowed. Please cease all such activity or face further repercussions.

Does anyone know, how long a player is new in this regard?
Xuse Senna
Mind Games.
Suddenly Spaceships.
#85 - 2011-10-07 11:23:41 UTC
:S But how else can we teach n00bs what Eve Really is.....?

Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#86 - 2011-10-08 04:09:44 UTC  |  Edited by: SC0T1SH WARRIOR
tl;dr:- me and a fellow dastardly fellow stole stuff from 3 people running a mission. Rupture redbox'd my little rifter and i warped off in preperation, while i was away they offered to forget the whole thing if i came back and helped them run the mission.

so i obliged.

[01:39:19] Me > (buddy), you come?
[01:39:30] Buddy > i dont trust them
[01:39:35] Me > try?
[01:39:36] Victims Corpmate 1 > why not?
[01:39:37] Buddy> i almost lost my ship
[01:39:49] Me > ok, i will come, if i get shot, (Buddy) will come, yes?
[01:39:51] Victims Corpmate 1 > you are the one who jumped in to our mission and scanned us down then ganked our loot
[01:39:54] Buddy > no
[01:40:05] Me > omw to mission
[01:40:06] Victims Corpmate 1 > we are offering a way to make peace and make every one happy
[01:40:30] Victims Corpmate 1 > leave your fleet so we can add you guys to ours
[01:40:32] Me > warping
[01:40:49] Me > we have 2 others in our fleet coming to xxx, cant leave just now, just no shooting k?
[01:41:16] Victims Corpmate 1 > yeah no prob
[01:41:18] Victim> ok
[01:41:21] Me > ah!
[01:41:26] Me > no one is in mission
[01:41:26] Victim > srry
[01:41:28] Victims Corpmate 1 > we are fair...
[01:41:32] Victim> were comin
[01:41:49] Victims Corpmate 1 > it was just kinda rude to steal right in front of us as we were tanking it all and doing the work.. ;oP
[01:42:10] Victims Corpmate 1 > ok im there
[01:42:11] Victim > were here
[01:42:19] Victims Corpmate 1 > and have the agro

(at this point i warp into mission in a loki, expecting a mael, Rupture and cane waiting on me, but all i got was one rupture red and the others just running the mission, so i knew it was a trap so i went guns blazing)

[01:43:03] Victim > stop plz
[01:43:09] Victim > give u money
[01:43:17] Buddy > dont kill him scot your mean
[01:43:55] Victims Corpmate 1 > typical
[01:43:57] Victims Corpmate 1 > lol
[01:44:14] Victims Corpmate 1 > Want me to go grab my big booms on my main from 2005?
[01:44:24] Victims Corpmate 1 > can play the same game if you like
[01:46:01] Victim > *******
[01:46:10] Victim > lil bitches commin in here and messinh with noobs
[01:46:17] Victim > get in to nulsec
[01:46:22] Buddy > i didntshoot
[01:46:25] Buddy > dont hate me
[01:46:26] VVictims Corpmate 1 > oh wait.. cant handle the real deal

(I am pretty sure i seen the guy pull the trigger)

[01:46:31] Me > you shot me!!
[01:46:38] Me > i defend myself, not even funny

[01:46:39] Victim > u shot me first u assf***
[01:47:05] Victim > u shot me
[01:47:15] Buddy > i came back to help :9
[01:47:18] Me > i took stuff, and you said you wouldnt shoot. then you shot me.
[01:47:31] Victim > I DIDNT SHOT U U MOTHERF*****
[01:47:51] Victims Corpmate 1 > (Victim) calm down man

(thanks for that btw)

[01:48:34] Victims Corpmate 1 > dude you tried to ransom Loop?
[01:48:37] Victims Corpmate 1 > for 50 mil?
[01:48:42] Victim > no he DID!
[01:48:42] Me > if you say you will need help, please dont shoot me next time!
[01:48:51] Victim > I DIDNT U DUMBASS
[01:48:54] Me > not nice, i tried to be nice..

(i think at this point, even he himself thought he shot me first)

[01:49:09] Victim > if i did i didnt know i mean ure ships in my f**** lock on
[01:49:15] Victim > i didnt know
[01:49:35] Victim > not to mention it said u locked on my also why would u have a warp scrambler
[01:49:59] Me > because you said you would scramble.

