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New dev blog: The Eve Online Launcher: T-minus not that much

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Black Aces
Goonswarm Federation
#161 - 2012-03-20 22:53:20 UTC
Scatim Helicon wrote:
Levaria wrote:
Oh Lawdy.. The launcher is causing massive lag and stuttering for me when it starts patching... In addition the patching process has now become painfully slow with the new launcher. I was able to update eve literally within seconds and maybe a minute or two for the massive patches and expansions....Ive been stuck under 10% for over 7 minutes now...sigh....

Pretty much this. Races to 15%, and sits there doing nothing, disconnecting all my other internet applications while it does so.

Thanks a lot for this.

Same issue, Although... i do get to 25%.

Also, another issue is that i get "Sorry, an error has occured. The server was unable to handle your request" when i try and file a petition to report this.

Look, if the launcher doesnt work, give us a workaround. I've followed all the directions that i could possibly find to try and solve this issue.

If something doesnt work, fix it. End of Story. (or dont put it out)

No other programs have the slightest problem running on my computer, ergo, it's CCP's problem.
Rittik Rhonbor
Penumbra Military Industrial Complex
#162 - 2012-03-25 16:35:09 UTC
I have a problem with the hyperlinks in the Launcher. It doesn't matter what I click on Internet Explorer opens with a blank window not on any eve web page. It behaves this way on all of my computers (All running Windows 7). Any Suggestions?
Illwill Bill
End of employment history
#163 - 2012-03-26 08:33:38 UTC
Oh dear...

The new patching process is painfully slow for me. While the blog mentions the first patch will be slow, this is bordering on silly.

CCP, does the launcher maintain a log, and if so, does it send it to you automatically? Some real-life data might help optimising this process a bit.