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Tinted Giant Secure Containers (a little thing that would make a big difference)

Vio Geraci
Amarr Empire
#21 - 2011-10-11 08:08:27 UTC
DetKhord Saisio wrote:
Sorting through too many giant secure containers (GSC)? each holds 3900 m3.

With more than a few of these GSC you may want to consider consolidating. Try buying / building yourself a Station Warehouse. Blueprint (9 mil), materials (just over 1 mil), and build time is 1 hour 40 minutes. So just over 11 mil to get access to 100,000,000 m3.

Something else you can do to help with your sorting issues... use symbol prefixes in the names. For example, you mentioned you have multiple GSC for storing your stuff.

The names are irrelevant, but here are example container names: ammunition, rat loot, modules, salvage, bpc's, bpo's, research que (next bpo's to be researched), refining (to be refined & reprocessed), etc.

Ex: You may be able to make due with only one station warehouse, depending on how often you "clean house".
--Ammo [station warehouse - anything like ammo, drones, salvage, production materials, etc.]
--BPC's [small secure container - great for copies and researched originals]
--Modules [station warehouse]
--Refining [station warehouse]
--Research Que [small secure container]

Helps to sort your most-used containers to the top, so they show up first in the list. Double '--" dash mark shows before single "-" dash mark; same goes for the other symbols. Use what works for you.

These are helpful workarounds, but colored GSCs would be more helpful. I'm using GSCs as "folders" in EVE's item UI, so having station warehouses won't help -- it's not just organizing my own stuff, I need to coordinate dozens of containers moving into and out of my hangar each day. Visual cues would really help make sorting items less of a hassle and would generally improve the robustness of EVE's item GUI.
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