(he didnt, but earlier while i was stealing, he said he did)
[01:50:10] Victim > I WAS LYING U C***
[01:50:17] Victim > i was tryin to make u leave
[01:50:20] Me > i just be careful i said i not trust, i was there first i said no one there, and then you came in and shot
[01:50:33] Me > i didnt know you were a liar too, i was honest
[01:50:35] Me > for shame
[01:50:50] Victim > dude u warped after me u idiot
[01:51:04] Victims Corpmate 1 > (victim) you need to chill with the swearing
[01:51:09] Victim > NO
[01:51:18] Victim > HES BEING A LITTLE F***** A** B****

(really captured the moment with this one)

[01:51:18] Me > wait, i screenshotted it
[01:51:32] Me >
[01:51:41] Victim > oh f**** u

(A lot more randoms in channel, and some more rage later)

[01:54:49] Victim > i know i didnt do notin cause he said ure tears are deliciuos
[01:59:43] VictimsCorpmate 1 > screw this im gettin off
[01:59:50] Victims Corpmate 2 > Sorry bout local guys... (Victim) is young and emotional at times...
[02:00:03] Victims Corpmate 2 > BAd (Victim)... No doughnuts for you
[02:00:30] Victims Corpmate 3 > He'll learn

Dont mind me,  just touching your stuff.

Xuse Senna
Mind Games.
Suddenly Spaceships.
#87 - 2011-10-08 08:19:27 UTC
Cool Story Bro ^^

Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#88 - 2011-10-12 07:37:50 UTC  |  Edited by: freebree
Infiltrated the corp with a spy.
Lured "VICTIM" out in his Orca to mine and blasted him to bits.
Told him that we buy him a new one as long as he feeds us intelligence reports. (just for fun, we already had all the intel we ever needed.)


From: ***********
Sent: 2011.03.27 23:38
To: "Target Corp"

Dear "Target Corp",

my condolences to you all in our time of mourning, as "VICTIM" departs from "Target Corp" we are at the end of an era. We all loved him and in the end he was more than just a corpmate, he was the super troll.
But as much as we all liked laughing at jaz's ridiculous setups and terrible spelling, unfortunately he was caught in the act of giving intel to the enemy during our war....

VICTIM: well ther geting a ravin now are tank
VICTIM: "Hostile target1" is
co-worker: a raven? where?
VICTIM: i no he cant tank
VICTIM: not sher yet
co-worker: nice, but where is he?
VICTIM: finding out
VICTIM: tering t see i think is on his way to us
VICTIM: i stell have to ack like i am tring to kill you thow
VICTIM: do you all like pvp
VICTIM: thay have a vet sever i dont no the pass to
VICTIM: its all going down Kulelen Solar System ther
VICTIM: ther on ther way now
VICTIM: thay have a fleet up and going
freebree: mkey
VICTIM: 8 in fleet
co-worker: nice stuff m8
VICTIM: i just hope u are true about the isk
co-worker: bring out a big and expensive ship tho, when it starts.. so they will belive you do anything to help the corp
VICTIM: i need it
co-worker: ofcourse.. isk will your, if it turnsd out you are speaking the truth
VICTIM: i am gone be al a 300 mill isk ship
VICTIM: "Hostile target2" hes the big pvp head of the corp

So once we found out about this we waited to teach poor "VICTIM" a lesson but the WT's got to him first. Lets just say he was not too pleased.....

co-worker: lol he is dieing fast
Hostile target2: lol jokes
Hostile target2: pod him too!
co-worker: we did
co-worker: lalw
Hostile target2: hahaha
Hostile target2: oh man that is priceless

VICTIM: ther on the way
VICTIM: you so lie
freebree: never trust a war target. right?
co-worker: yep
VICTIM: you on what
VICTIM: you reay just **** up
VICTIM: i hop you no
VICTIM: you eill be get wd by my buddys
freebree: ^^
VICTIM: you think your al that in a bag of chips
VICTIM: well this is the one that will kill you fast you think whT YOU JUST DID IS GOOD YOU WILL SEE Baroness Raven HIS CORP
co-worker: oh the sweet rage
co-worker: so after all this.. lets WD VICTIM's new corp together?

