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Out of Game Events and Gatherings
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Announcement:✝✝✝ - Capsuleer Memorials - ✝✝✝ [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
3618,139562017.05.09 19:45
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Announcement:Out of Game Events and Gatherings Resources
CCP Falcon
022,71312014.11.19 15:40
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Evesterdam, november 12-13 Amsterdam. Join us!
Dierdra Vaal
72,32802016.11.05 10:23
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Melbourne PAX Meetup - 5th of November
Otto Bismarck
21,76902016.11.03 23:56
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Wichita Kansas Group!
Joe Elongur
41,17602016.11.02 17:14
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EVE Vegas -> Ticket available
Drunken Panda
12,13612016.11.02 09:02
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Cpt Soban
02,74202016.11.01 00:11
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Eve Belfast - October 22nd - The Garrick Bar @3pm
Joseph Barnacle O'Sullivan
62,46232016.10.29 15:22
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3rd Annual Midwest Meetup
31,13012016.10.28 01:55
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ATXIV FInals Party, October 16th
31,38612016.10.23 01:04
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Colorado EVE303 Oct 16 meetup for Alliance Tournament XIV
11,96112016.10.23 01:01
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DC-MD-VA Meetup Discussion
11,59402016.10.21 17:44
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Michigan Players X Up
177402016.10.10 03:28
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Eve Vegas caravan from San Francisco Bay Area
Cheezedoodle II
11,17012016.10.06 04:50
DeMichael Crimson Go to last post
Player gathering in Oslo, Norway the 5th October 2016
31,08822016.10.05 16:45
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Southern Ontario, Canada - Meetup! Friday, October 21st!
Kaervek Dalani
01,94702016.10.02 15:09
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Brisbane Meetup 15th October
266612016.09.29 12:42
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Looking for advice for an out-of-game gathering
Ghaustyl Kathix
01,63302016.09.27 13:11
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Melbourne, Australia [24th September]
Otto Bismarck
285902016.09.26 00:25
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Washington State and PNW Eve Channel
084502016.09.25 22:20
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#EVE_NT 5 - EVE MEET IN NOTTINGHAM UK -23rd and 24th September 2016 ... [ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Nashh Kadavr
327,313352016.09.25 22:05
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Eve Vegas
61,39462016.09.21 15:41
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Tokyo Gathering at 17th Sept.
Foch Petain
51,46322016.09.18 03:10
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San Antonio, Texas - o7 Club
263612016.09.16 00:15
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Eve Breckenridge: January 25th-29th 2017 [Colorado]
Shey Nabali
293802016.09.10 17:56
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Adelaide, Australia [9th Sept]
Cpt Soban
393412016.09.09 08:30
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Alliance Tiurnament XIV Finals viewing event, Birmingham, UK
098702016.09.03 13:29
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Evesterdam, why so quiet?
Xylem Viliana
41,07702016.09.03 11:34
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Eve Dublin - August 27th
Joseph Barnacle O'Sullivan
163,313172016.08.26 15:34
Joseph Barnacle O'Sullivan Go to last post
Discord channel for southern US meetups
087102016.08.15 21:20
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