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Announcement:Live Event Resources
CCP Falcon
028,20612012.12.06 11:18
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Is the Capsular Loyalty Thread Being Updated?
Kahar Dex
103,117172015.09.01 12:57
Yockerbow Go to last post
What would be the outcome?
Lane Wyeth-VII
143,07522015.08.31 21:12
Lane Wyeth-VII Go to last post
Ship scanning - Suspect Flag
Nohmohr Meeht
62,83222015.08.28 16:56
Torrent Talon Go to last post
Scope videos
helana Tsero
92,528132015.08.24 22:40
helana Tsero Go to last post
Amarr Empress Assassinated in Surprise Attack
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Pryce Caesar
257,87492015.08.23 17:44
Pryce Caesar Go to last post
Lane Wyeth-VII
21,53312015.08.22 02:42
ISD FlowingSpice Go to last post
FCORD is reactivated. Get involved with the latest Live Events!
Ace Echo
72,561132015.08.17 00:32
Markus Reese Go to last post
"Lore Dec" concept released on Biomassed podcast
Lisbeth Sebiestor
51,79512015.08.11 20:38
Lisbeth Sebiestor Go to last post
Storyline and RP summaries
31,72022015.07.26 03:48
Sakaane Eionell Go to last post
New Story line for Empress and Amarr
Luther Mandrix1 Hemanseh
93,41512015.07.23 09:32
ISD Dorrim Barstorlode Go to last post
Share Your Screenshots from the Jamyl Sarum Attendance Ceremony Toda...
51,65222015.07.22 14:36
Sgt Ocker Go to last post
[MOVED] Player run event: Memorial service for Hilen Tukoss ; July 2...
ISD Decoy
083202015.07.19 00:33
ISD Decoy Go to last post
(Event suggestion) The Drifters have landed!
Lisbeth Sebiestor
11,52912015.07.05 08:44
Borascus Go to last post
Drifters on gates now
Unconsidered Barge
21,60612015.06.30 15:58
NFain Go to last post
In Response to Empress Jamyl's Decree (details on how to partici...
Kahar Dex
92,97082015.06.29 07:53
Kontrahage Go to last post
Jove gates.
Crimson Grimslow
21,86312015.06.22 05:18
Crimson Grimslow Go to last post
Amarrian Capsuleer's Response to the latest Scope Video
David Adrian Bogdan
01,00302015.06.16 07:05
David Adrian Bogdan Go to last post
Geztic Mysterious Shuttle, and Charmerout Mysterious Probe
Jack Jomar
85,23162015.06.11 17:54
Jack Jomar Go to last post
Character Bazaar
21,08902015.06.09 20:36
Noizer Go to last post
Fed Day YC117 - Dodixie on Saturday June 13th
Alain Colcer
082812015.05.31 16:26
Alain Colcer Go to last post
37 SCC staff arrested by Republic Security Services
Evi Polevhia
31,38522015.05.31 14:52
Evi Polevhia Go to last post
Pulsing Stars
Aden Ordinii
089202015.05.30 19:58
Aden Ordinii Go to last post
Faction Contacts responses
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226,040262015.05.28 12:48
Akrasjel Lanate Go to last post
Scanning the Jove Obsevatory in D-I9HJ
Kirk Ernaga
83,34712015.05.10 10:04
Nevyn Auscent Go to last post
Best ways to get in touch with CCP for event stuff ?
Louella Dougans
11,20432015.04.26 23:55
Nevyn Auscent Go to last post
Battle of Caldari Prime Wiki Page
Commander A9
21,38942015.04.25 05:50
solrac lara Go to last post
The Scope Drifer Update.
Padre Aldan
42,21832015.04.25 04:47
Quattras Peione Go to last post
The End of Nullsec Empire!
Vector Symian
72,530132015.04.24 10:41
Feu dAstres Go to last post
The Caldari State have seized our technology.
11,30912015.04.19 19:06
Evi Polevhia Go to last post