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Spheres of Influence Feature Idea

Andre Vauban
Federal Defense Union
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2012-05-14 15:12:08 UTC
Problem Statement:

The Eve universe is too small because capital mobility has enabled traversal of the universe in mere minutes. This enables large alliances to extend their sphere of influence and project their power across the entire universe. This effectively starves conflict between smaller/regional players. This is even more true with time dilation, as everything is now within jump range for the duration of a fight if time dilation kicks in. For example, a fight between smaller players over a low end moon escalates into a large alliance dropping 50+ supers because the smaller players had capitals on the field for more than 5 minutes.

Desired State:

Eve must enable space for conflict between smaller alliances outside the spheres of influence of the larger alliances. Smaller alliances should be able to fight while being reasonable sure they are not about to have 100+ super capitals dropped on them assuming neither smaller alliance has done anything to provoke the wrath of a larger alliance. In other words, a larger alliance can assault smaller alliance outside their sphere of influence with their full military might if they properly plan, but cannot instantly do so when they get an IM about a fight 30 light years away.

Solution Overview:

The solution involves binding the list of potential destinations a capital ships can jump/bridge into. This area would be a sphere of a diameter of X light years where X is determined by CCP to be the desired sphere of influence for an alliance. This sphere is centered on a solar system. This is essentially a second limitation on capital ships in addition to the current jump range limitation. This sphere can be moved to a different central system, but it takes time to do so. When a capital ship attempts to jump/bridge to a cyno, two checks must be performed. The first check is to determine if the destination system is within jump range of my current system (current mechanic). The second check is to determine if the destination system is within the sphere of allowed jumps systems (new mechanic).

Solution Details:

All clones will be created with a standard built in implant called a "Jump Computer". The "Jump Computer" enables a capital pilot to jump into any system within X light years of a central solar system. This will be called the “Jump Sphere”. This could be thought of from an RP angle as the implant performing all the calculations to jump to any system within the sphere but not enough memory is available to compute jumping to the entire universe.
The “Jump Computer” can be reprogrammed to use a different central system. This reprogramming takes 4 hours to complete. During this time, the pilot may still jump to systems within the original sphere. After the 4 hours, the pilot may only jump to systems within the new sphere. When a pilot is podded or jump clones, the “Jump Sphere” is transferred to the new clone.


Alliances cannot project power outside of their “Jump Sphere” unless they planned to do so at least 4 hours prior. This will prevent alliances from piling into conflicts that have no strategic objectives for them. Additionally, this will enable new game play for “burning the fields” while an alliance is away from their home and allow smaller alliances to nibble away at larger alliances while outside their “Jump Sphere”.


Loius Woo
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2012-05-14 17:15:34 UTC
So basically your problem is that big boys break up like guys parties and your solution is a gigantic invisible arbitrary wall between them so they can't do it?

I don't like any game mechanic that involves heavy handed procedural outcome engineering (thats making a mechanic to create certain end state) that is not organic to the universe.

A better idea would be to scale the fuel cost of jumps so that long jumps are harder to do without lots more support... that (if I were in agreement with you at all, which I am not) would be much preferable to a giant invisible wall that says "You shall not pass!" when you try to jump. That is bad game design.
Simi Kusoni
#3 - 2012-05-14 20:50:51 UTC
I agree with the above poster that your solution seems too artificial, however I sympathize with your view of alliance power projection.

CCP seriously need to rework cyno mechanics. I'd have preferred they spent this expansion fixing cyno mechanics to whatever the hell it is they're doing with high sec wars, unfortunately due to the fact that we keep half our alts in high sec we seem to have accidentally convinced CCP management that their game is high sec orientated.

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