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My Apology

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Darc Kaahar
Space Men
#601 - 2012-03-27 03:08:48 UTC
This sure is a thread
Vladimir Norkoff
Income Redistribution Service
#602 - 2012-03-27 03:08:53 UTC
Jade Constantine wrote:
When he stands there as CSM chair he is supposed to be representing the player base and acting as an example of good behaviour as an ambassador for the game.
No. He is there acting as himself. The idea that he should change his behaviour simply because he is a CSM and Chairman is completely absurd. This is the guy the player base elected. Twice. Every knows he and the rest of the Goons are colossal asshats. And yet he was still elected by a landslide. If you (and the rest of EvE) don't like it, don't elect him again. Simple as that.

And for the record, I'm not a huge fan of the Goons. If BOB had won so long ago, I would not have shed a tear.
State War Academy
Caldari State
#603 - 2012-03-27 03:09:04 UTC
Man there are alot of hypocrits, well you know what, I was there as well and I am just as guilty then for laughing as the rest of the people present who did. And do you know why they did it? Because, and I know this is surprising to you all, it wasnt about cyberbulling, it was about Eve Online,Sandbox, Virtual World and the CEOs whose alliances dwell in it, however twisted and awesome they are. And of players who choose to be a prey or become a hunter.

Dont make me /wrists from all this awefull posting. Btw time for lunch
Goonswarm Federation
#604 - 2012-03-27 03:09:23 UTC
Rob Daphiti wrote:
Yeah he can't grief you out of the game if you on a alt. Post with you main so he can take revenge! Its what eve is all about! GRIEF!

Exactly why NPC alts are not worth listening to.

Twitter: @EVEAndski

"It's easy to speak for the silent majority. They rarely object to what you put into their mouths."    - Abrazzar

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#605 - 2012-03-27 03:09:27 UTC
Jade Constantine wrote:

Well lol tbh, I kinda revealed that I worked as a marketing consultant when I ran for CSM the first time - what exactly is your point?

(as mud throwing goes thats a bit random/surrealist)

you roleplay space prostitutes. I am not making this up, Jade Constantine literally roleplays a prostitute in a space brothel.
JTK Fotheringham
Ducks in Outer Space
#606 - 2012-03-27 03:09:49 UTC
The Mittani wrote:
This has been hanging over my head since Thursday when I stumbled away from the Alliance Panel with a vague sense that I had done something horrible....I certainly don't want people to kill themselves in real life over an internet spaceship game, no matter what I may say or do within the game itself. CCP may say 'EVE is Real', but EVE is not real - and the line between the game and reality should not be overstepped.

If I could go back in time and not have included the slide mentioning the miner, I would do so. While the Eve Online character "The Mittani" would never apologize for any sort of villany in game, I myself, as Alex Gianturco, feel utterly ashamed and sickened by my behavior.

I'm just trying to get my head around the level of disappointment and disgust I feel hearing about this.

Mittens got my vote(s) for CSM because I think he played a large part in kicking CCP into line last year. But this was utterly counter productive. At the Fanfest where CCP announce a marketing drive that can only be good for the game, the very next week's interwebz headlines are about this. Thanks, it's not as if EVE is already a hard sell or anything.

Well done on undermining the game we all care about. This is as bad as Hilmar's killmail, but since The Mittani's elected, I get say I would like to see not a rethink on his part, but a resignation. Man up, you utter coward.

And please, the "I was drunk" excuse? Or worse still, the sad suggestion that this is the sort of thing his in-game character would do, but that he blurred the line? This was part of a planned presentation, by an elected representative of the players, where he encouraged player harrasment. That alone ought to get him a ban - not only because higher profile ought to carry steeper penalties, but because there is simply no level where this is acceptable in a game. The fact that he even suspected the guy might have been suicidal when he did this... pathetic.

Just resign already.

