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Ideas for new modules

First post
Cardano Firesnake
Fire Bullet Inc
#1101 - 2012-06-19 10:17:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Cardano Firesnake
Large Decloaking Smartbomb
High Slot
Activation: 100
Power: 1000
CPU: 80
Optimal: 15 km
Duration: 10s
Damage: 50 EM

Medium Decloaking Smartbomb
High Slot
Activation: 50
Power: 200
CPU: 50
Optimal: 10 km
Duration: 10s
Damage: 30 EM

Small Decloaking Smartbomb
High Slot
Activation: 20
Power: 10
CPU: 30
Optimal: 5 km
Duration: 10s
Damage: 15 EM

I do not know if it is a good idea or not....

Posted - 2010.07.01 11:24:00 - [4] Erase learning skills, remap all SP. That's all.

Cyaron wars
Academia RED HOT Corporation
#1102 - 2012-06-19 10:23:19 UTC
Can we get small doomsday device for black ops battleships? Or can we have resits and fuel consumption tweaked on them?
Cardano Firesnake
Fire Bullet Inc
#1103 - 2012-06-19 10:27:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Cardano Firesnake
Cloak inverter.

It is a T2 cloak module that can only be mounted on covert ops, and recon ships.
When it is active, it allow you to see, to scan and to probe cloaked ships.
But while active, You cannot see non-cloak ships, all your targeting systems, scanners and probes are unable to detect non-cloaked ships.

So when you use this module, you can find cloaky ships with your probes, but not the non-cloaked ships.
You can warp on them and see them while you are cloaked, approach them and de-cloak them when you de-cloak yourself if you are close enough.

Posted - 2010.07.01 11:24:00 - [4] Erase learning skills, remap all SP. That's all.

Komodo Askold
Strategic Exploration and Development Corp
Silent Company
#1104 - 2012-06-19 10:48:08 UTC
Some things I've already told about =3

- Dedicated Gas Harvesting Ship:

Another ORE vessel. Needs Mining Barge skill (or ORE Industrial). Has 5 turret slots (enough for the max 5 harvesters), or is able to fit gas harvesters in non-turret slots. ORE sized cargohold. Resiliance, size and drone bay similar to mining barges. It could have a T2 version made for low-null-WH, more resilient and perhaps with +2 to warp strengh (like the Skiff), which could need the Exhumers skill or a higher ORE Industrial skill. Bonus to harvesters yield, and perhaps to max speed (gas clouds tend to be far away from the warp point).

- Proximity Mines:

As it sounds. Could be deployed by Interdictors. Only usable in null/WH. Diverse damage types and sizes; have insta-damag like bombs. Need fuel for staying online.

- 'Drone Bay Filler':

Exchanges all Drone Bay volume for armor/structure hitpoints, literally filling it with armor plates.

- The reverse one: Drone Bay Extender

Exchanges some Armor HP for increased Drone Bay.
Cardano Firesnake
Fire Bullet Inc
#1105 - 2012-06-19 12:20:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Cardano Firesnake
Optical Automatic CounterStrike System
When Activated, this module takes control of all your turrets and gives them the order to fire to the nearest ship (or drone) that is targeting you (ally or hostile).

No need to target your ennemy.

Activation cost: 10
Activation duration: 5s
CPU usage: 10
Powergrid Usage: 3MW
Turret tracking Bonus: -10%
Optimal Range Bonus: -10%
Explosion Velocity Bonus: -10%

FOF Missiles could work better with this module and gain a bonus....
So it cannot be ECM Jammed, It can fire back to a fast targeter....

Posted - 2010.07.01 11:24:00 - [4] Erase learning skills, remap all SP. That's all.

Alx Warlord
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1106 - 2012-06-19 15:39:35 UTC
We definitely need something to counter those guys who enter your sov system and stays there cloacked the whole week preventing you to use it....

