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CPU use spike, massive framerate drop on grid loads, session changes, etc

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Goonswarm Federation
#1 - 2011-10-15 01:36:08 UTC
For the last few months I've been having performance issues with EVE. Pretty much every time I load grid, either by warping between grids, jumping into a new system, or whatever, or when I change ships in space (ie board a ship in space or from a SMA) EVE ***** itself. My framerate goes from 40+ to between 5 and 20 fps. This occurs regardless of whether or not the grid I'm loading is populated by anything (I get the same framerate drop when warping to a safespot as I do loading a grid with a bunch of people or a POS on it).

I initially thought it might be something to do with CPU throttling (CPU throttling down during periods spent idling on one grid, then failing to come back up to speed when warping to a new grid) but disabling throttling has had no effect on the performance problems. Curiously, if I open task manager while this is happening what tends to happen is I see 100% CPU usage for a couple of seconds, followed by the usage dropping down to ~40% and the framerates going back up, whereas if I don't run task manager the CPU use stays high and performance stays awful for a much longer period of time.

Anyone have any idea what's causing this? Its really obnoxious.
GM Retrofire
Game Masters
C C P Alliance
#2 - 2011-10-17 07:23:51 UTC
Here are a few suggestions, I just hope they help.

Update your graphics card drivers, motherboard drivers and run Windows update
Run a defragmentation program on your harddrive

If you play in Windowed mode try changing over to fullscreen and vice versa.
Close all other programs you have running.
Change the optimized graphics settings to performance to see if that helps. If it does then gradually change the graphics to a higher level to see where the problem begins.

GM Retrofire| Senior Game Master