After the WT's blew up his drake VICTIM: proceeded to get himself a new raven to wreak his revenge on those basterds..... little did he know that the fleet members who he had tried grassing up were waiting for him to finish building that ship and were not too pleased.....

VICTIM: bell shait
VICTIM: **** you all

So people there you have it! Our one and only Titan Mining pilot has been sent back to the lonely ranks of the scope to become the prey of some other group of unsuspecting capsuleers!

Fly safe o/
Angry Onions
Fast Eddy's X-ploding Diner
#89 - 2011-10-12 14:56:26 UTC
Ok so, a buddy and I decide to go suicide ganking in gall space to get goon-iskies (best iskies!). This is where **** gets awesome, we suicide gank the guy, and he rages for at least an hour and a half (ok, maybe just an hour), he gets so pissed off he gives me and my buddy all his stuff, 122M isk, a charon, and a fuckton of blueprints.
Here's the chat log (not all of it cause its an hour long rage)

Victim > wtf
Me > oh hai
Victim > ******* assclowns
Victim > get a life
Me > wololol
Me > Taki Chan paid use 400M to do it
--He didn't really pay me to do ****, its just fun to blame random people--
Victim > why dont you use your energy on your failed 0.0 campaign
Me> Angry Onions > bahahahaha
Random #1 > it failed
Victim > oh thats right you cant pvp so you gank
Me > making pissants cry is too much fun
Victim > oh im not crying
Me > sounds like it
Victim > im stating the fact on how much of a low life *** you are
Me > you wanna try to sort this out on TS?
Me > says the shithole who pays to point a laser at a rock
Random#2 > woah, someone is rageing
Me > hes mad bro
Victim > not even mad
Victim > and i dont pay
Random#2 > ooo if you quit, can i have your stuff?
Me > what, your mom pay for your subscription?
Victim > why because some *** can suicide a 200mil ship with 2 pissants ships?
Victim > dont even care
Me > sounds like ya care
Me > i think deep down, you care
Random#3 > >.>
Victim > deep down im slightlly annoyed because its almost plex time of the month
Accomplice > Taki, you didnt say this guy was so fun
Victim > but honestly? fags like you arent even worth it
Me > wololololol
Me > ya know, i was thinking about buying another one if you were gonna be a good sport about it, but your being a raging hemmoroid, so no isk for you
Victim > yeah you are full of it
Me > meh
Victim > and who cares how i play the game
Me > i sure dont
Victim > maybe i enjoy mining and manufacturing
Me > thats your deal
Random#3 > They're just trolling you Orangj...
Victim > and if eve is going to have mechanics that allow 2x 4mil isk ships to take out a 200mil before concord can come
Victim > thats just how it is
Me > i enjoy making people like you cry over pixels
Victim > oh i know
Accomplice > 1.2 mill
Victim > they are useless 0.0 homos with nothing better to do
Victim > go suck some goon **** more
Me > bahahahahaha
Random#2 > oh so you think your hulk should be safe anyplace?
Random#2 > they are doing you a favor, mining is so boring...they are trying to teach you pvp
Me > your funny when your mad, you know that?
Victim > i have a pvp account to pvp
Dante Nibiru > oh, u gunna get them with your main?
Me > doubt it
Victim > you mad you mad? omg what are you faggots from 4chan or something?
Victim > say something original
Victim > i dare you
Random#2 > you look very smart using that word by the way
Me > such as "your funny when your mad, you know that?" your the derptard that thought i was 4channing
Victim> you were saying someone paid you to do it?
Me > lol yup
Victim > why?
Me > idunno
Accomplice > we dont ask... we suck e-peen remember?
Random#2 > ill pay them to do it again, 25 mill?
Me > they paid me isk to shoot ya, so i shot ya and now i have more isk
Victim > meh whatever, i dont need to mine ot make money
Me> then why did you shift into rage mode?
Victim > meh im all sick and on cold meds
Me > no need to be cranky =[
Victim > mining is for the peons, **** i just use it to suppliment my manu
Me > meh
Victim > but really dont need to, its just sorta nice to make money while watching a movie or something but meh
Victim > is it hulkageddon already or something?
Me > no
Me > just random acts of dickkery
Random#2> i love how they get mad, then act like it isnt a loss and they dont care
Victim> i just think its an unfair mechanic tbh
Random#2 > its funny how predictable they are
Me > how is it unfair?
Victim > such few cheap ships can take out something so large
Victim > just the cost equivilant
Accomplice > shouldi link my frigate v cruiser kills?
Victim> should i care?
Accomplice > its eve, nothing is safe, everything is fair game
Accomplice > mining ships are coveted for their potential to bring wealth... but are also very weak
Random#2 > ^
Victim > yeah the thing is
Accomplice > one cannot assume simply because it is expensive it should be hard to kill
Victim > with the ammoun t of people around doing what you do
Victim > its nearly impossible to make a profit before you are suicided again
Random#2 > tank your hulk?
Victim > it was
Random#2 > mine in out of the way systems
Victim > did you not see the KM?
Random#2> etc
Random#2 > no i am just a random guy that was passing thru
Victim > ah
Accomplice > has it ever occured to you, the people that pay out the big isk are people around you? everyone is getting a leg up on competition... like dune. He who can control the isk, and can control pilots through such isk, can control the market
Accomplice> DevilsPlayThing > Chribba and others are behind the majority of the anon payouts to such things as hulkagedden
Victim > meh they are also fatneckbeards
Victim > not everyone has the time and no life to play like them
Accomplice > but
Accomplice > they are succeeding
Victim > ...
Victim > in eve
Victim > pretend spaceships
Accomplice > werent we talking about eve?
Victim > this is eve
Accomplice > *sigh*