How about a Cloak jammer in the system????
Jade Raikki
Darc Ray Inc
#1107 - 2012-06-19 16:00:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Jade Raikki
How about an afterburner that uses fuel instead of capacitor ? We could have many types of these afterburners that use different isotopes or even entirely new materials. This can possibly apply to other modules such as fueled shield and armor reppers ( similar to the ancillary shield boosters ). Fuel will become similar to cap boosters, with the difference that it will not be loaded into the modules, but consumed directly from the cargo ( or possibly a new fuel bay ? ). These modules must have an advantage over other capacitor using ones, in order for the players to actually have a use for them.

Of course there must be a drawback to compensate for the absence of loading times, such as extreme heat damage ( or the absence of overheating such modules at all ). Furthermore, there could be new active modules that when used increase the rate of consumption for increased performance ( or the other way around ). Limits should be placed to prevent abuse of said "increased performance" module, such as the inability to add / remove items and / or fuel from your cargo and / or a module cooldown timer when the module is active. Also, skills and bonuses must exist for consumption and such.

Also, a new class of modules can be created that use a combination of fuel and capacitor. If new tech 3 modules are implemented into the game, we can add new tech 3 modules that give you the ability to switch their power source ( capacitor / fuel / both ). As I said before, a fuel bay ( specialized cargo only for fuel, said modules will feed from here ) for ships can be added, and also modifications that allow you to expand it at the expense of cargohold space. Specialized fuel ships will have huge fuel bays. Carriers / dreads that use strontium should also have a fuel bay and the stront must be placed there in order to activate siege / triage. A new ship should be made for easy in space refueling ( similar to real life refueling ships ) as the new fuel bay cannot be accessed via the cargohold and no new fuel can be added via the cargo, only via stations, POSes and refueling ships. All this will add a second layer of logistics ( when the fleet uses fueled modules ) and will make large scale operations more challenging from a strategic point of view.

tl;dr fueled modules ftw
Mercantus Maulerant
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1108 - 2012-06-19 23:55:43 UTC
First post all. Been waiting until I sort of know what's going on in New Eden. Not there yet, but can't wait forever to post, right?

Had a thought about ship customization and either a module that allows a customization using a current slot, or adding a customization slot to your ship, either through ship design or through a special event/random event/loyalty point purchase/rare random loot drop, etc...

A customization module could change the color of that particular ship, change an effect (different color exhaust, perhaps), or even add a decal from one of the NPC Corporations. (The Rodan Shipyards logo looks awesome...and I'd love to have one on any of my ships!)

If someone wanted to change the color of their ship (easy to say, but this might be an impossible change for the programmers), the module to change ship color of color design could open a color palette or open a preset selection of optional colors or designs (camouflage, anyone?) How about tiger stripes, zebra stripes, almost black so your ship blends with the dark background and almost becomes invisible to the naked eye?

Commonalities in ships is great and gives continuity in the racial ship design, but customization will not really affect combat so combat mechanics won’t need to be changed. The real challenge would be if the designers could come up with changes that wouldn’t require an undue amount of coding, and making the changes players like. The corporation decals might be the easiest to put in place, and would be another great LP and ISK sink
Cardano Firesnake
Fire Bullet Inc
#1109 - 2012-06-20 04:44:54 UTC  |  Edited by: Cardano Firesnake
I thought about three rigs that adds a slot to your Ship.

Only one of each rig can be mounted.
Required skill: Jury Rigging.

High slot Rig
Reduce the ship's agility.

Med Slot Rig
Reduce the Armor HP

Low Slot Rig
Reduce the Shield HP

Edit: And yes I know about T3, yes I know it is a dangerous Idea. But We are here to give ideas like in a brainstroming. Perharps it could be interestening, perharps it could unbalance the game too much...

Posted - 2010.07.01 11:24:00 - [4] Erase learning skills, remap all SP. That's all.

Jade Raikki
Darc Ray Inc
#1110 - 2012-06-20 08:37:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Jade Raikki
Personally, I would really love to see some kind of module that uses stront but is for subcapitals. Such module would be able to boost the defensive or offensive capabilities of a ship. I think it was already proposed but who knows ?

