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Miners Wanted! Preferably alive.

#1 - 2012-08-23 10:56:22 UTC
But if you enjoy the afterlife and want to stay mining, we will consider anyone (pretty much).
We are a small corp that has restarted after a long break from EVE, so we are now starting to do some mining ops and would like to a mining gang up and going.

We Can Offer:
Maxed out Mining Bonuses with a Orca
Corp Refining
Good advise (but only if it's asked for)
Casual gaming, we are not-stressed out about the game, we play it for the entertainment.

We are looking for:
Self sufficient people, that has their own mining ships and the skills to use it - this is our only minimum requirement!

We are based in Ney (Sinq Liason) and in the European time zone, but we are not bothered if your play from the south pole.
We have a orca active most days all days, so you can even just mine by yourself but still have the bonuses :)

We look forward to talking to you - our public channel is 'PROVEN'