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[Podcast] Starfleet Comms Podcast Episode 16

Max Torps
Nomadic Conglomerate
#1 - 2011-10-07 22:47:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Max Torps
It was our first birthday on 23rd October. We’ve been going one whole year and it’s just flown by! Wish us a Happy Birthday by sending a tweet to @Starfleetcomms, liking us and posting on or emailing us at, thanks!

We mix things up in this episode, the community stuff is right at the beginning, our Agony Unleashed PVP Basic course experience (part 1) featuring Caldak is in the middle and to top it up we do the Dev Blog roundup at the end.

Community Stuff
Darth Skopius Eve Gate Bio for Darth Skorpius’s Competition when published.

Free to Play Eve Online - Seismic Stan
EON Magazine 25
Inspired By Images Of Eve 3 Competition
Starfleet Comms Radio Show
Next LIVE Show on 17th November 2011 @ 21:00GMT.

Agony Unleashed PVP Basic Course
We had great fun on this and learned absolutely loads. It’s well worth the ISK, go ahead and visit their site for more information. Meanwhile, we discuss some of the subjects in the course and this is just a tiny sample of what we learned. More will be discussed in the next episode.

Samples about:
Ship Fitting Hydra Principle
Sensor Dampeners
Tracking Disruptor's

For more complete information please see below:
Main Agony Unleashed Site.
Enrollment Forum where new classes are announced.
Please mention Starfleet Comms Podcast when booking!

Dev News:
CCP Tuxford talks about raising the limit on stored fittings
The Tornado and friends

Implants on KM Twostep saying it was a CSM request done in record time and others saying not. Regardless of posturing it was still good to see

Player Owned Custom Offices

Then we drift into distant memories talking about M0o and piracy in general.

Music by Alastair Cameron

Episode 15
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Max, Noise, Penelope and special guest Kil2

New Dev Blogs
Hilmar says sorry
Winter Expansion

Our PVP Tournament
What is the plan
What prep have we done yet
The lessons and hopes for the Agony Unleashed class
What are we doing in game

Penelope & Kil2
PAX stand - CCP representative at PAX was Kil2
What the background info is to tournaments
Who will be on this next tourney cast
The background to Michael Bolton III and Kil2 revealed
What really happened in the gay bar in Reykjavik
Stevie SG: SW: TOR Europe - evidence -
Speculation on the next Eve Alliance Tournament
Kil2 Videos:
Kil2 other links: WWW.CLUB-BEAR.COM

General News

What the **** Was I Thinking -

Ransoms and Roams -

Tech 4 News -

Noteable blogs

How to fly Combat Covert Ops ships pt. 1 - the Mabinogion by Korg Leaf/Tronix

How to fly Combat Covert Ops ships pt. 2 - the Mabinogion by Korg Leaf/Tronix

Formatting dates - Chocolate Heaven by Kalahari Wayrest (Chololips)
Mythbusters: More Scan Probes - Sleepless in Space by Shadai
Gaining Sec-Status in Eve - Drifting by Akinesis
EVE Missions - Or how I learned to stop worrying and love a good agent (especially the ones that say Y'aar) - Scram Web by Toterra
YC113 Officially Released - Roc’s Ramblings by Roc Wieler

Episode 3 of The ISK Bucket
The plot thickens and the crew is threatened!

Starring Max Torps, Noise, Penelope Star, Seismic Stan, Jason Acinom, Kaar Baak

Music by Alastair Cameron

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Starfleet Comms Podcast - The ISK Bucket, an Eve based  audio comedy drama!

Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2011-10-09 09:53:39 UTC
Thank you for generating a create podcast. It is a wonderful friendly podcast which is different from most, but thought out and not soundling like you are drunk half the time.

A would recommend this to everyone. It is proper players talking about how and why they enjoy the game.
Max Torps
Nomadic Conglomerate
#3 - 2011-10-09 21:05:45 UTC
Wow, thank you very much for your recommendation! Posts like these really encourage us to work even harder. I'll make sure the rest of the cast see this and we'll give a mention on the next episode. Thanks again and fly safe!

Starfleet Comms Podcast - The ISK Bucket, an Eve based  audio comedy drama!

Max Torps
Nomadic Conglomerate
#4 - 2011-10-30 20:23:58 UTC
Added the latest episode released 30/10/11 Episode 16 goodness to the thread.

Starfleet Comms Podcast - The ISK Bucket, an Eve based  audio comedy drama!