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Dagras Kutill and Rozor Mothrus - Minmatar Cosmos Agents

DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2011-10-14 21:48:06 UTC
Just wanted to share some little known info about these two agents. Both of these agents hate each other. If you complete the 3 part mission series for either Dagras Kutill or Rozor Mothrus, it will make the other agent unavailable.

However, there is a way to complete both of these agents missions to gain maximum Faction standings. Basically you have to work both agents at the same time.

First start the Dagras Kutill 3 part mission series and complete parts 1 and 2. Part 1 is an encounter mission against Maru Merc NPC's to retrieve Kutill's Data Chip. Part 2 is a courier mission, transport Kutill's Data Chip to a station in another system.

Part 3 will be offered but don't accept it yet.

Now start the Rozor Mothrus 3 part mission series and complete parts 1 and 2. Part 1 is a simple courier mission and part 2 is an encounter mission against Angel NPC's.

Part 3 will be offered but don't accept it yet.

Here's the reason for not accepting the part 3 mission offers from either agent.

Part 3 of the Dagras Kutill mission series want's you to kill the bodyguards of Rozor Mothrus and retrieve Machul's head. Doing that will allow Dagras Kutill to kill Rozor Mothrus and make Rozor Mothrus unavailable.

Part 3 of the Rozor Mothrus mission series wants you to kill Dagras Kutill and retrieve Kutill's Data Chip. Doing that will cause a Faction standing loss and make Dagras Kutill unavailable.

Here's the trick to complete those mission series. Basically both missions need to be accepted and active in your journal at the same time, more or less.

One option is to buy Kutill's Data Chip and Machul's head from public contracts. After buying those items and placing them in your cargohold, accept the mission offers (part 3) from both agents and then complete them.

That's the option I did.

Another option is have a different character or alt (not in fleet) kill Dagras Kutill and the bodyguards of Rozor Mothrus, then retrieve the items for you. The NPC's will quickly respawn. After placing the items in your cargohold, accept both mission offers (part 3) and then complete them.

And there you have it. Both options will allow you to complete the 2 agents missions without incurring any Faction standing loss or making either agent unavailable. Just remember that whoever kills Dagras Kutill will incur a negative Faction and Corporation standing hit.