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Announcement:EVE Launcher - Feedback and issues
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CCP Phantom
597212,041802017.07.17 12:16
Sir Constantin Go to last post
Trying to create a Steam Account
11,24102017.03.14 21:12
Treycore Go to last post
Launcher White Screen [ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
4219,03312017.03.13 17:54
David Hareka Go to last post
Realm Charante
03,55002017.03.12 22:20
Realm Charante Go to last post
Клиент не запускает игру
05,00902017.02.05 07:46
Felicsis Go to last post
Warning of incoming Shard Shutdowns needed.
Tyurru Varrys
21,17302017.01.30 19:06
Ice Raven Go to last post
Devs - Is your game growing?
Masao kah
05,14302017.01.30 06:05
Masao kah Go to last post
Ability to transport possessions between stations?
Kelter Demezack
295002017.01.26 22:05
Guypush Thriftwood Go to last post
mining drone mechanics
04,49702017.01.26 15:14
garthikus Go to last post
Two suggestions
Xenopha Cadelanne
03,82502017.01.24 19:24
Xenopha Cadelanne Go to last post
New Pilot Feedback
Shingeno Asanari
03,93402017.01.17 17:56
Shingeno Asanari Go to last post
Error message: could not copy files for tranquility
Lyra Everstar
1016,69012017.01.17 16:59
K'rog Go to last post
Change "Play" button caption to "Launching" when...
Vic Vorlon
03,72502017.01.13 17:07
Vic Vorlon Go to last post
How to/or being able to uncheck tactical inferface, right mouse clic...
Alexx Ambraelle
03,78302017.01.11 17:57
Alexx Ambraelle Go to last post
164,918142017.01.10 08:56
Aurora Kattardyr Go to last post
Very simple, yet highly desired QOL change.
Frozen Cabbages
03,65302017.01.08 16:40
Frozen Cabbages Go to last post
Copying UI settings across chars/accounts
Aunt Sally
12,98202017.01.05 07:54
Jaantrag Go to last post
Launcher crash again. Favorite game. Worst support ever.
Ryan Eriker
103,27332017.01.04 09:13
Lassao Takarinn Go to last post
cool down period
Princess Androiette
295202017.01.02 23:33
Princess Androiette Go to last post
White screen on launcher.
124,73002017.01.02 20:43
Razer Amatin Go to last post
Starting EVE-Clients on Windows with high process priority
02,80802016.12.30 22:48
Mitram Go to last post
Launcher problem
03,20202016.12.17 11:43
YAVRUM Go to last post
Launcher Certificate Error ... [ Pages: 1, 2, 3 ]
Feu dAstres
5018,002112016.12.16 19:46
Gilion Braveheart Go to last post
Character Selection Screen Lock-Up
Dornier Pfeil
41,42602016.12.15 13:01
Hawk Roxy Go to last post
New Launcher is Missing Steam Login
Alexicia James
11,96702016.12.13 22:22
Horrorizer Devers Go to last post
Inventory usability: Rightclick to split a stack in two
Johnny Titan Junior
02,91802016.12.10 06:46
Johnny Titan Junior Go to last post
How to reinstall prior version of Launcher
Bingo Todako
21,00502016.12.08 06:42
Bingo Todako Go to last post
Alphas in danger
Luma Qirna
41,39102016.12.07 23:27
Peter Sharplin Go to last post
Free to play hahahaha
Grim Choice
11,80232016.12.07 23:26
Peter Sharplin Go to last post
EVE Dosent work on windows 10
166,26612016.12.04 18:08
Fynite Hita Go to last post