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"Planetary Ring mining Capital ship"

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#1 - 2012-05-01 06:05:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Macmuelli

Based on Planetary Ring mining, it could fit a special role for harvesting rare minerals.

In Planterary Rings, there are very smal fields of rare minerals.( Technetium/Promethium, little morphite roids- To smal to harvest them)

This ship could scan such spawns and generate a Field , where minerals within it, are compressed, and will be harvestable.
The ship s role is making this field stabil, that other ships can start mining.

It needs a perma scanning work on the field. Analyzing, and stabilze it via special drones and prepared "probes" on it.
This probes , would be made on the ships in the moment where they needed.

It s completly made for team work.

When Peoples start s mining, there will be a side effect.
Gas clouds - Toxic- High explosive, and if the field isnt stabil, there is a big chance, it explode.

The gas cloud could be harvestet to prevent such a szenario, which would be a chance for a special gas mining ship.

an idea

Would make mining dangerous.

+ Balacing the output - risks versus reward, to do not break the existing Pos mining mechanic would be the tricky work.
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#2 - 2012-06-06 14:38:30 UTC
Seriously Like this IDEA! There's a thread started to Re-purpose the Procurer for gas harvesting, so maybe see this go hand in hand. Question on this though how are you proposing to harvest the rares once compressed? New Crystals and a Hulk or a completely new Strip / standard miner?

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