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Battleship skill missing

#1 - 2012-05-17 07:20:40 UTC
Today i log in on sisi, and saw that my Caldari Battleship skill is down from level 5 to lvl4 with obout 70% done to lvl5, it's 9D 11H to lvl5. Please fix it. I was on both mass tests and want to spend those SP for Golem, now i need to wait 9 and a half day? ...
Thomas Gallant
Quafe Company Courier Shipping
#2 - 2012-05-17 07:24:34 UTC
What was your battleship skill at on April 10th, and were you training it then? If you were training something else and didn't have it at 5 as of April tenth, it won't be there, as that's when the copy from traqu was made
#3 - 2012-05-17 07:44:25 UTC
I spend free SP from mass test on Caldari Battleship to lvl5. I'm sure yesterday it was lvl5.
Militaris Industries
Northern Coalition.
#4 - 2012-05-17 10:36:48 UTC
You probably forgot to upgrade your clone when you got podded at one point.