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Announcement:EVE Launcher - Feedback and issues
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CCP Phantom
597221,946802017.07.17 12:16
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EVE Launcher version 1036602
CCP Snorlax
72,28732016.05.04 09:34
Mister Ripley Go to last post
Launcher - resource hogging
Amarisen Gream
484702016.05.04 02:19
Amarisen Gream Go to last post
I need help with Resource loading and payment issues but Support AFK
Valin Ozran
040402016.05.01 18:21
Valin Ozran Go to last post
launcher won't relanch
zarozinia nervista
393302016.04.28 20:17
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
Launcher bug
270702016.04.28 17:12
lawtz Go to last post
My Launcher won't work
Betty Aldara
51,81712016.04.26 23:56
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
[Solved] "Launcher for EVE Online has stopped working"
Athena Manimity
01,86402016.04.21 04:06
Athena Manimity Go to last post
What does the launcher download each day?
Baboo Yagu
31,20312016.04.18 23:30
CCP Snorlax Go to last post
New Launcher on Steam - Beta code
CCP Maxwell
65,72332016.04.18 20:49
Ben Apokalyp Go to last post
Client wont launch
Tsalla Daphiti
187,68912016.04.10 16:55
Scandal L Go to last post
dualbox and crash....
041202016.04.08 15:13
Malethik Go to last post
Configuration of HTTP Proxy for the Launcher
Kefevs Pirkibo
53,33432016.04.07 14:37
Castelo Selva Go to last post
Launcher stuck on version 1018996 GUI 1906
Digger Rin
21,00802016.04.06 11:55
Digger Rin Go to last post
Launcher Error
41,33222016.04.01 19:58
oldymcflow Go to last post
Launch with windows?
Tawna Crendraven
156602016.03.30 18:11
Jaantrag Go to last post
Can't download new updates [finally worked]
Rynask Wolf
045802016.03.30 17:15
Rynask Wolf Go to last post
Ozz Burtus
053902016.03.28 20:37
Ozz Burtus Go to last post
EVE Launcher version 1021473
CCP Snorlax
31,22812016.03.27 16:18
Elithiel en Gravonere Go to last post
Eve dead 1 hours before downtime
Idame Isqua
393822016.03.27 10:57
Mike Mercwood Go to last post
Launcher does not show correct server status
Paula Myok
171802016.03.27 10:40
Paula Myok Go to last post
EVE Launcher version 1018996
CCP Snorlax
51,80712016.03.26 14:29
Primary This Rifter Go to last post
Automatically Selecting Server Upon Launch?
Jordan Loppie
268202016.03.24 03:48
Jordan Loppie Go to last post
Can't install EVE (running launcher gives error)
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Dante Freedan
217,38712016.03.23 11:24
Dante Freedan Go to last post
Can´t open my new launcher (Error message included)
Robur Maximus
21,04402016.03.23 01:55
Robur Maximus Go to last post
Launcher Keeps Prompting for Update
Rollo Brinalle
82,90102016.03.22 22:13
Joia Crenca Go to last post
EVE Launcher Issues - Can't Login/Launch
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Arielle en Distel
214,75912016.03.19 11:08
CCP Darwin Go to last post
EVE Launcher version 995234
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CCP Snorlax
238,35802016.03.18 01:14
Sgt SaveAHoe Go to last post
Directx library
Dart Ofrez
61,55312016.03.16 20:07
Dart Ofrez Go to last post
Can't install EVE
Dante Freedan
141,84602016.03.16 14:33
ISD Fractal Go to last post