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Price Checks

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PC on near perfect combat booster + decent logi/freighter/minmatar PvP

#1 - 2012-09-26 16:43:16 UTC  |  Edited by: garash
Don't contact me in game with offers I have zero intention of selling this character for at least 60 days.
PW: boost

Picked up this alt a while back, at the time was minmatar PvP with good skills trained to 5 but a lot of holes... still has the holes but I went the leadership/primary character support route.

Two pricing questions:
What could I get now?
What would I be able to pull after finishing the current skill plan below?

Commandship 5
All leadership to 5 except mining director (F-Mining, anyone concerned about the mining will see the price doubled or trippled)
Max Legion/Loki boost
All cruiser to 5 except Caldari (currently training)
Logi 4
Freighter 2

Current plan is to finish Caldari cruiser 5, all T3 cruisers to defensive 5 and other subs to 4 and logi 5. (I realize the core skills are weak with regards to logi potential).