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What if *Mordus Legion became the Hacking Faction?

Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
#1 - 2011-10-14 20:34:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
Well I have an idea in Features and Ideas Forum but I wanted to explain why Mordus is the faction to pick as the host for hacker profession akin to ORE hosting Miners and SOE hosting explorers.

What I am not here to do is expalin hacking but how did the legion become infatuatated with becomming hackers themselves.

I did some background searching and researching and threw a bit of creativity around and came to this little short story so wanted to know if you guys could find this agreeable.

I tried my best to gather as much information as possible about the Legion though but only one news item pops up in the evelopedia and it does concern how mordus legion does its business with infromation.

Welcome to the Hypernet
Take the red pill

The Hypernet is the network of New Eden it’s a network of quantum entangled helium-4 routers which its batches is further entangled into individual hosts or end devices such as ships comm., gate traffic controllers, even the ISP aboard stations. The routers are then linked to each creating the massive Hypernet it is today. Though its early days to the gold rush commercialization following the heels on how atomic encoding, the Hypernet has fully evolved to be a part of everyone's lives include crews aboard ships and in the current era of capsuleer.

Following the Yulai convention at the end of the four empire's wars, Concord developed a subcommittee the CRC that oversees and standardizes how communications are handled between the four nations. This standardization eases technology concerns and alliviates arbitrary incompatibilities as well as providing security technologies. 113 years later that security was thought to be impervious to attacks to anyone outside of Concords halls.

With recent events of the destruction of the Concord HQ by Minmatar dissidents, and the invasion of Sansha forces in New Eden threatening all non-capsuleer citizens. Concord inadvertently started to tap on the help of capsuleer to assist in gathering data for them. A ship was commissioned with one specific in mind, being able to access the vastly different Sansha segregated Hypernet systems. One didn’t stop to think that the possibility that this could inadvertently have its attention tuned towards the other citizens of New Eden.

Enter the Mordus Legion, a Caldari sub faction, is a group of militants that was a major factor in the Gallente civil war, though during that time they proved to be a significant factor in these days of massive fleets and capitol ships the Legion's funds cannot keep up with empire military spending might. Thus in order to survive today’s combat environment they've adapted and evolved something they were always notorious for, Information. Information has always been the most important ingredient to the Legion's success. Even during their high times back during the civil war their military was still substandard yet they were able to deal major blow after major blow because of their intelligence gathering they've obtained and being able to act on it.

When Concord's HQ was destroyed the Mordus Legion gain much insight on how Concord observed the Hypernet, as the HQ destructions force the swap over to emergency measures then enact more permanent measures afterwards. When Sansha's forces compromised the Hypernet to select targets, the Legion gained careful insight on how the systems are to be circumvented and when Concord issued out the Echelon it was the golden goose Mordus was looking for.

With nearly a year of toiling away and researching Mordus Legion is now poised to place itself in a dangerous but guarded position. With information that can bring down empires, destroy civilization, at their finger tips it became quickly apparent that anyone going after the Legion directly would not bode politically well with anyone, Including Concord.

However Concord did managed to force Mordus into an agreement at the threat of mutual destruction as Concord was very sure that they can survive any scandal. The agreement came down to that the Legion would provide the technology to everyone that sought it at fair rate of compensation, and they have to pioneer the defenses and divulge on how to defend against it.

While the Legion holds superior high ground when it comes to Hypernet infiltration and protection, other companies quickly sought to create their own protections not being able to trust the Legion's own solutions.

Soon capsuleers will be not be able to escape the attention of a Hypernet specialist and must learn to use, defend or suffer from the new generation of information warfare.

When with Mordus, do as the Legion does, adapt or die.

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Leedha Lemour
Staner Industries
#2 - 2011-10-15 09:38:30 UTC  |  Edited by: Leedha Lemour
Mordus Legion already have well developed lore.

They are ethnically Intaki, what is your rational for thinking the Intaki are particularly adept at hacking? That seems at odds with their culture.
Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
#3 - 2011-10-17 18:09:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Nova Fox
Sorry for not replying back. earlier

State of the Legion 110

This is what tipped me off on them possibly going data side to gain advantages.

Intaki are known for being proxy users though in thier dealings with both serpentis and sisters which puts them at odds between both.

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