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Looking for ACTIVE, EU tz, Amarr FW CORP.

BattleStar Crusader
Out of Focus
Odin's Call
#1 - 2012-07-15 11:11:18 UTC
Looking for: Active, Eu Tz, Amarr FW, experienced PVP

BIO: Been in FW since 2008, left the game in feb 2011 to enjoy real life. Back now to casually game. REAL LIFE COMES FIRST.

Skill Ppoints: 53 Million

KEY SKILLS: ADV Spaceship command 5/ Commandships 5/ Logi 5/ Carrier lvl 5.
All supoprt skils at level 4+ for all Amarr PVP ships.

Skillset: Accomplished FC within Amarr militia for 3 years, sounds tactical knowledge, Cant loose attitude.

Can fly: all Amarr PVP ships/some Gallante and some Caldari.

Got what I'm looking for then hit me up, if not still try as you may be able to persuade me.