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Am I safe jumping through lowsec and nullsec (i.e., just passing through)

Arctic Light Inc.
Arctic Light
#21 - 2012-06-10 07:44:50 UTC
Frankly any short cut through null/low sec given to you by auto pilot is usually camped in one form or another.

Also smart bombs are mainly a caldari space thing, no idea why but I've never seen a one out side caldari space. Shocked
Xi 'xar
Mise en Abyme
#22 - 2012-06-11 08:45:59 UTC
There are a couple tips on my blog (see my signature) for going through lowsec.

Something that hasn't been mentioned (I don't think) is local knowledge - the more you travel through certain areas of lowsec, the more you will be able to spot gatecamps in advance and not simply jump into one or warp ontop of a smartbombing one.

Get to know the locals.

Bossy Lady
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
#23 - 2012-06-11 09:09:54 UTC
Baneken wrote:
Frankly any short cut through null/low sec given to you by auto pilot is usually camped in one form or another.

Also smart bombs are mainly a caldari space thing, no idea why but I've never seen a one out side caldari space. Shocked

I lost a +5 set along with a full set of +5% hardwirings to one in Amarr lo-sec Oops

What maeks it worse is that I had a ping spot on the gate but I was in a hurry to get back home before DT so I just warped straight to the outgate... right into a smartbombing Megathron. Pop went 1.5 bill worth of implants.

Luckily this was in the days before pod killmails showed implants.

Posting on this character because apparently some people get upset when they're asked difficult questions. M.

1st Kameiras Brigade
#24 - 2012-06-11 15:16:26 UTC
Jonas Altol wrote:
This point after much reading is still unclear to me. If I want to travel through a lowsec or nullsec system to get to a particular destination, how safe am I. All I am doing is jumping through (i.e., not visiting any asteroid belts, not putzing around looking for trouble, no autopilot - just getting in and out as quickly as possible enroute elsewhere).

To try to resolve this question I have looked into the components of traveling into and then out of a system:

  1. You jump in and are cloaked (i.e., invulnerable for about 60 seconds)
  2. You align to the gate that you will be using to jump out
  3. You warp to that gate
  4. You decelerate out of warp
  5. You jump to your next system

Now it would seem to me that during point 1 above, you have no worries. At point 2, as you are aligning to warp, you have a window of opportunity for someone to lock your ship and use a warp jammer (disrupter or scrambler) on you. However, can they do this fast enough? If you have pretty fast alignment, because your have trained up your Evasive Maneuvering skill and your ship itself is a frigate or say destroyer it will align and warp relatively quickly. Am I wrong in this?

For step 3 you are in warp and presumably untouchable.

For step 4, there is again a window of opportunity as you are decelerating out of warp before you jump. Can others strike you in this window, it seems longer than the window in step 2, but I am not sure if someone can preven you from jumping with a warp jammer. So, it seems to me that you might take a little damage but will still manage to jump out of the system before you are destroyed, unless there is an entire fleet shooting at you.

Now, I'm still a relative newb, so please explain to me if my logic above if flawed.

If you fly in a fast ship with a fast align time, like an Executioner with inertia stabilizers in the low slots, you should probably be too fast for most people to catch. Shuttles are okay too. Your escape pod has an almost instant align time, so if you just want to fly through low-sec to have a look at it, flying through in your pod is one option.

Also, unless you are in Faction war there isn't much reason to shoot at you anyways in low-sec.

There are times when choke points have their gates camped. In some cases the gate campers use a boosted interceptor which will pretty much capture pretty much anything while the fleet-mates kill it. The Kouromonen gate in Amarr-Minmatar low-sec faction war is such a place.

I was caught in a Kourmonen gate camp once, and it was like hitting a brick wall. My ship was instantly stopped, shield, armor, and hull were removed like the peel off like a banana, then the same thing happened to my pod, and I woke up in my clone.

When you live in low-sec or Null-sec, you have intel channels of your friends to tell you what is going on. "Is the route to your destination clear, or are there enemies?" That way, you can avoid certain systems. Checking the map for 'ships destroyed in the last hour'' helps too.

EVE gives you three alts on each account. Some people create an alt, and with no skills or training put them in a shuttle and use them as a scout for low sec and null sec. Shuttles don't cost very much, they are small and fast and hard to catch, and an alt with low skill points gets free clones, so why not try this if you want to check out low sec and null sec?

As far as null-sec goes, Providence is the most 'newbie safe'. The Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) practices 'Not Red Don't Shoot', (NRDS) which means we don't shoot at anyone that isn't listed as an enemy (bad or terrible standings) to us.

Other places and alliances in null-sec are usually 'Not Blue, Shoot it., (NBSI) which means they will try to shoot anyone who enters their space that they don't recognize as friends (good or excellent standings).
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