Tribal Liberation Distribution and Retail
#607 - 2012-03-27 03:10:07 UTC
The Mittani wrote:
It's one thing to play a villain in an online roleplaying game - when I post on these forums or on twitter, I usually do so as 'The Mittani', and do my level best to convince everyone that I'm an unrepentant space villain, as that kind of facade provides an in-game advantage to me and my alliance. But I am not that character in real life, as anyone who has met me can attest. I went way, way, /way/ past the line on Thursday night by mocking the Mackinaw miner at a real-life event. I, as a person, am not the entity that I play in EVE; I am not actually a sociopath or a sadist, and I certainly don't want people to kill themselves in real life over an internet spaceship game, no matter what I may say or do within the game itself. CCP may say 'EVE is Real', but EVE is not real - and the line between the game and reality should not be overstepped.

Mittens, I had no idea that you were such an avid member of EVE's roleplaying community!

Whether or not you win the game matters not.  It's if you bought it.

Killer Gandry
The Concilium Enterprises
#608 - 2012-03-27 03:10:16 UTC
Andski wrote:

Anybody who is afraid of expressing their views from their main characters is not worth listening to.

And anyone using his main and isn't agreeing with you and your kin is a sperg.

Yes yes we already know that rethoric.
It was original a few years ago but the internet is fast and unforgiving.

Princess Nana
#609 - 2012-03-27 03:10:17 UTC
Since he was re-elected that means he was in the position long enough to know what conduct is acceptable and what is not. An apology therefore does not cut the mustard. His vile conduct was not representative of the eve community.
esc shk
Okay Sax
#610 - 2012-03-27 03:10:46 UTC
I love you Krutoj. Physically
Tanya Powers
#611 - 2012-03-27 03:10:53 UTC
Headerman wrote:

You're a better man than just another dog with a bunch of mad dogs beating down the cat. It's not a Mittens take down any more right now just in case you haven't noticed, it's Alex their target, this is what just became disgusting in this thread.
I really hope you are a better man than that, if not, then I just made a fool of my self.
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#612 - 2012-03-27 03:10:58 UTC
Ice Fist wrote:

Look at you, accusing others of being mindless while being obviously biased yourself.

Stay tuned as me and my co-host fellate each other after these commercials! Oh, my word what an amazing show we have here! I hate goons so much I can't make it through a show without a snide remark! Oh, a goon did a THING you say! I'll be on that like stink on ****! LOOKOUT, IT'S GOOGLE ADSENSE TO THE RESCUE!"

Nothing you say matters, Jade. When we see other posters, all you see is dollar signs.

Although in your case, it's probably more like that 9/10ths of a cent on the end of gas prices.
Marduk Nibiru
Chaos Delivery Systems
#613 - 2012-03-27 03:11:35 UTC
Krixtal Icefluxor wrote:
Marduk Nibiru wrote:
[ fact, I would put a great deal of money betting down that you're in AA or NA. Never ceases to amaze me how much peolpe who've "recovered" from substance abuse end up trying to convert everyone into thinking they've all got the same problem.

As a member of is a program of promotion NOT ATTRACTION.

Nobody in AA ever, ever 'converts' or even mentions to someone that they have an 'issue'. That is up for the alcoholic to realize. Talking to a using alcoholic does not work. Never has, never will. I threw myself into a rehab in 1997 by my own hand, nobody else's.

Good for you. I can't count the number of AA blowhards that have tried to convince me I've got a problem and try to convert me to their way of looking at things. Hell, I was forced to go by the government when I was 16 because I got caught with a beer in my hand.


Next time, type about recovery and AA and things related when you actually know what you are talking about.

If I don't, then nobody does. Plain and simple. You don't know **** all about me or my experiences, and your arrogant assumption that you do is pretty much par for the course with you blowhards in my experience.
Atomic Virulent
#614 - 2012-03-27 03:11:55 UTC
We should call you Mel Gibson from now on..


Funny thing about sociopaths is that they ALWAYS act like sociopaths. They also blame everyone and everything but themselves. The simple fact that the Goon nation is made up of the scum from the sociopathic is why not a single GOON has the dignity nor the morality to stop towing the alliance line (for fear of exile no doubt) and say that you deserve to be a) removed from the CSM henceforth and forever and b) removed from EvE Online henceforth and forever.

Be a man and leave. Or, I guess you could hope that CCP doesn't do the right thing, eternal biomass.

~ 49,000 ~
Highauger's animated corpse
Jove Observation And Neutrality Negotiations Act
#615 - 2012-03-27 03:12:30 UTC
This apology seems very real to me.

