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Announcement:EVE Launcher - Feedback and issues
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CCP Phantom
597224,748802017.07.17 12:16
Sir Constantin Go to last post
GUI 1.979
CCP nLock
31,28302016.06.27 01:32
Rain6637 Go to last post
new launcher freezing and crashing
Pod Bot90
73,64512016.06.26 12:05
Pod Bot90 Go to last post
can't log in to sisi because unsubscribed? even though I have su...
Ramond Hessel
030902016.06.26 01:57
Ramond Hessel Go to last post
British MaceWindu WhatismyName
032602016.06.26 00:14
British MaceWindu WhatismyName Go to last post
Launcher accounts wiped
HellGate fr
71,87022016.06.25 18:51
Axhind Go to last post
Launcher forgets all but two accounts
124,71212016.06.24 12:26
CCP nLock Go to last post
SSL error with new launcher
Dinkler Aurilen
52,48002016.06.23 15:55
Dinkler Aurilen Go to last post
facebook spying on you in new launcher
Jessie Wallace
050002016.06.21 23:58
Jessie Wallace Go to last post
Eve Certificate issues
386202016.06.20 20:29
Hipqo Go to last post
cannot connect to tranquility
Air Jin
32,35502016.06.20 14:34
Air Jin Go to last post
[Solved]Launcher Stuck at 65.4%
151102016.06.18 19:46
Olivia Rs Go to last post
How do I set new launcher to close automatically when I launch EVE?
Kenneth Endashi
62,02312016.06.18 03:55
Kenneth Endashi Go to last post
027802016.06.18 01:45
caliava Go to last post
Invisible Launcher - Windows 10
Lord Nock
01,32902016.06.17 01:17
Lord Nock Go to last post
024502016.06.16 16:56
Baumarkt Go to last post
New Launcher Help Videos?
Pasheer Herrick
030502016.06.16 10:50
Pasheer Herrick Go to last post
Steam accounts and new launcher.
Tavari Minrathos
11,02802016.06.16 08:49
Zarkian Edwards Go to last post
New launcher and WIndows 7 ssl handshake issue.
Darth Donut
22,07702016.06.15 21:52
Darth Donut Go to last post
Installed new launcher 2 day ago. Today non launcher login no works.
61,05632016.06.15 19:10
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
Beta/New launcher not importing overview/settings
153202016.06.15 11:46
Steve Ronuken Go to last post
Index not avialable 0%
Zarkian Edwards
150302016.06.14 23:24
Zarkian Edwards Go to last post
Client Settings under the new launcher
Malou Hashur
364512016.06.14 22:35
PhantomMajor Go to last post
New Launcher: Profile and Accounts get reset after an update
Mad Vemane
052102016.06.14 16:32
Mad Vemane Go to last post
Lost all settings after launcher update
43,24702016.06.14 14:52
Joia Crenca Go to last post
New Launcher - will not install
Sean M
41,88222016.06.14 01:54
ISD Max Trix Go to last post
Launcher installation file - will not execute
Sean M
41,18802016.06.13 21:59
Sean M Go to last post
Do I have to unistall stuff first before I install the new launcher?
71,32732016.06.13 01:23
Sobaan Tali Go to last post
new launcher
Palu Whoda
41,00002016.06.12 15:11
Spc One Go to last post
Installing *just* the new launcher
Duke Garland
36,69602016.06.11 16:32
Duke Garland Go to last post