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[Suggestion] Gravitational Interference Clouds - A "solo" PvP area for all-time action

Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2012-06-26 17:18:11 UTC  |  Edited by: L4ST
Came to my mind after hours of staying docked and waiting for fleets:


Gravitational Interference Clouds

  • come in sizes for Frigs, Destroyers (and smaller), Cruiser (and smaller) and Battlecruiser (and smaller)
  • ^ any too large ship can't warp in as gravitational interferences would tear it apart

  • are scannable just like anomalies

  • can't warp in when in fleet (popup: warp in anyway and lose connection to fleet yes/no?)

  • appear in nullsec
  • ^ (maybe also low? Dunno if low mechanics would be affected, so I'd leave this to the experts)

  • cloaking modules, bombs and bubbles don't work there
  • ^ (to make it uncampable)

  • spawn in crowded systems



Well for ppl not owning several chars and having one ready for solo PvP action anytime there will always be waiting time. Long and boring waiting time. Ships shall be blown up, ships shall be lost - so why not create stages where one could do a little pewpew meanwhile, without affecting other game mechanics (shouldn't be used as savespots, etc.)? So you would basically fight aside blues shooting neuts and reds in there, without fleets.

Apart from that it would be interesting for some high and low space guys to go into crowded null areas.

Any opinions?
Gizznitt Malikite
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
#2 - 2012-06-26 18:41:37 UTC

So, you want to create randomly spawned nullsec deadspace arenas, that limit the ship types that can enter (like FW plexes) and prevent pilots from being in fleet with each other???

a.) Go read the threads asking for Arenas, so you can get an understanding of some of the issues they have:
Consensual PvP Arenas
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b.) How is this good for PvP.... If you napfested everyone around you, so you have to wait hours for a random neut to fly through your area, do you really think they'll come quicker if you have an arena in system???

c.) If a system is already populated with blues, why don't you just ask for a 1v1, or 5v5, and go out and shoot each other... (even if you're blue with them, there's no reason you can't mutually agree to have a duel!!).

d.) If your system isn't populated with people you can shoot, WTF ARE YOU THERE???? Move around, find systems with people you can shoot, and go shoot them....

p.s. The more people you blue, the less targets you have. You have to sleep in the bed you make....

Final note: Ask for a non-aggression pact with your neighbors... where you agree not to shoot each others' POS's and Sov structures, but allow both sides to hunt each other down for some quality PvP....
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2012-07-02 07:41:26 UTC
a) actually I found this suggestion under "arenas" right after I posted, but too lazy to delete and post there >.<

b) I mostly see gatecamps or fleets, not much real 1v1 going on in any Nullsec I've been to. You always end up avoiding all sorts of stuff if you just want to blow up a non-T3-cruiser or smaller ship in a good fight. At least where I've been to - which would be mostly Catch, The Spire, Etherum Reach, Branch, Tenal, Venal, Delve, Querious. As I said I posted this for ppl who do not have multiple accounts and who do not have the opportunity to always just change their system as they want because they want to do other fun stuff or make money or with the same char .
Medium size staging systems would be best for this. Whenever you got 15 blues in system and 4 neuts and this "anomaly" shows up you might just want to warp there and see if one of those 4 neuts is up to some fun or just hanging around with other purposes. Should not end up as "Corpchat: I scanned all 4 neuts at the cloud, lets form a 15 man fleet and **** them".

c) the unknown enemy thing is the fun part for both sides, and besides I wouldnt want to do that in a system with neuts/reds in it who then cloakybombspoils all the fun.

d) see b), last time I solo roamed in my Cane through Branch, Tenal, Venal I saw one gate camp which would have raped me and not encountered anything else within 2 1/2 hours. Headed straight away from home and not around it.

ps.: I see why the negative attitude. loled.

Final note: Anyone reading this you may keep the arguments and ideas posted here, but I guess it' better to move to the already existing threads posted by Gizznitt Malikite.