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Announcement:EVE Launcher - Feedback and issues
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CCP Phantom
597225,340802017.07.17 12:16
Sir Constantin Go to last post
Where is the dirt and rust display setting?
Adeline Lachance
21,05512016.03.14 21:48
Adeline Lachance Go to last post
Can I delete the *win.patch files?
Desra Mascani
176102016.03.13 20:22
Desra Mascani Go to last post
Client Freezes, Cannot Issue Bug Report, Ready to Rage Quit this Gam...
Horus Hemah
31,35212016.03.12 06:24
Fred Gurista Go to last post
"could not write file" window
Licio Caleb
97,91602016.03.10 22:30
Dimitri Thara Go to last post
Mac EVELauncher - consumes more and more ram
Amarisen Gream
31,04302016.03.10 14:39
woooooooooooo Go to last post
March Patch release. Ship counter gone?
Skyrider Deathknight
166102016.03.09 20:35
Helios Anduath Go to last post
beta launcher not working anymore
Viserion Pavarius
164602016.03.09 00:21
Helios Anduath Go to last post
Launcher screwed up again.
HarleyDavidson Nightrain
44,34822016.03.08 19:00
Sabotaged Go to last post
EVE Launcher version 1016420
CCP Snorlax
279902016.03.08 04:08
Sly F0X Go to last post
EVE Launcher version 1014967
CCP Snorlax
123,08202016.03.07 11:16
Darkblad Go to last post
Launcher constantly having to "copy files"
Sithlord Revan
62,21122016.03.06 12:07
Somethingski Go to last post
My feedback and experience with the newlauncher
To be Biomassed
377012016.03.05 06:29
To be Biomassed Go to last post
Login Problem
Sicarea Ducati
31,75742016.03.04 21:14
Dude In Charge Go to last post
EVE Launcher version 1014041
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CCP Snorlax
228,792132016.03.04 14:09
Aliya Equilibrim Go to last post
The page was not displayed because there was a conflict.
Slater Tress
43,88212016.03.04 14:01
Svipull Go to last post
how remove account name from new launcher?
Jimy F
52,89702016.03.03 22:23
Veela Svazi Go to last post
Error - 'This webpage is not available'
Denver White
31,61502016.03.03 10:45
Denver White Go to last post
Nina Nobuna
038002016.03.03 06:42
Nina Nobuna Go to last post
Launcher error
Kuro Ryo
079102016.03.01 22:15
Kuro Ryo Go to last post
Small criticism of new launcher.
Kennedy Lincoln
51,63022016.03.01 17:07
Velarra Go to last post
EVE Launcher version 1010659
CCP Snorlax
112,40302016.03.01 15:14
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
Steam account can't log in on Singularity
Hans Henriques
076502016.02.29 23:38
Hans Henriques Go to last post
EVE Launcher version 1011198
CCP Snorlax
31,40502016.02.29 22:48
annoing Go to last post
EVE Launcher GUI version 1.850
CCP nLock
51,37802016.02.28 10:25
Jaantrag Go to last post
Eve launcher fail to apply patch
Kagura Nikon
21,07602016.02.24 23:43
Kagura Nikon Go to last post
Launcher crashes on Startup
Capri Sun KraftFoods
24,02502016.02.24 18:18
Capri Sun KraftFoods Go to last post
Flight animation
Umbari Kado
155102016.02.22 23:53
Raphendyr Nardieu Go to last post
double login possible?
Hirisho Presolana
283302016.02.22 23:42
Raphendyr Nardieu Go to last post
Returning player with tech issue (Launcher). Flame me but help me.
FoxGlove Farah
143402016.02.22 16:55
Dorijan Go to last post