This is only the first 20 minutes or so of the local chat, it really just degraded into being a bumbling idiot, but he did give me 122M, a Charon, and stole a lot of the bp's from his corp and gave them to us. Twas a goodnight.


Alice Saki
Nocturnal Romance
Cynosural Field Theory.
#90 - 2011-10-12 15:24:30 UTC
Cool Story Bro, Fancy Sending the rest Via EveMail, I like reading this stuff during work :D

FREEZE! Drop the LIKES AND WALK AWAY! - Currenly rebuilding gaming machine, I will Return.

Angry Onions
Fast Eddy's X-ploding Diner
#91 - 2011-10-12 15:30:22 UTC
The entire 1 hour or so is too large for evemail, but evemail me your e-mail and ill send it to that :)


Tauren Tom
Order of the Silver Dragons
Silver Dragonz
#92 - 2011-10-12 18:42:25 UTC
Rhianna Ghost wrote:
Zuzon wrote:

Can baiting rookie players
Sent: 2011.05.20 13:08
To: Zuzon,

This is an official warning for attempting to trick new players into situations where you can destroy their ship. Doing this is not allowed. Please cease all such activity or face further repercussions.

Does anyone know, how long a player is new in this regard?

I've been told in the past that baiting in .7 and up security systems was a banable offense as any toon in these security levels is considered a "new toon". I'll have to see if I have one of the old petitions from back in '09 where I used to fear the GM's >.>
In the grand scheme of things... You're all pubbies. So HTFU.   "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses." - Elwood Blues
Rhianna Ghost
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#93 - 2011-10-12 20:16:42 UTC
Tauren Tom wrote:
Rhianna Ghost wrote:

Does anyone know, how long a player is new in this regard?

I've been told in the past that baiting in .7 and up security systems was a banable offense as any toon in these security levels is considered a "new toon". I'll have to see if I have one of the old petitions from back in '09 where I used to fear the GM's >.>

Makes totally sense, as no one who has a bit of experience would mine pyrox in such a system, because... What was the reason again?
Dorn Val
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#94 - 2011-10-13 08:59:52 UTC
Tallianna Avenkarde wrote:
Happened a lil while ago :)
Maxx is my alt BTW

[ 2008.07.28 15:13:48 ] Maxx Avenkarde > keep mining
[ 2008.07.28 15:14:28 ] Maxx Avenkarde > only jaspet
[ 2008.07.28 15:14:36 ] Maxx Avenkarde > i see veldsper you see lead
[ 2008.07.28 15:14:46 ] Victim > no'
[ 2008.07.28 15:14:54 ] Victim > its jaspet
[ 2008.07.28 15:15:01 ] Victim > u need veldspar&
[ 2008.07.28 15:15:12 ] Maxx Avenkarde > no we want jaspet
[ 2008.07.28 15:15:40 ] Victim > i mine jaspet

Didn't make much, made him fill one can, but as he was only a few days old at the time I didn't think I would make much isk from a ransom.

Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!


Sandbox: An enclosed area filled with sand for children engaged in open-ended, unstructured, imaginative play. Also a place for cats to urinate and defecate...

Naran Eto
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#95 - 2011-10-13 10:01:18 UTC
Rhianna Ghost wrote:
Zuzon wrote:

Can baiting rookie players
Sent: 2011.05.20 13:08
To: Zuzon,

This is an official warning for attempting to trick new players into situations where you can destroy their ship. Doing this is not allowed. Please cease all such activity or face further repercussions.

Does anyone know, how long a player is new in this regard?

It's not based on time, it's based on location. Basically any system where a new player starts the game and any system that involves any of the new player tutorial missions are classed as new palyer systems and it is against the rules to caan bait etc thefre.
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#96 - 2011-10-15 20:57:49 UTC
Last month I was out griefing some missioners. I'm strolling around in my Wolf and see a two to three month old toon in a Scorpion Navy Issue. I wasn't about to pass that up. Took thirty minutes to an hour tailing the guy through systems and probing him down, bumping him, harrassing him. But finally he opened fire on me while in an empty room in his mission:

Now for the real reason for posting. Yesterday I was out tracking down some war targets on the edge of Empire Space. While en route I cross jumped a war target who I had not seen undock in half a week (since the war started). I turned myself around and caught the target Auto Piloting in a Thorax two systems later. Boy was I shocked when I got the Kill Mail for it (a neut alt got to the wreck before I did):

Londor Rogers
Public Menace
#97 - 2011-10-16 04:28:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Londor Rogers
Well one lonely evening I was out roaming in an incurses. I noticed a gang of 2 thrashers and a executioner. Me being relatively new to pvp I went in looking for a fight but was to late the gang jumped into highsec and sat on the gate. So I dropped a can to see if anyone would take in and after a few minutes I jumped back into low to continue roaming. Well after a while and no fights I headed back home. I gated back to highsec and low and behold a the guy in the executioner had taken from my can. I engaged and popped him pretty easy. Executioner

Dude kept coming back in a noob ship and engaging me. Noob Ship Noob Ship Noob Ship

Thats when the fun began.

Andrali > give me my stuff or my scorp buddy will hunt you down
Andrali > and give him 5 mil
Londor Rogers > u started the fight its not my fault you lost
Londor Rogers > and lol
Londor Rogers > about your friend
Andrali > i dint know you wanted to fight me
Londor Rogers > you were red to me
Andrali > you are red to me and he is in my corp
Londor Rogers > doesnt matter im only red to you because i killed you
Londor Rogers > after you attacked me
Andrali > so
Andrali > so
Londor Rogers > your corp cant engage me
Andrali > you shot first
Londor Rogers > without getting concorded
Londor Rogers > you took from my can
Andrali > i have kill rights
Londor Rogers > yes you do
Londor Rogers > but just you not your corp
Andrali > and he has a ton of heavy missiles
Londor Rogers > heavy missiles wont hit me
Londor Rogers > but you can tell him to come try Noob Ship

Andrali > i have
Andrali > he killed a couple of frigs with them
Londor Rogers > well its possible
Andrali > just give me the isk and he wont attack you and waste his time
Londor Rogers > sorry you were a fair kill
Londor Rogers > dont take from peoples containers
Londor Rogers > unless you want a fight
Andrali > some times people dont care if you take thier stuff
Londor Rogers > I guess but it gives them temporary kill rights
Londor Rogers > and then you die
Andrali > i also have a harbinger
Londor Rogers > ok then you should bring that if you think you can take me
Andrali > id rather not waste my time
Londor Rogers > yeah because i would kill it
Andrali > oh no you wont
Londor Rogers > then bring it or i can come to you if ya like Noob Ship

