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Tooltip update today!

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Vera Algaert
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#81 - 2012-08-11 10:54:05 UTC
I'd like CCP to include tooltip formatting into the overview xml files Big smile


Daniel Plain
#82 - 2012-08-11 11:05:21 UTC
Nyancat Audeles wrote:
The Tooltips are perfectly fine!

I am a new player in EVE [...] if you find them useful, everyone should?

I should buy an Ishtar.

KIller Wabbit
MEME Thoughts
#83 - 2012-08-11 11:17:02 UTC
Nyancat Audeles wrote:
The Tooltips are perfectly fine!

I am a new player in EVE and these tooltips are so helpful! I have been playing for 2 months. I guess you could add a bit more transparency.

One thing that would be helpful is more information! Why can't I see how much my Remote Armor Repper repairs? Etc. Just work on getting more info for more modules, and turn give an option to turn the tooltips off for the people that don't like them (in the menu next to the capacitor where you can turn on numeric armor display amongst other stuff would be a convenient plac to do it).

But the tooltips serve their purpose just fine! I am a new player, and it made the game much more user friendly without dumbing it down..

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Large Collidable Object
#84 - 2012-08-11 11:40:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Large Collidable Object
CCP Soundwave wrote:
Global tooltip delay setting: This would be an option to set a global delay to ALL tooltips, somewhere in the 0-3 second range. It would be located in the escape menu and is in my opinion the ideal solution. The downside is that it will affect a lot of different tooltips and making sure it works correctly across the game takes a bit of time.

Disabling tooltips completely. This would basically be a button that lets you disable all tooltips in the game by selecting it. That means no more stuff popping up anywhere, giving you a cleaner UI if you feel the tips aren't helpful anymore.

First off, I think the tooltips are a good addition to the game and should prove to be extremely helpful for new players.

However, given the option, I'd disable them for a few simple reasons:

- I'm perfectly aware of what my med and low slot items do.
- I know most weapon ranges and falloffs from those guns I typically use from the top of my head - if Idon't, I usually preconfigured the fit on EFT and memorize them before even fitting the ship ingame.
- I play with the tactical overlay enabled, where that data is visually represented.

All that leaves the tooltips redundant for me.

I think a delay wouldn't be a good option, although making it customizable would be good (configurability is always nice and removes whine on the forums)., but thos who want the information want it immediately, and those who don't need it never need it - so unless the delay can be set to something like 120 secs, it lacks a sufficient option to disable them.

So I think disableng them entirely or setting a really, really long delay which woud effectively disable them would be the best options - 3 seconds is not enough.

On a side note, the option to enable tooltips for different item groups would be great - every noob learns what an MWD or a hardener does after fitting it, but people may want to keep info about missile, turret and ewar ranges for longer, but that may be hard to implement.
You know... [morons.](
Azn Empire
#85 - 2012-08-11 15:21:41 UTC
Mag's wrote:
Option to turn it off please. Thank you.

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Cedo Nulli
Royal Amarr Institute
Amarr Empire
#86 - 2012-08-11 16:34:09 UTC
Liking the new tooltips !
Betrinna Cantis
#87 - 2012-08-11 18:54:33 UTC
Transparency and adjustable delay would be awesome. I have "short term memeroy loss" due to age and other things, so it is helpful to me, even being a 2 year player. One thing that would be nice is if the ranges for boosted mining lasers were alittle more accurate. Example: Info on strip miners says range is 15km, when acctually you need to be 14.99km to fire lasers. With my current boost it is 24.92km, but the tip says within 24km. see where I'm going here? Thanks.Big smileIdea

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Minmatar Heavy Industries
#88 - 2012-08-11 20:08:08 UTC  |  Edited by: DarthNefarius
Moving the pop up so it doesn't seem to interefere with clicking on the module sounds like a great idea.
The quick responce for the delay implemented was highly appreciated.
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Ephemeral Waves
Alfonso's Volunteers
#89 - 2012-08-11 22:37:21 UTC
CCP Soundwave wrote:

Global tooltip delay setting: This would be an option to set a global delay to ALL tooltips, somewhere in the 0-3 second range. It would be located in the escape menu and is in my opinion the ideal solution. The downside is that it will affect a lot of different tooltips and making sure it works correctly across the game takes a bit of time.

