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Announcement:Live Event Resources
CCP Falcon
028,20612012.12.06 11:18
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Should Live Events be Live Cutscenes?
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Alizabeth Vea
33152,2248662013.02.20 11:21
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Ishukone and Heth's Caldari State : A what-if scenario.
Karaena Eli Hakoke
51,864112013.02.18 04:14
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Mordus Legion Live Event (video)
Meizu Kho
123,040182013.02.14 08:01
Hienz Doofenshmirtz Go to last post
Live Events, Chronicles, & RPing
Markku Laaksonen
142,858252013.02.14 00:34
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DeT Resprox
01,09712013.02.13 15:25
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Story & Live Event Pacing
Dex Nederland
41,912192013.02.11 23:59
CCP Falcon Go to last post
Did no one notice?
Lucas Raholan
102,935202013.02.09 13:33
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DUST Live Events
N'maro Makari
133,590122013.02.07 16:18
Nova Fox Go to last post
NPC conflicts in space. Incursions for all factions. This cold war ...
Silas Vitalia
194,577422013.02.07 16:07
Faulx Go to last post
Thread complete.
Henry Montclaire
41,24752013.02.05 16:30
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Vellaine Live Event - after report [video]
Meizu Kho
92,477182013.02.01 10:03
CCP Goliath Go to last post
Player Propelled story lines, a concept.
Wyke Mossari
103,128182013.01.30 13:56
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Live Events 2013 - hope to see you there [video]
Meizu Kho
82,77342013.01.27 19:18
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[Pro Tip] Never miss a live Event - Use Twitter
Slutty Underwear
41,89172013.01.13 19:18
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What Should I Fly?
Henry Montclaire
93,02742013.01.10 09:03
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US TZ Live Events
Migrator Soul
194,912502013.01.08 12:45
CCP Falcon Go to last post
New to Live Events/RPing - Questions
Raderis Adeon
123,423212013.01.07 18:30
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new idea: pirate raids (a profundization in incursions)
Silivar Karkun
42,38342012.12.26 13:13
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Regarding Old Dev Actors
N'maro Makari
123,338222012.12.21 14:06
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We need this now
Tarn Kugisa
62,526122012.12.20 20:34
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The Other and it's role in the Live event (Empyrean age and Temp...
Lucas Raholan
163,756262012.12.19 00:00
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Faction Contacts : Intaki Assembly / Secessionist Subfaction Viabili...
53,177162012.12.18 22:44
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Live Events Comms channels
72,718332012.12.18 05:04
Cmdr Baxter Go to last post
Faction Contacts : Equilibrium of Mankind viability
Ghost Hunter
185,842422012.12.14 05:18
Safai Go to last post
The Peralles Incident Writ to Gallentte Supreme Court
Wyke Mossari
31,54182012.12.10 20:35
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Thank you
Salditas Khardula
62,203152012.12.08 15:43
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Calendar and Event Time Suggestions
94,183352012.12.07 14:52
Merouk Baas Go to last post
i have a small request about live events.
Mirima Thurander
21,42182012.12.07 13:37
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Live Events Over Christmas & New Year
CCP Falcon
124,410372012.12.07 12:56
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