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37m sp pilot and 23m sp pilot looking for new home

#1 - 2012-04-09 19:40:39 UTC
Hello me and my alt are looking for a new place we can call our home.

The main char is a all round pvp able pilot with 3 races of cruiser V
also a part of industrial and PI stuff installed on the hard drive.

98% KB eff with that 2% comes some silly mistakes of either just checking stuff out to just being to rich sometimes.

the alt is a all round industrial character and pve character.
main focus is this char seeing i want to get more depth into industrial stuff aswell as ship manufacturing

What i am looking for:

A place within the EU timezone that has a RL comes first additude.
Due limmited time i have roughly 4maybe even 5 hours a day to play so i want it to be well worth it.

Right now i am loving as a nomad accross new eden due not finding my place or leaving due RL. right now i have been able to combine RL with eve allot better so hence why i made this post.

well shoot your offers and if i think i need to add more then i do it with an edit.

PS. i said for me as my main focus will be industrial with ship building so show me some nice offers of that. If you are just looking for a triggerhappy pilot then u might need to consider again.
BlackLight Jr
#2 - 2012-04-09 20:31:00 UTC
The Black Nova Corp. "Recruiting"

Black Nova Corp. seeks players of all skills and professions. We are looking to recruit people, not accounts.

Black Nova Corp. is made up of pilots who are mature, professional, and team oriented.
“Everyone Fights, Everyone Mines, Everyone Prospers” is the philosophy we live by.
We live in 0.0 and are involved in PVP everyday.

Much of our success lies in its discipline and organization. We recruit people, not accounts, and the result is a very close-knit group of players who put their ships on the line for each other daily, and who dedicate their time to helping Corp-mates with no expectation of payment in return. BNC operates under a semi-socialist system, with money making operations for the Corp periodically throughout the week, and small to large PvP operations happening nightly.

We currently seek:
SKILLED combat pilots. Note that skill! = skill points.
-DEEP SPACE PILOTS. We need those with 0.0 experience, BNC is for fast learners.
-Anyone with dedication, big ideas, and the drive to succeed.

Compulsory Requirements:
-10mil SP+
-TEAMSPEAK. Microphone is required.
-English language is a must.
-Be a PvP focused pilot.

Secondary Requirements:
-Use of out of game forums.
-Adequate weekly play time.
-Mature, professional conduct.
-Ability to follow instructions

We recruit people, not accounts. Black Nova Corp. is not an ordinary corporation. If you can not see yourself in B N C for more than a year, do not apply. We work together for our common goals and benefit, and we are only interested in people who will do the same.

In-game contacts :
- BlackLight Jr, CEO
- KeLLaX
- Gataga
- Johnny3Tears
- Wildcard Alpha
- Tyme Lord


Please note:
-Former members of hostile corps or alliances are often not considered.
-100% dedication is the only level of dedication accepted in B N C Period.
Black Nova Corp. has a solid group of experienced leaders; we offer a mix of roughly 80% veterans, 20% newer members. This is not a corporation, this is a home.

Join channel " Nova PuB. " in-game to speak with B N C members. Convo any of the listed contacts to setup an interview.

To apply, send your full APi to BlackLight Jr for review. A Teamspeak interview will be setup after your background check is complete. Visit “Nova PuB.” In-game for questions.


Regards and Fly Safe
salia Shiar
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2012-04-09 20:33:46 UTC
sending you a mail ni game m8
Zebra Corp
Goonswarm Federation
#4 - 2012-04-09 20:49:54 UTC
> 0.0 PVP corp
> Small Gang upto Large Fleets
> Alliance CTA Replacement Program
> Region Wide PLEXing to support pvp
> Supportive Experienced Corp-mates
> Corp and Alliance Fleets daily
> Join ZC Pub for more info
#5 - 2012-04-10 04:07:43 UTC
Hey -

I think Black Lance has what you're looking for.

- We are based out of 0.0 with Razor Alliance
- We like our PvP like we like our women, active, heavy and aggressive and smelling of booze
- Friendly group, very laid back and always willing to help
- Experienced players
- Top 200 ranked PVP Corp on Battle Clinic
- Very active in US time zone with a growing EU presence in corp - but strong already at the alliance level!
- Use TS3, Mumble, and Jabber
- We have great logistics capabilities if needed - we can help facilitate your easy entry to our home
- Corp also has a web-based resupply site - fittings and ships delivered to your station - just a click away!

Come get some good fights! Application Link - Linky


Try the "Black-Lance Pub" channel. You can talk to a few of the members, and get a feel for the guys and gals there.

EVE Mail me with any questions.
Christopher AET
Lethal Injection Inc.
Pandemic Legion
#6 - 2012-04-10 05:05:31 UTC
Small and experienced pvp corp within a large alliance looking for members to improve our punch.

Great system for ratting and very convenient too. Many fleet ops. I like making things go dead.

Also hugs and cookies,

I drain ducks of their moisture for sustenance.

Kraken Exploration and Janitorial Services
The Initiative.
#7 - 2012-04-10 05:42:51 UTC
Mate i sent you a mail but here is our corp official speel

Infinite Improbability Inc.

We are a 8 year old Corporation.

What We Offer You:

First and foremost - FUN !

* Low Sec/0.0 EU/ US Based TimeZone Corporation
* A chance to pvp against our enemies
* 0.0 Daily PVP Fleet Ops
* 0.0 Outpost Access
* If you Join us we have cake
* WormHole and Industry wing available
* Ship Replacement Program (If lost on Fleet Operation)
* 0.0 Access
* High LVL WH Space
* LvL 4/5 Missions
* Large library of bpo's, Ships produced at production cost [ T1 - T3]

What We Expect In Return:

* Teamwork, the entire corp is built on this premise...the more you put into the corp the more you get in return.

Our Corporation Requirements:

* Must Have a Microphone
* Team Speak 3 - Installed
* Dedication to Corporation goals
* The desire to work as part of a team
* Ability to fly T2 ships
* 25mil SP +
* 18+ Age Requirement
* Limited Api Key (Security Check)
* Joining at least 1 PVP Op per week.

For Questions Or Interview Join Our Recruitment Channel:
#8 - 2012-04-10 15:23:39 UTC
Quite nice offers its going to be hard but i still want a private convo with u guys to see if we are a match that way.

But for now quick after work bump
#9 - 2012-04-11 15:45:26 UTC
only had contact with one of u lot comeon contact me ingame i am going to get online now but arround 16:00 eve time my dinner will be ready so bear with me :)

others are still also allowed hahaha