This is the best option, but artificially limiting the delay to 3 seconds is silly.
Ayumi Igawa
Noumenon Choir
#90 - 2012-08-12 01:05:25 UTC
Though the fixed delay on the tooltips is an improvement over the instapops of large half-empty black boxes, it introduced unnecessary stress in combat.

This becomes more apparent in cases of quick decision making, like selectively overheating visually identical modules. Shield hardeners are the most common example.

There are times when you simply can't afford to wait 1 * (number of hardeners) seconds, slowly tooltiping every module in your midslots (and you just end up overheating your entire rack dealing unnecessary damage to all modules)

I know that a focused and experienced pilot should know her modules' exact order on the slot array by heart, but why should the UI punish her if she is not in the mood?

So yes, it is imperative that we have a customizable delay timer on tooltips (in decisecond intervals).

It is also necessary for popup boxes to be less obtrusive and counter-immersive, improving in useful content and size.

And if the much wanted ON/OFF option of tooltips is introduced, what will become of the pre 1.2 minimal tooltips that displayed only the module's name? Seeing that they are still used eminently in most other UI cases, other than modules, can we hope that the OFF option will instead revert the tooltips to that old format?

I'll admit that I find Schmata Bastanold's idea of displaying the tooltip data in a dedicated HUD area, the most appealing.
But until we get to something like that (hopefully), I feel that the aforementioned quick-fixes will do the trick.
EVE University
Ivy League
#91 - 2012-08-12 01:32:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Hojou
CCP Soundwave wrote:
Hey everyone
Adding an option to disable a single type of window isn't the best solution. We already have a myriad of options regarding the HUD and adding another one isn't really ideal.

You're joking right?

The UI options in EvE are VERY limited compared to most large MMOs. Especially for a game with so much complextity, the options menu and the choices available for any kind of real customization are very lacking.

Why is giving the users more control over the interface considered a bad thing? Is an elegant options menu really more important than actual gameplay?

It's definitely better to have a complex options menu that users only have to deal with once or twice, than being forced to use an annoying interface change always. Most users would appreciate more flexibility and choice in managing the interface to better fit their play-style. Are you really worried that you will get a lot of angry posts from people about how your options menu has too many confusing choices, and allows for too much customization?

You would also have less back-lash everytime you make a change. Just like the captain's quarters, you force UI changes down your users throats, without giving them any choice in the matter, the users get pissed off, and THEN you implement the option to allow the user to customize your change. Significant aspects and changes to the user interface need to come with options which allow for user configuration. Please stop dictating to your users what they want in their interface.

A customized tooltip delay is standard practice these days. Allow the user to enter a number ranging from 0 to 10 seconds (includiung .5 increments), and you will satisfy everyone, and all of your users will have a better experience. You won't even need to add an extra toggle to turn it off, since 10 seconds would be the same thing.

Forcing us to use a one-second delay isn't a solution - it's a compromise and it completely misses the mark. Most players who like the tooltips want to see them instantly. Others don't want to see them at all. Those who don't like them didn't have their concern addressed, and for those who like them you've broken them by making the delay too long. I'm not sure why the obvious solution of a customized delay isn't jumping out at you like it is for everyone else - and I'm even more confused why this wasn't considered and implemented in the early stages when you were first discussing this change. Was it really so hard to anticipate the variety of player needs and how your player base would respond to another forced change without customization options?

This idea that the elegance of the options window is more important than allowing the user to customize their UI is completely absurd. The user interface should be configured by the user, not CCP. If that means more options in the options window, then it's time to add a new tab and let your users decide for themselves which aspects to the interface are important to them, and how they want to customize them, instead of holding on to someone's pet idea that too many buttons in the options windo is somehow bad design.

More choices are good. The typical EvE player is NOT going to be confused and angry if you give them more ways to customize their interface. In fact, you will make everyone happy, since everyone will be able to tailor your changes to better suit their personal tastes.

