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Announcement:EVE Launcher - Feedback and issues
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CCP Phantom
597221,959802017.07.17 12:16
Sir Constantin Go to last post
Launcher is transparent non-usable
31,82412016.06.11 01:45
Neorin Zolgar Go to last post
How large is the new launcher?
Joia Crenca
41,41202016.06.11 00:33
Joia Crenca Go to last post
Download Everything
Bishop Bob
421,57812016.06.10 22:12
Bishop Bob Go to last post
Installation Question
034702016.06.10 22:11
MarketRunner Go to last post
Launcher... Again..
252202016.06.10 11:05
Jaantrag Go to last post
EvE launcher issue
Asmodeus Shardani
034502016.06.10 10:50
Asmodeus Shardani Go to last post
Edit launcher profile.
41,71102016.06.10 08:40
Koebmand Go to last post
new launcher
Klaw Athonille
595912016.06.09 20:15
ISD Max Trix Go to last post
Launcher does not launch EVE
51,08102016.06.09 19:45
WarByrd MonsterCop Go to last post
Launcher won't Load.
Kanda Melanar
64,00702016.06.07 14:53
Kanda Melanar Go to last post
Client goes to black screen with music after logging in
Meridius Dex
11,23002016.06.07 04:27
Five All Go to last post
EVE Launcher GUI version 1.935
CCP nLock
287102016.06.06 04:22
Baboo Yagu Go to last post
Help with Profiles on New Launcher
Sepheir Sepheron
21,28112016.06.03 21:52
Crosi Wesdo Go to last post
EVE Launcher version 1024032
CCP Snorlax
62,10602016.06.02 15:36
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
What is the Point of Profile copying?
Rocky Ford
163822016.06.01 11:45
AnzacPaul Go to last post
Launcher hang
048402016.05.30 07:07
Azzadal Go to last post
avsst block sisi client
Mecatama Mk2
31,27902016.05.27 18:02
Reaglina Jenkens Go to last post
Tranqulity showing as offline, but can still play game
Baboo Yagu
113,09712016.05.27 13:28
CCP raRaRa Go to last post
Cannot Launch Client
Calll Wain
31,69302016.05.19 18:30
Unburied Horror Go to last post
Slow Launcher
Sen Theia
63,27302016.05.17 14:52
Sen Theia Go to last post
If you are going to do daily patches...
Jorrd Ceribrius
040002016.05.13 00:45
Jorrd Ceribrius Go to last post
new launcher patch 1038860 verification failure
Java Joe Nicotine
52,03002016.05.12 20:28
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
EVE Launcher version 1037417
CCP Snorlax
112,95002016.05.11 20:53
Maja Chou Go to last post
Re-ordering multiple clients in taskbar
Alyx Finley
264302016.05.11 06:10
Jaantrag Go to last post
maintenancetool.exe deleted by Kaspersky Internet Security
114,78412016.05.08 11:39
Starain Go to last post
[Fixed] Launcher issue with accounts
Vihane Finnexus
044402016.05.08 08:59
Vihane Finnexus Go to last post
Launcher wont work
Jormungand Farsen
31,13102016.05.07 00:24
m4ster112 Go to last post
Not Responding
Renegade Leader
050202016.05.06 02:38
Renegade Leader Go to last post
Why does not the camera?
Exolon Zoo
036102016.05.04 16:06
Exolon Zoo Go to last post