Cardano, I think the ability to do such thing would slightly overpower every ship. Drakes would keep their current extreme tanks while also being able to fit a scrambler without sacrificing any shields, domis would be able to fit an extra neut, abaddons would have an extra plate. Each rig also has penalties that don't actually affect the ship they're supposed to be fitted on in a bad way. I mean, reducing a drake's armor while giving it another mid slot for their shield tank ? Reducing a domi's speed while it's drones in a typical fit can already reach out to about 100 km ? Reducing an abaddon's shields while it will be ( if not failfit ) armor tanked ?

Mercantus, many have discussed the ability to change visuals of your ship, such as logos, colors, visible stuff etc
However, trying to load 100's of differently modified ships will cause extreme lag to the server and client, as it would now be required to send to each client the visual configuration of each ship. Also, ship colors give ships their identity and make the tech 2 and faction versions actually stand out. They also differentiate each faction's ships. Corporation logos on ships might be possible

I wonder if devs / GMs ever read these ideas ?
Cyaron wars
Academia RED HOT Corporation
#1111 - 2012-06-20 14:46:38 UTC
Cloack Jammer? A turret control syste? So there's 1 carebaer that is scared to rat since I have my covert cyno sitting in his system and another guy who basically fails @ sorting overview by distance and shooting nearest ship? :D:D:D:D Well, goonwarm - enough said. Perhaps u will ask for your FCs to be able fly 1000 maelstrom without actual pilots in them? :D
Cyaron wars
Academia RED HOT Corporation
#1112 - 2012-06-20 18:24:39 UTC
Cardano Firesnake wrote:
I thought about three rigs that adds a slot to your Ship.

Only one of each rig can be mounted.
Required skill: Jury Rigging.

High slot Rig
Reduce the ship's agility.

Med Slot Rig
Reduce the Armor HP

Low Slot Rig
Reduce the Shield HP

Have you ver heard of Strategic Cruisers? Son perhaps you should learn to fly existing ships with existing mods?
Bob Niac
Gallente Federation
#1113 - 2012-06-22 03:21:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Bob Niac
Self Detonating sentries. .. proximity based.

So yeah .. mines. But in drone form. Cloaked ships can still attack with these, if they are on grid, and cloak after drone is launched. Detection through 'high energy particle pulses." Possible 'depth charges' to attack cloaked bombers. So .. stealth .. destroyers then? A third cloaky frigate?

[u]I <3 Logistics:[/u] Pilot of all  T2 logi and my shiny Archon [deceased.] Also a Chimera which may or may not be horrid. I don't make games, I play them. I get that ppl are passionate about change. I post here to plant seeds. You see your idea as is? Holy **** you win! So let's post, and see what the DEVs and our peers use.

Joseph Kotaku
Caldari State
#1114 - 2012-06-22 05:36:32 UTC
Drone Repair Field.

High Slot module that functions in a similar way to a smartbomb but instead of damage it repairs the armour of any friendly drones orbiting your ship.

Perhaps have the cap cost proportional to the number of drones you are reping at once.

(Apologies if something like this has been posted already.)
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1115 - 2012-06-22 07:51:06 UTC
Tactical Warp Compensator:

A lowslot module which reduces the minimum distance to initiate warp (from 150km to 100km and 75km for T1 and T2, respectively). It would be similar to the Micro Jump Drive , however, it would use exisiting warp mechanics (require a member of fleet or object to warp to and is stopped by warp disruptor), it also wouldn't require a charge time beyond aligning and reaching the necessary velocity.
Jack Paladin
Goonswarm Federation
#1116 - 2012-06-22 10:53:23 UTC
An idea taken from a suggestion in another thread regarding the removal of local.

Name of module:
Communication Encryption Matrix


Ship Specific:
Yes (new type of covert ops)

A module which allows the pilot to 'cloak' themselves from appearing in local.

