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Out of Pod Experience

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What are you listening to today?

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Surfin's PlunderBunny
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#401 - 2012-10-08 22:34:42 UTC

"Little ginger moron" ~David Hasselhoff 

Want to see what Surf is training or how little isk Surf has?

#402 - 2012-10-09 03:38:06 UTC

TA on wis: "when we have a feature that is its own functional ecosystem of gameplay then hooks into the greater ecosystem of EVE as a whole, and it provides good replayability."

Hawk Rogers
Amarr Empire
#403 - 2012-10-09 22:40:10 UTC
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#404 - 2012-10-10 06:07:43 UTC

Agent of Chaos, Sower of Discord.

Don't talk to me unless you are IQ verified and certified with three references from non-family members. Please have your certificate of authenticity on hand.

Mars Theran
Foreign Interloper
#405 - 2012-10-10 06:30:45 UTC
Fans. Quiet, noisy, computer fans, and people in the basement partying, arguing, etc..
Something Random
Byddin Un
#406 - 2012-10-11 23:56:52 UTC  |  Edited by: Something Random
The Hypnotist

My fav

yeh retro...... again

But.... it was all good

"caught on fire a little bit, just a little."

"Delinquents, check, weirdos, check, hippies, check, pillheads, check, freaks, check, potheads, check .....gangs all here!"

I love Science, it gives me a Hadron.

ISD Dorrim Barstorlode
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#407 - 2012-10-12 03:26:39 UTC
Jonny Jack - Wide Open

Ran across this remix the other day while trying to find some music for running through w-space. Felt right to me. Enjoy!

ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

Senior Lead

Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)

Interstellar Services Department

Orbidon Galactic Industries
#408 - 2012-10-12 22:55:49 UTC
This is always in my play list when playing EVE
Tarryn Nightstorm
Hellstar Towing and Recovery
#409 - 2012-10-14 00:00:31 UTC  |  Edited by: Tarryn Nightstorm
More Exodus, baby...

Bay Area thrash, best thrash!

(I often think that this music is the only reason I've not submitted to the temptation of "helping evolution out a little," and thus avoiding a long prison-term. Because most people are just gratingly stupid, that's why...Roll)

Play extremely loud \m/ \m/!!!


Perhaps something a bit more melodic might more suit you?

If so, then IMHO, a little of the best hard-rock/heavy metal vocalist now living should do it:

Bruce Dickinson (solo), "The Dark Side of Aquarius"

(Play this louder.)

Star Wars: the Old Republic may not be EVE. But I'll take the sound of dual blaster-pistols over "NURVV CLAOKING NAOW!!!11oneone!!" any day of the week.

Albertica Bludgers' Union
#410 - 2012-10-14 21:37:02 UTC
Ishtanchuk Fazmarai wrote:
Packaging the last stuff after almost 4 years (minus 8 days), I look back at Eve aware that I'll be back to her sometime, but today no amount of memories or promises is enough to keep bearing with her kirks and bad habits, old and new. She swears that she may change in the future, that she's got a Plan... but then, I also have got a patience, and it's over.

I know you all will take care of yourselves and EVE will still be there for a long time. So just ask you to try to not break too many things while I'm away.

See you later, hasta luego, a reveure.

Amedeo Minghi - Ricordi del cuore (Edera)

This makes me haz a sad :(

No, seriously, it does:

I always hate to see some of the few genuinely interesting members of this community go, but...Yeah: You'll be back.

We always come back, because there's really nothing else like EVE out there (yet).


Mina Sebiestar
Minmatar Inner Space Conglomerate
#411 - 2012-10-15 04:41:22 UTC
Mr. Bungle - Ars moriendi

Oh boy...

You choke behind a smile a fake behind the fear

Because >>I is too hard

Samoth Egnoled
Caldari Provisions
#412 - 2012-10-15 08:01:16 UTC
Albertica Bludgers' Union
#413 - 2012-10-16 03:16:04 UTC  |  Edited by: Lyrrashae
Mina Sebiestar wrote:

Mike Patton's presence in that band just reminded me of when this used to be, seemingly, everywhere.

Faith No More, "Epic"


This was worthy of the descriptor "epic" before everyone started saying that word and stripped it of all meaning and power.

Another blast from the past while we're here:

Souls at Zero, "Never" (Love this guy's vocal style. It's utterly criminal that this brilliant album was almost immediately forgotten after release in 1993, IIRC? How time flies...)


The Scope
#414 - 2012-10-16 13:17:45 UTC
Verge of Collapse
#415 - 2012-10-16 15:31:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Gibbo5771
Eminen - Talking To Myself

For when I am on a long painful solo roam and I can not find a single person.
Bane Necran
Appono Astos
#416 - 2012-10-16 17:15:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Bane Necran
Psychic TV - Hookah Chalice

Been listening to lots of Genesis P. Orridge's stuff these days, although i doubt many of you would appreciate Throbbing Gristle, so i'll spare you.

Oh, and here's an obligatory link to a KMFDM song.

"In the void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom has existence, principle has existence, the Way has existence, spirit is nothingness." ~Miyamoto Musashi

Albertica Bludgers' Union
#417 - 2012-10-21 19:46:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Lyrrashae
Dublin Death Patrol.

Need this record, naow: Chuck Billy and Steve "Zetro" Souza on dual-vocals + massive murder-grooves = win.

\m/ \m/!!!


Brilliant vocal performance on this one, IMHO.


Kitty Bear
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#418 - 2012-10-22 04:01:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Kitty Bear
Lindsey Stirling
Amazing Violin player ...

Dee-Lite And Fun Boy 3 because I was feeling all nostalgic.
Surfin's PlunderBunny
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#419 - 2012-10-23 19:29:32 UTC
Today I listened to some older stuff.

Android Lust- Stained

"Little ginger moron" ~David Hasselhoff 

Want to see what Surf is training or how little isk Surf has?

Something Random
Byddin Un
#420 - 2012-10-24 00:37:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Something Random
Blank and Jones - Desire

Should Blacklight be reading - this is what i meant, look forward to the show.

Also Skyscraper

or Kick Bong

or Solar Stone of course

There is also Audioplacid

and a lot more besides - including Woob.

and a very personal favourite - Banco De Gaia

Eve soundtracks good - but sometimes you gotta reach out.

"caught on fire a little bit, just a little."

"Delinquents, check, weirdos, check, hippies, check, pillheads, check, freaks, check, potheads, check .....gangs all here!"

I love Science, it gives me a Hadron.