Andrali > if you agress crazylady77 ill bring out my harbinger
Andrali > he dosent want to waste a smartbomb
Andrali > your ship is not worth that
Londor Rogers > lol
Londor Rogers > he would get concorded
Andrali > he has agression on you
Andrali > he knows it as a fact
Londor Rogers > ok
Londor Rogers > then have him come or stop wasting my time
Andrali > he is on his way Noob Ship

Londor Rogers > so what is your friend flying anyway
Andrali > i told you a scorp
Londor Rogers > ahh cool
Londor Rogers > he gonna be here soon
Andrali > yep
Londor Rogers > yay go little drone Noob Ship

Londor Rogers > woohoo my little drone got its first solo kill
Andrali > dont mess with my corp
Londor Rogers > ok
Andrali > hes been a member for 6 years half his corps battle cruisers cant take him
Londor Rogers > nice
Andrali > and theres also my brother
Londor Rogers > so im getting tired of waiting
Andrali > hes been playing longer then my friend and has very rarely lost a ship and is a profesional pirtae
Londor Rogers > well i am a new character so it should be fun Noob Ship

Andrali > hes coming in a bit
Andrali > here he comes
Andrali > hes here < (His big bad buddy in the Scorpion)
Londor Rogers > ouch
crazylady77 > nothing i won that ship and earned isk insureance frod
Londor Rogers > well GF i guess fly safe
Londor Rogers > sorry bro better luck next time.

Jessie Isagar
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#98 - 2011-10-16 13:54:52 UTC
Loving this thread, keep em coming! Knew this game was worth checking out.
Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#99 - 2011-10-18 08:42:04 UTC
Im running a wardecc corp with a friend of mine Darkacolyte. We had just wardecced a german alliance.

It was sunday morning. Downtime was getting close and i was docked 9 jumps from Jita in a Cyclone while Dark was out in space in his rifter.

DT 10minutes: "I have a Ferox going down the pipe to JIta" Dark said. Oh gosh, a Ferox kill before DT, can i reach it? I undock and start traveling as fast as i can towards Jita.

DT 5 minutes: Dark engages him at the Jita gate in New Caldari, im still a few jumps out. Its clear that Dark cant hold the Ferox for long, he hurts too much.

DT 3 minutes, im in New Caldari, still have to warp to the Jita gate. I land at the gate as Dark's pod warps out. I guess this is a ohshit moment for the Ferox, as he still have agression and the gate wont let him trough. I lock him up and starts pounding him while i keep an eye on the countdown timer. Yes, Ferox is melting and i still have time to loot the wreck, right?

DT 1 min, im at the wreck, opening it while i jet my 800cap injectors. My head really cant process what im seeing :

Did we really kill this with 2 minutes left for downtime?

DT 20seconds, im at warp to station with enough loot to cover next wardecc and the war after that


I log back on after downtime, the mood is high, Dark is fitting a maelstrom in JIta. I decide that, despite just killing a Pinata Ferox and despite the fact im allready pretty wealthy, i wont spend 50k on the market buying new 800cap injectors.

Instead, i will go to the gate and see if my can is still there. And its there, i get them back to my cargo and then a lovely blinky red star appears on my overview. Is that right? a Caldari Navy raven? Really?

I engage and try to make enough sense on TS so that Dark understands he has to get over here in his half fitted maelstrom to help me kill this ship.

I tank the CNR pretty well, and when Dark jumps in, its a walk in the park. The CNR melts, and we hope that we just found another pinata. But this time it was just a lolfit

It had been a nice sunday morning. and makes the weeks with nothing exciting happening worth it.
Cannibal Kane
Amarr Empire
#100 - 2011-10-18 10:09:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Cannibal Kane
I think I met my fav War Target...

All I am going to say is this.

We caught him in an ORCA, he promptly ejects and gets his pod out of there. Free ORCA. Next day we catch him in a HULK, he promptly ejects and gets his pod out of there. Free HULK.

Now most will be thinking.... FREE isk. BAH... they look nicer on a Killboard.

Now I am hoping that we Catch him in a Faction Battle Ship. One must have his Dreams I guess.

"Kane is the End Boss of Highsec." -Psychotic Monk