Once activated, pilot disappears from local but is unable to activate any cloaking device. Once deactivated, cloaking device can be activated but pilot will reappear in local.

As stated, this module would be specific to a new breed of covert ops ships. Think of them as an additional Tier of ship to the various classes.
Andy Landen
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1117 - 2012-06-22 22:54:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Andy Landen
Smoke bomb
Fires smoke which screens all ships in the area.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein 

#1118 - 2012-06-23 05:58:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Shivanthar
One of the things the game lacks is what I saw years ago when I was playing Descent Freespace and/or Homeworld Complex. Flaks. Since the game includes projectiles, it wouldn't be absurd to include flaks. You wouldn't approach to a shivan ship without fear when long range/short range flaks are locked on you.

Flak Cannon (Overall): A delayed projectile, like missiles, but won't follow. It is fired as-is, from point A to B, if you are not there, you won't get hit. Eve already has the mechanics for this (bombs). It's resolution determines how further AoE damage you get. It has very fast rate of fire and consumes your ammo like there is no tomorrow (overloading it makes sure this will happen) Playing more angular game will help you to survive.
All flaks have very long falloff and should have a short optimal. If enemy is burning towards you from 100km without changing it's direction or speed, they will have trouble. If they just choose to orbit you @ 10km and saying "haha this smartbomb dominix is going to die with this 40 frigates", and if there is a flak equipped, watch the show.

- Flaks also have explosion velocity like missiles, but much faster.
- Explosion radius is lower than missiles.
- Travel velocity is faster than missiles, but lower than projectile ammo (visible while travelling), so the closer you are to the flak owner, the harder to escape by manuavering.
- Flaks' damage is joke when only one equipped. It should get exponentially more dangerous when you equip more and more (like when 8 frigate is much dangerous against a battleship than only one, the reverse role). So, each flak cannon you equip increases flak damage and explosion radius something like 1.75x, changes with meta of item.
- Flaks can be equipped with all types of damage. EMP/Therm/Kin/Exp.
- Tech II flak cannons can be equipped with webber ammo, when explodes in area, slows the targets for very short amount of time. (Since it is launched very rapidly, it can apply this one after another)
- Because of their fast rate, they should consume a lot of powergrid.
- Since it is only fire&forget gun, it should consume little cpu.
- Reloading ammo bay of an empty flak gun should take long time (20-30 secs).
- Its ammo bay should be big.

--High Slot--
40mm flak cannon (can be fit on destroyers)
80mm flak cannon (can be fit on cruisers)
Dual 80mm flak cannon (battlecruiser)
Quad 80mm flak cannon (battleship)
Octuple 80mm capital flak cannon (capital ships)

For working modern physics, I highly suggest checking the flak frigate, flak destroyer, cruiser with flak cannons, battlecruiser/battleships with rapid sweeper systems(flaks) and finally mothership (capital ship) with rapid sweeper system in latest homeworld 2 complex mod.
Here is a link to very short youtube video where a battlecruiser is battling against corvettes (a carrier vs fighters/frigates equavalent for eve): Flak fight

I raped a lot of BS while roaming with tons of frigs. There is something missing in the game. A fearsome feeling. A feeling that reminds me the danger of approaching to bigger hulls. Drones shouldn't be the only answer. A "battleship" should have much more gun slots. More generalized, the bigger the ship, the more it can(should) equip. Not only 400 resolution guns, also smaller gun slots. "Fear from the big fish" concept shouldn't be destroyed while keeping "protect the small guy so they can enjoy". There must be tools for those who are using big hulls against massive surround situations. I don't say everyone in a bs hull should kill everything smaller, but not being able to touch frigates with a ship geared for "battle" makes me wonder...

Back to the concept, flaks might make this game a little bit more challenging when considering battles like tons of small ships to larger types of ships. It is one more way (or tool) to defend what seems "undefendable".

