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Announcement:EVE Launcher - Feedback and issues
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CCP Phantom
597225,027802017.07.17 12:16
Sir Constantin Go to last post
Launcher updating never ending?
Janikl Janeczek
030502016.07.27 01:58
Janikl Janeczek Go to last post
Launcher updated, says it is "Ready" but fails to start an...
062702016.07.26 22:39
Zunnta Go to last post
New launcher with Multiple accounts and screens
Killa Hamster
31,74402016.07.26 11:48
Pasheer Herrick Go to last post
Launcher not working for me anymore
Ilder Alar
154302016.07.25 21:04
Ilder Alar Go to last post
Launcher Error
Arakoinae Veldor
31,99112016.07.25 16:10
Ceasar Kafshaz Go to last post
isBoxer and new launcher
Moiraine Ijonen
63,33302016.07.22 10:46
Ethan Dauner Go to last post
Yet another launcher problem
Ophelia Lemm
044302016.07.21 05:25
Ophelia Lemm Go to last post
Launcher not launching & unable to submit bug report
62,13432016.07.20 21:53
Kenrailae Go to last post
Launcher wont even start
Tinukeda'ya Naskingar
143902016.07.20 21:42
Kenrailae Go to last post
Bug Report over the Launcher makes no Bug Report and eat my Message.
Thargan Thegol
034212016.07.18 17:29
Thargan Thegol Go to last post
Launcher Loses My Settings - Bug Report Function Also Does Not Work
Bad Bobby
366812016.07.17 12:09
Thargan Thegol Go to last post
Where are all my Bugreports ?
Thargan Thegol
250302016.07.17 12:04
Thargan Thegol Go to last post
launcher wont render
max Tekitsu
31,05402016.07.16 06:56
max Tekitsu Go to last post
Transfer Eve to another computer
Lara Agnon
062102016.07.15 06:23
Lara Agnon Go to last post
Feedback launcher
Maximillian Logos
173102016.07.13 13:38
CCP Maxwell Go to last post
Launcher GUI v1000
CCP nLock
058002016.07.11 12:13
CCP nLock Go to last post
Could not write file
Fran Kanenald
01,39402016.07.09 13:18
Fran Kanenald Go to last post
Update to EVE Launcher GUI v. 1.968
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CCP nLock
14334,165582016.07.07 09:22
Random User83 Go to last post
Motion sickness with new dock & undock actions
thor-zeda ort
274802016.07.05 19:15
CCP Darwin Go to last post
What components are required to run the Launcher?
Aoi Litvyak
028402016.07.05 17:42
Aoi Litvyak Go to last post
Removal of GTM and DoubleClick (GUI 1.985)
CCP nLock
31,81902016.07.04 12:55
CCP Maxwell Go to last post
Removal of Animations in GUI (v1.993) to decrease CPU usage.
CCP nLock
172322016.07.02 03:36
Gracea Blout Go to last post
Updating the launcher forces me to reinstall the game? [solved]
112,15652016.07.01 12:13
ISD Max Trix Go to last post
Cant connect
Navigation Hazard
51,18822016.07.01 09:08
Jim Nastik Go to last post
Why does the new client intergrate with DoubleClick?
Oli Picard
173,52782016.06.30 07:56
CCP nLock Go to last post
Canceling cache verification deleted all downloaded assets
Miss 'Assassination' Cayman
038702016.06.30 01:53
Miss 'Assassination' Cayman Go to last post
EVE Forums in the launcher
LUH-3417 Ormand
027602016.06.29 22:05
LUH-3417 Ormand Go to last post
[Solved] High CPU usage after launcher update
CCP nLock
105,09912016.06.29 17:14
CCP nLock Go to last post
Decoding Error
63,75802016.06.29 16:14
Lenai Chelien Go to last post