Further, I doubt even the trolls believe
that Alex does not regret his words at
that panel. Let's face it, it wasn't pretty.

As for the calls to resign?
Get a grip, this is eve online, anyone
who resubbed after the first month
knows the score.

A further apology? Continue the tireless
work you have done so far to bring
CCP and the player base closer together,
I cannot think of a harder form of penance.

..and dye that beard the colour of Wiz choice
for a month.
Princess Bride
#616 - 2012-03-27 03:13:12 UTC
Alex is an admitted sadist. Actually he brags about it. Anyone who was surprised by what they saw hasn't been reading his comments in his own CSM election thread. What, you thought goons roleplay? Big smile Of course he's exactly the same out of game as in game.

In vino veritas.

Sympathies to the small percentage of goons who are coming to a realization. They thought they were following Mussolini incarnate but really he's just a drunken buffoon made possible only by CCP's glamorization of sadism. It really is sad in a way.

Theodoric Darkwind
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#617 - 2012-03-27 03:13:17 UTC
Jade Constantine wrote:

You are about as independent as a monkey on an organ-grinder's chain.

Be careful your goonhate is showing.

And you are now resorting to broad generalizations about goons and the CFC in general.

So by your infinite wisdom all of us in the CFC must be a bunch of brainwashed sheep who follow mittani like some sort of god emperor. By your standards an "independent pilot" has to be some elitiest, e-honor, white knight.

Nobody in the CFC was forced to vote for mittani, everyone that voted for him did it because they wanted him as CSM chair. Mittani and Dovinian were put on the CSM to represent the interests of over 15000 players, and by extension the multitudes of other players outside of the CFC who probably dont even realize that the CSM was making the game better for them too (you can thank CSM6 under mittani's leadership for crucible).
Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
#618 - 2012-03-27 03:13:24 UTC
Daviclond wrote:
Jade Constantine wrote:

Well lol tbh, I kinda revealed that I worked as a marketing consultant when I ran for CSM the first time - what exactly is your point?

(as mud throwing goes thats a bit random/surrealist)

you roleplay space prostitutes. I am not making this up, Jade Constantine literally roleplays a prostitute in a space brothel.

I have a funny story about the time chief of goon intelligence sent that exact accusation to one of my clients at a London telecoms company. Was pretty funny explaining how seriously a clan of internet spaceship warriors took PR and RL character assassination in the universe of new eden over coffee and donuts that morning. Even more ironically the guy in charge of "good intel" back then was one Mittani. What a coincidence!

(PS when goons are desperate they tell lots of lies about people.)

The True Knowledge is that nothing matters that does not matter to you, might does make right and power makes freedom

Amity Lane
Hek Mining Association
#619 - 2012-03-27 03:13:46 UTC
Powers Sa wrote:
Amity Lane wrote:
Jade Constantine wrote:
Kitfox Mikakka wrote:
Jade Constantine wrote:
And as you are seeing from the responses of genuine independent eve players in this thread - its simply not acceptable.

And you're completely ignoring every single independent eve player who's saying they support him and his apology. But that's no real surprise.

You goons really aren't saying anything apart from "la la la I'm not listening la la la" (and putting your hands over your ears while reading out prepared memes somebody else made earlier.)

It's seemed to me in my whole 12 hours of forum experience that that's the status quo. "If I shout it loud enough, it'll become the truth."

The truth is, unfortunately, the one thing nobody is really confronting:

Resignations promised: 1
Resignations: 0

I really hope CCP doesn't have to step in here (for business reasons or whatnot). I think it's important that The Mittani act of his own accord, and either step down or announce his intention to stay. In real-world politics we don't get to just replace our elected officials, but we definitely get to pressure them into action and if they refuse to take said action they don't get re-elected. This should be no different.

The social depth of this game is already making this noob very, very happy with his new gaming home. :)

Get out forum alt.
Edit: parachute alts are disregarded. Post on your main.

As I've posted several times through this whole thing (including in the very post you quoted) I'm a new player. Not an alt.

Not that it matters anyway. Who cares who says something? Isn't the content of the message what's important?
Atomic Virulent
#620 - 2012-03-27 03:13:55 UTC
"Guys, it was the alcohol"

- Jeffrey Dahmer