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Wheredo I go from here as a beginner miner/mission runner?

Hope Dogfort
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2012-08-26 18:25:03 UTC
Name: Hope Dogfort
Birthday: 3/28/2011 1:44:00 AM UTC
Gender: Female
Race: Gallente
Bloodline: Gallente
Ancestry: Immigrants

Intelligence: 20
Charisma: 20
Perception: 20
Memory: 20
Willpower: 20

+0 None : None
+0 None : None
+0 None : None
+0 None : None
+1 Charisma : Limited Social Adaptation Chip
+0 None : None
+0 None : None
+0 None : None
+0 None : None
+0 None : None

Corporation Management, 0 Skill, 0 Points

Drones, 2 Skills, 24,000 Points
Drones (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points
Mining Drone Operation (2) L3 16,000/512,000 Points

Electronics, 2 Skills, 53,255 Points
Electronics (1) L4 45,255/256,000 Points
Survey (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points

Engineering, 3 Skills, 77,255 Points
Engineering (1) L4 45,255/256,000 Points
Shield Management (3) L3 24,000/768,000 Points
Shield Operation (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points

Gunnery, 2 Skills, 16,000 Points
Gunnery (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points
Small Hybrid Turret (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points

Industry, 8 Skills, 352,947 Points
Industry (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points
Mass Production (2) L3 16,000/512,000 Points
Mining (1) L5 256,000/256,000 Points
Plagioclase Processing (1) L2 1,415/256,000 Points
Production Efficiency (3) L3 24,000/768,000 Points
Pyroxeres Processing (1) L2 1,415/256,000 Points
Refining (1) L4 45,255/256,000 Points
Veldspar Processing (1) L1 862/256,000 Points
: (Currently training to level II, completes 8/26/2012 2:42:00 PM)

Leadership, 0 Skill, 0 Points

Mechanics, 4 Skills, 56,000 Points
Hull Upgrades (2) L3 16,000/512,000 Points
Mechanics (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points
Repair Systems (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points
Salvaging (3) L3 24,000/768,000 Points

Missile Launcher Operation, 0 Skill, 0 Points

Navigation, 2 Skills, 16,000 Points
Afterburner (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points
Navigation (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points

Planet Management, 1 Skill, 8,000 Points
Remote Sensing (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points

Science, 3 Skills, 16,494 Points
Astrometrics (3) L2 4,251/768,000 Points
Cybernetics (3) L2 4,243/768,000 Points
Science (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points

Social, 2 Skills, 24,000 Points
Negotiation (2) L3 16,000/512,000 Points
Social (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points

Spaceship Command, 3 Skills, 141,422 Points
Gallente Frigate (2) L4 90,510/512,000 Points
Gallente Industrial (4) L2 5,657/1,024,000 Points
Spaceship Command (1) L4 45,255/256,000 Points

Subsystems, 0 Skill, 0 Points

Trade, 3 Skills, 15,411 Points
Contracting (1) L2 1,415/256,000 Points
Retail (2) L2 5,996/512,000 Points
Trade (1) L3 8,000/256,000 Points

Planning to build the character for a week or two as I'm entering my finals stage in school. I want to run low level missions as well as mining on the side. Thanks.
RaVeN Alliance
#2 - 2012-08-26 20:01:16 UTC  |  Edited by: RavenPaine
Get yourself a couple of great character programs installed.


EVE Board

These can help you make plans and have a comprehensive approach to your character/gaming.

Evemon is the plan king. Make as many as you want in several directions.

Eve board is a character profile. Lets you link the profile without all the hassle of typing.
Like so:

As for suggestions:
Missions pay a little better than mining, and they train combat skills at the same time. (EVE is a game with guns. A time will come when you get shot, and you will want to be able to shoot back.)
Train right through Frigate IV and Cruiser IV. Mix in some gunnery and tanking skills as you go. Tons of skills to 3 is the first objective. Loading them, reading them, training them, will help you understand what they actually do.

Think about joining a corporation where members can give you advice.

The missions/Combat thing is just my oppinion... In the end, play the game that YOU want to play, and fly the ships YOU want to fly.

Nestara Aldent
#3 - 2012-08-27 00:13:29 UTC
If you really dont know what you want to do in the long term, train for a Rifter and then Rupture for missions, and next Minmatar ships, such as Hurricane. As Minmatar ship skills you'll want no matter whether you train for solo/small gang PVP or large fleet PVP, and they also have very good PVE ships too (Machariel being one of the best fro both missions and incursions), its maybe the best tree to start with.

You can try mining in that Rupture, to see whether you like it, without significant time and skill investment in mining barges.

Then decide will you focus on combat or industry. As you'll need a lot of time to become good in anything you do, focus in skill training is the key with which you, the new player, will be able to offset somewhat all the time vets with 90M SP had.
Day Trippers
#4 - 2012-08-27 13:59:15 UTC
Besides picking your ship race and level, which you should decide yourself based on location of missions and mission level. I would suggest training the core skills to five: electronics, engineering, navigation, weapon system gunnery or mssile operation (?). These go a long way in the early stages of getting in ships. You also need weaponry skills which will go back to your decision of ship class and race. So yes use the above tools suggested: evemon and eft. Flying a ship does you no good if you can't support it's cap use or abuse it's bonus for the given weaponry system.