CCPs current approach to interface design -- 1) push a significant change, 2) wait for a lot of negative feedback, 3) test various new ideas to address player concerns, 4) implement changes and customization options -- is not very efficient. Just give players some options to manage new UI changes, and you can skip 2 thru 4 altogether, save yourself some time and money, and avoid completely annoying half your player-base a few times a year...
Savage Breed
Gallente Federation
#92 - 2012-08-12 04:26:37 UTC
Certainly we should be able to turn them off and on.

I would like to see a button on the hud or be able to assign tool tips on/off to a hotkey.
Spectral Demons
#93 - 2012-08-12 05:33:37 UTC
Can you add the option to make the tooltips appear instantly rather than have a delay?
Siyis Rholh
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#94 - 2012-08-12 07:32:07 UTC
Is tooltips popping up when you activate a module a bug? Really annoying either way.
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#95 - 2012-08-12 09:40:30 UTC
The delay in the tooltip appearing is much appreciated! I hardly have it come up now, since it takes a second or so to click a module and move on.

If you could make it more compact, that would be great. No graphics necessary, simply text will do.

A total disable option would be great too. When you've played the game long enough, you intuitively know what your opt+falloff is, and many of us use the tactical overlay for the visual cues.
YTM Corporation
#96 - 2012-08-12 10:06:03 UTC
Never look at any tooltips. Please make them optional.
Obscured Reasoning
#97 - 2012-08-12 22:24:38 UTC
Siyis Rholh wrote:
Is tooltips popping up when you activate a module a bug? Really annoying either way.

If this is by design, please add an option to disable the tooltip on module activation and make it separate from the option to have tooltips at all.

My ideal setup would be tooltips on a 3+ second delay (user option) ONLY when my cursor hovers over the module and to have the tooltip disappear as soon as I move my cursor off the module. Being able to check the tooltip once in a while would be handy, but I have the mental capabilities to remember the module name and it's range limits without having to be reminded every 5-10 seconds.

What makes the tooltips more annoying is that because of how I've had my UI set up for the past 6+ years the tooltips cover vital information whenever they pop up (and sometimes don't disappear until I put the cursor over the module). Adapting to new game mechanics is one thing, but having to redesign my UI setup because of a nominally useful feature is just plain annoying.

The current design of the tooltips makes the UI more cumbersome, not less.

I completely understand and support making the UI more friendly to new players, but please don't treat all of us like new players.

Regan Rotineque
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#98 - 2012-08-13 01:22:38 UTC
Have tried this on a bunch of ships now

Oddly i like the delay on weapons but not on miners

In fact I would like to see cycle time and yield info on the pops for those so I can smack the orca pilot and remind them to reactivate the dang linkies

It would be nice to have a toggle on this

Thanks for listening CCP

Fon Revedhort
Monks of War
#99 - 2012-08-13 02:16:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Fon Revedhort
CCP Soundwave wrote:

Disabling the module tooltip only. Adding an option to disable a single type of window isn't the best solution. We already have a myriad of options regarding the HUD and adding another one isn't really ideal. This is really using a chainsaw on the problem and while it definitely remains an option, it's certainly the least attractive one. If the more graceful solutions aren't enough though, we can revert to this.

Anyway, the delay and position change is being implemented today. Feedback is appreciated while we consider the longer term options.

Fail of Incarna should have tought you something, shouldn't it? What?

It has been told a number of times and I'm repeating it as well - we want more options, not less. There are no reasons whatsoever to believe a regular CCPer plays this game at a higher level than a regular player. The fact that you pesonally don't see a point in disabling such crappy items as Captain Quarters or these tootips does not nesessarily means no one sees.

I might need tooltips, but only if they come in a highly customazible way. I might want to see heat status, reloading cooldown etc, but why would I ever want to see a confirmation that the 10mn Microwarpdrive II I installed is indeed a 10mn Microwarpdrive II? What?

EDIT: also, having guns range displayed is ONLY really useful when you're being tracking disrupted or affected by WHs. Otherwise I don't want to see it all since I know this stuff before undocking. Hence, you may easily implement a new small improvement.

And yeah - you're welcome.

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Tore Smith
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#100 - 2012-08-13 08:08:54 UTC
The tooltips are awesome! Additionally:
- I would very much like to see them in the fitting window as well.
- Also the weapon information could be extended with additional info like tracking and damage profiles.
Thx and cheers!