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New Dev Blog: Ewareness for DeBuff-alo Soldiers

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Merciless Reckoning
#181 - 2012-04-19 00:56:11 UTC
Raivi wrote:
That's a pretty sweet new feature.

A really awesome tweak would be if you could ctrl-click on the names that appear when you right click the icon to target the hostile. Anything that reduces the number of nested menus required in combat would be really good.

Also this:
Max Teranous wrote:
I'd really like to see warp scrambling and warp disrupting seperated out into different icons - the 2 effects are very different nowadays. Other than that, cool for a first iteration.

Max Cool

In addendum, just mousing over the icons brings up the list which we may then CTRL+Click on to target. No right-clicking required. ;)
#182 - 2012-04-19 01:47:55 UTC
This looks great! I also agree that timers on the icons (with a different color from module timers to differentiate) along with ctrl-click and an icon for bubbles would be awesome!
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#183 - 2012-04-19 01:52:37 UTC
CCP karkur wrote:
Lyron-Baktos wrote:
CCP karkur

Can you please find out if the effects bar can be moved independently of the main mod/capicator HUD?
The Effects bar is a part of the HUD, and can't be moved from it (at least not the way it's now).

meh, but thanks for the update.

just checked it out on sisi and the effects bar is completely hidden by my targets. oh well
Bhaal Chinnian
#184 - 2012-04-19 02:17:57 UTC
Kievan Arakyd wrote:
A suggestion: allow me to control-click an effect icon to lock whoever is doing it. Alot faster than dealing with the menu.

Lolmer wrote:
In addendum, just mousing over the icons brings up the list which we may then CTRL+Click on to target. No right-clicking required. ;)

Excellent suggestions, in addition to these, I would also like to suggest that the effects bar icons be sorted by RANGE, left to right. Left being closest.

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Debir Achen
Makiriemi Holdings
#185 - 2012-04-19 02:18:52 UTC
One concern: what mechanism is used for ordering the EW icons? I notice that the icons in one picture show Nos, RSD, Web and the other RSD, Nos, Web, ... . IMO, it is useful if they have a consistent order.

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Jas Dor
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#186 - 2012-04-19 03:05:39 UTC
Great, now how about letting me broadcast the people I have jammed to the other guys in fleet so that we don't all Jam the same person?
Ris Dnalor
Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#187 - 2012-04-19 03:08:32 UTC

great new feature!

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  • Qolde
#188 - 2012-04-19 03:16:55 UTC
Ok I hate to be the one negative nancy, but as a jammer pilot (which means I am inherently squishy) this kinda scares the poop out of me. It means that not only am I already the clear primary to the opposing FC, but now every single person that I attempt to jam will have an extra shiny new notification of my efforts and make me extremely easy to counter. Like instapop every time I attempt to jam. As if it isn't bad enough to be flying a blackbird or falcon or rook.

Secondly...Am I the only person who has spent the last couple of years learning to customize my overview correctly? I am of the opinion that if you can't read your overview, or if you have it set so narrow that you don't see all of the crucial info being displayed there (that CCP took the time to not only build concisely, but fully customizeable), you really should not be pvping. I live and breathe overview. Because I have to. Just like everyone else. If you can't see ewar on overview, widen it.

Furthermore, as a jammer pilot my only real defense is either my EWAR itself, or the safety of the rest of the fleet clogging up the enemies overview. As I am not a primary DPS dealer, nor a tank, it seems like I am being punished. There is no shiney new pop up for DPS guys shooting you. So they will be the only ones with the anonymity of the fleet blobbing up the overview. But now my squishy butt is going to stick out like a sore thumb as soon as I attempt to do my job. It sounds like the devs really want alot of dead jam boats. I understand that Caldari ewar is OP compared to the other races, but that is why every race has a specialized eccm option that they can fit if they don't want to get jammed. There are alot of ewar options, but honestly not many are regularly used other than jamming. I really believe that this is going to unfairly balance the game against me and my kind. Jam pilots are a fairly rare breed and we are acutely aware of how squishy we are and how much everyone else hates us; this new feature will seriously dissuade new pilots from pursuing a career as a jammer. They know that if they do, they will be in for a ton of losses. It's a hard sell to tell someone "Yeah, well you ARE going to lose your ship tonight when we go out pvping. Just like every other night. Sorry bud, that's the new life of a jammer. Oh and I'm not buying you a 19th falcon. Sorry. Fly a blackbird."
Barbie D0ll
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#189 - 2012-04-19 03:22:46 UTC
and a very good job I may add
Shaera Taam
Khanid Prime Free Irregulars
#190 - 2012-04-19 04:07:15 UTC
fantastic addition to my overview!

thanks, karkur and co!


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Aperture Harmonics
#191 - 2012-04-19 04:35:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Ampoliros
CCP karkur wrote:
- we cannot simply "ctrl"+click on the icons to target back because the icons do not represent one pilot... they represent that this effect is being applied to you and there can be 10 players that are behind that icon.

Perhaps make it so that one ctrl+click targets the first person applying that ewar to you, and subsequent ctrl+clicks target the next person in the list applying ewar to you that you don't have locked?

edit: Oh, it sorts by name doesn't it. Yay. Lol
Dark Venture Corporation
Kitchen Sinkhole
#192 - 2012-04-19 05:01:39 UTC
Now all we need is more manufacturing slots so we can make more ewar ships and modules :)
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#193 - 2012-04-19 05:26:31 UTC
Maybe it would be a good idea to give each item a fixed position. In a bigger fight when targetet heavily by e-war it might prove difficult to lock that one ceptor that is scrambling you when the symbols keep popping around.

But that aside, me likes.
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#194 - 2012-04-19 05:32:35 UTC
I am jamming to this tune.

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Malakai Asamov
Van Diemen's Demise
Northern Coalition.
#195 - 2012-04-19 05:39:09 UTC
i read most of the thread and stuff, what about ewar drones?
Ralitge boyter
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#196 - 2012-04-19 06:03:50 UTC
I like the idea of being able to see much easier that you are on the receiving end of a ewar module. The previous tiny icons where a huge step forward in the overall ewar situation and I believe that this will once again make ewar more fun for all parties involved.
The Scope
#197 - 2012-04-19 06:08:01 UTC
Excellent work.
Legendary Umbrellas
#198 - 2012-04-19 06:47:19 UTC
Kievan Arakyd wrote:
A suggestion: allow me to control-click an effect icon to lock whoever is doing it. Alot faster than dealing with the menu.


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Mars Theran
Foreign Interloper
#199 - 2012-04-19 06:52:26 UTC
Yeah, this is pretty sweet. Definitely impressed with the changes and the one-shot Titan kill from a noob ship. Smile
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#200 - 2012-04-19 07:00:50 UTC
Great work, but 2 things really need to be done before this hts TQ:

1. The effects area needs to be movable. (Maybe like the target strip) A lot of my ingame friends play with the targets right above the hud for fast selection. If we need to move it up even more it will overlap your ship.

2. Circle timers are mandatory! I don't think this needs explanation.

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