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[Proposal] Remove "repackage" feature for Courier Packages

Tess La'Coil
Messerschmitt Vertrieb und Logistik
#1 - 2012-08-10 11:40:16 UTC
I sadly encountered this yesterday..

There are now 900+ different mods in my hanger.
it's simply a useless feature. To those of you who don't know what can happen to courier packages that way:

A while ago CCP included the "Deliver courier package" entry into the right-click menu of courier crates. Unfortunately this entry is right next to the "repackage" button. If you happen to click the repackage button your courier package will be split: "plastic wrap" on one side and its former content on the other. (That's right, there will be no warning message asking you "Are you sure you want to repackage xy").
In that case you are essentially f.. doomed. You won't be able to complete the contract but you didn't fail it either. Don't bother to write a petition about it ("if it is player error then we tend not to intervene I'm afraid"). It certainly is a player error but the UI does everything to encourage it.

Now, instead of using the rklick menu one could always complete the deal through the contract window but that would render the "Deliver courier package" entry useless again and everyone who runs more than one contract at a time would have to search for the correct set of papers to deliver any contract.

Proposal: Remove "Repackage" feature for courier packages. It's a useless mechanic for screwing up courier packages and if you want that to happen you can always press the "fail" button. Introduce another method of getting items out of courier packages after someone hit the "fail contract" button.

(I am aware of the fact that there is a thread that contains a collection of proposals for improving courier contracts somewhere in these forums but I couldn't find it)
Regards, Lax

I'd appreciate if this "option" was removed. There is already another option which is "break package" or something. There should be no option to repackage a contract. It has no use.

Or at least give a warning...?

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