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Facebook advertising RMT?

Helion Dhamphir
Necromatic Inc.
#41 - 2012-06-22 12:41:07 UTC
Jake Warbird wrote:
Ohanka wrote:
Jake Warbird wrote:
Justin Beiber? Lmao!!

Nah his voice is way too deep to be Justin's. Song is of better quality too


I was referring to that FB screenie in the OP. The man feels 'strongly' about Mr.Bieber...

Actually the poster of that message is female.. Wait, do you know any actual males that like the beaver?
3 R Corporation
#42 - 2012-06-22 13:25:50 UTC
FloppieTheBanjoClown wrote:
It's against the TOS and anyone involved can be banned, but I don't think there are specific LAWS against it

I guess you missed several books' worth of IP laws... Yes there ARE laws against it because the pixels belong to CCP, and you can't sell CCP's pixels without their permission. I can imagine CCP can put pressure on FB directly for accepting law-breaking advertisements, but it's up to CCP's legal department.
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