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[Resource] Obtaining the average damage and resistance of each NPC faction

Syn Fatelyng
#1 - 2012-04-25 03:49:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Syn Fatelyng
I encourage you to read the Reddit thread, which has a FAR more readable layout due to the horrible lack of features and formatting that the EVE forums have.

Rats. We've all interacted with them to some degree, be it Sansha in a level IV mission or Customs & Concord on highsec gates. While there's a general rule of thumb that people apply when it comes to resistances needed for tanking or the most effective damage to deal, I've always felt that it was very imprecise and could use further review. With the scripting help of my sweetheart, and thanks to the data provided by, we've gathered and consolidated copious amounts of data related to the resistances and damage amounts dealt by all npc factions.

I'll cut to the chase and give the details people are expecting:

Update of the year: Thanks to some clever-girl hacking, the sweetheart has completed the latest version of the script. It now also displays the Overall Damage of each faction, which is the combined damage from both turrets and missiles. Use the Overall Damage value for EFT damage profiles, and general tanking calculations .

Rat Resistances and Damage

  • Properly formatted, pastebin link - Updated
  • Asteroid-based NPCs are obviously in system asteroid belts.
  • Deadspace-based NPCs are found in missions, complexes, and similar. All pirate factions.
  • Mission-based NPCs are found in missions, complexes, and similar. Mostly empire-based factions.
  • Other-based NPCs are everything from CONCORD to Customs, Sleepers and Incursion Sansha
  • Due to parsing errors, the second post in this thread will contain the unformatted data.

Technical Details

  • Database pulled from:
  • Our script, that pulls data from the website to parse it: - Updated
  • The script requires Lua 5 or higher, along with LuaSocket. Windows users can find an all-in-one package here
  • To change groups, modify the values here with the [[ Supergroup numbers ]] near the top of the script:
    For instance, if you want to see just asteroid rats, use
    Or if you want to see all of the groups, use

How to read the fields - Percentage signs removed because of CCP's forums.
v-- Faction name
Example Faction EM Exp Kin The <- EM, Explosive, Kinetic, Thermal
Resistances: 50 26 34 42 <- NPC resistances for EM, Explosive, Kinetic, Thermal
Turrets: 26 34 30 8 <- NPC turret damage for EM, Explosive, Kinetic, Thermal
Missiles (13): 0 100 0 0 <- NPC missile damage for EM, Explosive, Kinetic, Thermal
^-- How much of their damage comes from missiles
Overall Damage: 23 43 26 7 <- NPC total damage for EM, Explosive, Kinetic, Thermal
Syn Fatelyng
#2 - 2012-04-25 03:51:18 UTC  |  Edited by: Syn Fatelyng
EVE's forums has too small of a character cap, and horrible formatting. I've removed the section with the numbers because of how incomplete it would look. Either refer to the pastbin information in the first post or visit the Reddit thread, please.