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#1119 - 2012-06-24 04:05:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Shivanthar
Another aspect of game which needs some change is Salvaging. Since this is not a new module but a module that has changed ability, I don't find it wrong to write it down here.

- Change salvager so it always "succeeds". This will make the job less boring (especially for Marauders?)
- To compansate this, really lower the loot when salvaging. (Preferring 3 empty loot rather than 3 failed salvage)
- Change the salvaging skill in a way that it increases the loot when salvaging.
- Change the salvage tackle bonus so that it increases the loot when salvaging.
- Add bonus to salvager II so that getting salvaging V skill means something more.
- Change noctis bonus so it increases salvage loot value per skill.
- Make salvaging someone else's wreck to be a reason for open fire (as same as looting it).
- Make Noctis + all rigs = salvage tackle + Salvaging V + salvager II = today's current loot value so salvaging becomes more like a specialized profession rather than everyone's side-job. This will make rigs more expensive and hard to make, but hey, you already did this with current loot table changes didn't you? :)

The result is more people salvaging less parts and selling them for more expensive value. So less people bind parts together and create rigs (a real profession at last). Parts will be more expensive and enjoying to sell, as well as rigs themselves. Since parts will become expensive, salvaged parts' sell value will compansate the purchase value of the rigs. See everyone happy?

This will make sure all salvagers will be happy while keeping balance with salvaging/loot value. Watching failed attempts only turns missioning into a nightmare.

_Half _the lies they tell about me **aren't **true.

#1120 - 2012-06-24 22:30:33 UTC
Extra External missile packs and bombs -- fits pattern of consumable modules and is well founded in RL examples.

Primarily Intended to boost to boost initial PVP alpha strikes (alpha being a little vague when talking about am potential succession of new targets) -- all such modules lack in flight reload capability and to some degree should affect ship agility, inertia and possibly top speed...until fully expended (module destroyed). It is possible that partial expenditure of more outsized ordinance might give an incremental improvement in handling prior to total expenditure. It is also possible that some penalty may still incur if the pilot opts to retain destroyed modules for salvage of pricey parts rather than ejecting destroyed module into space to be lost during combat.

I suggest smaller rocket packs (say 1-2 salvos of 4 rockets) have negligible effect even on frigates. Wheres larger rocket packs (up to 32 rockets fired in groups of 4 or 8) or pairs of missiles/torpedoes or bombs normally too large for that ship class may have severe effects depending on how outsized the payload.

I suggest limiting the number external missile/bomb modules to 1 if any of the ordinance is very outsized (1x1 cruise/bomb, 1x2 torpedoes, or small 2x2 pack of heavy missiles on frigate). But potentially even a rookie ship should be able to carry at least one of any type sub-capital missile/bomb though cruise missiles and bombs might make it handle like a mining barge and cut speeds to half or even 1/3.

If the external ordinance is limited to merely slightly outsized (8x4 light assault pack or 1x2 heavy assault missiles on frigate or 2x2 torpedo pack on destroyer) then 2 modules --- except ship merely one size too low might mount 4 external modules (destroyer might mount 4 - 2x2 heavy missile packs).

Capital missiles could well be available starting on cruisers as very outsized with moderate effects on ship handling. BC should see capital missiles as merely slight outsized and able to mount two modules of the 1x2 pair fired variety. And BS would be able to mount 4 of the 1x2 or even 2x2 modules at upper tiers with relatively slight handling penalties.

All such modules probably use the internal slot for fire control and other support structures and are represented by such modules. Externally I suggest visual representation by bands of duct tape wrapped aroudn ship. LOL - joking but I know its a matter that some people get wrapped around -- gathering ship intelligence via visual appearance and without use of sensors.

Finally although fire control is most obvious wired through high slots, its quite possible that external missile packs might work in the same mid-slots that support EW by using one use internal tracking computers dedicated to that missile/bomb launcher pack or in high slots not normally usable by launchers. Module cost is probably one of the variables that determines the feasibility of such ideas.